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Ways to complain about an optician

Today, every industry exists on the service they provide to the consumer and on customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a pizza or an optician they all have to cater to the demands of the customer and should provide a proper service which will suit the needs of the consumer.

Any consumer has the right to get the best possible service from the supplier. Hence the service provider has the responsibility to provide the best products to the consumer. If the consumer doesn’t get the best possible services than they have the right to report the issue to the relevant ombudsman or governing body.

Necessities like food and clothing are just as essential as being able to see correctly. Occasionally as a consumer we may not feel satisfied with the product we are supplied with and sometimes you don’t get the right quality of the product you have paid for. The glasses which you picked during your eye test were not correctly supplied to you or the quality was not up to the mark. As a consumer you can immediately make a complaint to the customer services department of the optician, the General Optical Council or to the Health Service Ombudsman. 

First point of report

If you are not satisfied with the supplied glasses which you received from the optician then you must complain following the opticians complaint procedure. As customers the first point of the complaint shall be the manager of the optician shop or the customer services department. You can complain in detail about the quality of the product or about the quality of the eye test if you are not satisfied with the standard of either or both. If you do not receive a proper solution to the complaint then you are entitled to lodge a formal complain against the seller. The optician is supposed to guide the consumer through the complaint lodging procedure. If the supplied glasses are completely faulty and not up to standard, then you are entitled for a refund.

Take it to the regulator

As a buyer, if you are not satisfied with the response from your complaint then you can take your grievance to the General Optical Council and you can lodge a formal complaint. The council will conduct a detailed investigation and if proven in the wrong, they have the power to cancel the license of the optician which will stop the optician from further practice.

Find a mediator

With your problem or complaint, you can also approach another monitoring body. This is known as the OCCS or Optical Consumer Complaint Service.  If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the glasses or the quality of the eye test, then you can place your complain in front of this regulatory body. They will act as a settler between you and the seller or the optician and will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Report it to the Ombudsman

If all the above mentioned measures have failed, then knock the door of the Health Service Ombudsman. This is a supreme health regulatory body which will address to all the problems which you will report to them. Be it the poor service quality or the poor quality of glasses, they will address it all. They will act when all the other bodies have failed to solve the problem between the consumer and the optician. You must take your complaints to the Ombudsman within the one year of the delivery of the product or service.


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