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How to complain about a poor garage service

The relation between a customer and a service provider sustains on certain key factors. The most important of all of them is the service that the vendor provides to customers. If the seller fails to do the same, then the entire situation takes a wrong turn. A customer pays for a service or rather he or she purchases the services sold by the retailer. Under such circumstances the consumer has all the right to complain and claim for compensation from the seller or the service provider. From buying a computer to servicing your grand old family car which is the only reminiscence of your family, you have all the right to get the best possible service from the service provider. In this article you will get a clear idea about the rules and regulations which will help you earn compensation from your car servicing company if they have hampered your car while servicing or they have pocked you with their annoying sales calls or they have overcharged you.

Table Talk-

After the service of your car, if you don’t feel satisfied, then you can easily lodge a complaint about the same. If you want to convey your dissatisfaction, then you must talk to the garage owner. You must reach the garage owner and must talk to him or her in detail about the complaint. You should explain to the garage about the problems which are there with the car after a proper servicing. You should have a proper face to face meeting with the garage owner and must explain about the persisting problems which are there in the car. A proper communication between the service provider the consumer always helps in solving the looming problem. If the problems with your car can be solved immediately by the garage, then solve it on the spot. Common post servicing complaints such as bad painting jobs or bad repair works and overcharging can be solved with simple bargaining and through simple talk.

Communication is the key-

As we all know that communication is the key to resolve a problem. So communicate your problems to the garage via all possible means. If a face to face communication with the garage fails to appease you from your post servicing trauma, then write a letter to the garage. Explain each and every problem properly and vividly to the concerned garage. Being a responsible consumer it is your duty and responsibility to give a chance to the garage for rectification. Write down your car problems and must give the garage some to respond to your complaints.

Get help from Motor Code-

If you do not get a proper solution of the post servicing problems of the car from the concerned garage, then you can knock the door of the regulatory body which monitors and resolves this sort of problems between the garage and the consumer. One such body is the Motor Codes. This is particular organization which monitors this sector. If the garage is an existing member of this regulatory body, then they are bound to provide a standard of service to the consumers. According to the directives issued by the Motor Codes, the member garages should be completely honest with the service they provide to the consumer. They should have a very transparent pricing system which could be easily interpreted by the customer.

They should address all the problems which the customer has paid for. The final bill after the servicing should tally the quotation they have presented to the consumer. They should have a skilled service staff and they should be competent enough to address the problems of the customers and last but not the least they should cater to the problems of the consumer and the entire process should be completely hassle free. So before selecting a garage you must check whether the garage is a member of the Motor Codes. If there is any breach of contact between the consumer and the service provider then a consumer can lodge a complaint on the toll free number of the Motor Codes (08006920825). This regulatory body will administer and will facilitate your complaint and they will act as a mediator between the garage and the complainant. They will guide you to a formidable solution, through a proper process. Under extreme scenario, they will help you to register a case under the arbitration scheme with a minimum consultation fee.

Judicial Solution-

If you are not satisfied with the service offered to you by a garage which is not enlisted under the Motor Codes, then you have no other option, other than taking a legal help to resolve your recurring service problem. According to the court, at any stage of the dispute a consumer can file a complaint against the offender. If you have already registered a case under the arbitration scheme and you are not completely satisfied with the solution, then you are forbidden from escalating the case to the court. If you have paid your garage bills via credit card and it is above 100 pounds, then under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 you will compensate by the credit card company. In case of any dispute you can further notify your concern to the (FOS) Financial Ombudsman Service.

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