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Top 10 tip to help prevent burglary

No one wants to be the victim of burglary. Use our top 10 tips to minimise the risk of becoming a victim.
  • Prevent access to the rear of the property (i.e.high lockable gates, walls and fences) 
  • Fit B.S. 5 lever Mortise locks (or UPVC equivalent) to all EXTERNAL doors 
  • Fit (and use) locks to all ground floor windows and remove keys from locks 
  • Rear garden fencing/walls to be 1.8 metres (approx.6 ft) preferably with additional topping (i.e. trellis or plastic strips with conical points to make climbing difficult) 
  • Reduce cash kept in the house to a minimum and ensure valuable jewellery is not left in jewellery boxes or dressing tables 
  • Security mark (with house number and postcode) desirable items (i.e. TV’s, laptops, computers, mobiles). Record serial numbers and details for reference in the event of theft 
  • Fit additional padlocks and hasps on garage doors. Ensure no tools are left out and garages and sheds are locked 
  • Do not hide spare keys unsecured outside the property 
  • Use timer plugs to give the impression the property is inhabited when empty 
  • Consider fitting a burglar alarm as back up 

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