Refund Policy

Refund Policy:

At Bigpage Bangladesh, we are proud to offer a "refund policy" if customers aren't satisfied with our service or products. See the refund plocy below:
  • If ads doesn't get publish, advertiser will get full money back.
  • If customers doesn't get service from us, we will refund full amount to customers.
  • If for any reason customers wish to discontinue using the product, within a week of the purchase, we will issue a refund within 24-48 hours after deducting payment gateway transaction fee and money spent on your project.

When we can’t refund you

  • If we send you emails saying you’ve broken our rules, and you keep breaking them
  • If you post your ad in the wrong category on purpose
  • If you keep posting more than one ad for the same item (no duplicates!)
  • If you delete an ad you paid for or had features on it
  • If you pay for your ad and it goes live then change your mind about it
  • If you pay for a feature then decide you wanted another feature instead
  • Bump Ups - these are used as soon as they're bought, so the service is provided
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