Return Policy

How can I claim a refund on Bigpage?

There might be cases where we remove featured ads from our website when they breach our Policies or our Terms and Conditions. We send the users an email stating why their ad has been removed and generally refund the amount charged for such ads. However, there are a few cases wherein we do not refund the amounts charged by us:

There are no refunds provided if you breach the Bigpage Posting rules

We do not refund the money if your ad goes live and uses the benefits of a featured ad.

We do not refund any money for massage ads posted on our website.

We do not refund any money of the users themselves remove their ads.

We do not refund any money for duplicate ads since they clearly breach our posting rules.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

Generally, it takes about 15-30 working days to issue a refund to our customers. However, this date is calculated from the date when you become eligible for any such refunds

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