Premium Ads

Premium ads for are an optional but it is a paid ad which may generate a sell quickly sellers, both small businesses and individuals. Premium ads also help sellers to promote their product or service and get more visibility being stay top of the page on the listing.

Premium ad features?

Feature the ad for 30 days 
Feature the ad for 45 days 
Feature the ad for 90 days 

What are the various methods of paying for a featured ad?

You can choose any option and pay for it via any of the following methods

Debit Cards

Credit Cards

Internet Banking

Cheque payment

How can I recognise a Premium Ad on


 This is what a Top feature Ad looks like:

This is what a urgent Ad looks like:


What is the cost of display banner an ad?

Categorywise top banner ad for 30 days 
Categorywise right banner ad for 30 days
Categorywise left banner ad for 30 days

We hope the above information is helpful about how’s Premium ads works. If you have any questions or if you need any help, please email us at and we will get back you within 24-48 hours.

Premium ads FAQS

1. Who can use Premium Paid Ads?
Any individual or business people can get a premium ads, who meets our policy and terms & conditions
2. Why should you use premium ads?
Premium ads help your ads to reach out more people & visible and sell your products or services faster
3. How many different types of ad do have and how it look like? has different type of premium ads. See in above screenshot

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