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How to cancel an online order

In this International retail market, everyday millions of consumers and sellers gather to sell and buy products. In this milieu of the consumers and sellers multiple transactions occur online and offline. In this huge global consumer market several financial transactions pour in every day. Today web market is catching on fast with the modern buyers. According to them it is fast and convenient and they can easily choose from the plethora of products which are displayed. But experts’ believe that as this trend of online shopping relatively new so the confusions related to this is more and more acute. One such perplexity often arises amongst the buyers when they want to cancel the product which they ordered online. Sometimes the cancelling policies create a severe jolt in the minds of the buyers. In this short piece get a clear idea about the online cancelling procedure. Though some changes in the legislation have complicated the online cancellation policies, but we present you the simplified version.

Know the law-

The new law is framed which will have all the online transactions and postal orders and order via phone under its umbrella. Under the amended Consumer Contract Regulations, which is framed on 13thJune 2014 monitors all the purchases made at a distance and in case of any jolt, a consumer can report the same to this regulatory body.

Keep it simple and short-

It is simple and fast. The cancellation procedure is simple. As have the authority to cancel the goods within a period of 14 days from the day you receive the best. The entire should not turn out to be complex and confusing. As a customer, you should get all possible assistance from the seller if you want to cancel the purchased material. There is no need of a cancellation code or neither there is a need to make an authorization call before returning the product to the seller. The vendor will supply you with a cancellation form you have to fill up the same and submit it to the seller. Or you can email and fax, to report about your cancellation. Though there are certain exceptions in the cancellation policy. If the product tampered or the packaging of the product is broken, then the seller might not take back the product form the consumer.

Use a proper channel-

Use a proper channel to go ahead with the cancellation process. Always use the proper email id which is provided on the website by the seller of the product. Or use a proper cancellation form to process the cancellation of the purchased product.

Return Policy-

You have to initiate the cancellation process and you should mail the goods to the trader on an immediate basis. Neither the Distance Selling Regulations nor the Consumer Contracts Regulation will shield your rights from the Sale of Goods Act, where the purchased materials are found to be tampered or delivered faulty. According to the standard norm the goods should be returned to the vendor within a span of 14 days of the cancellation and if any breach happens then the trader might not return the money to you.

Postage Cost-

Rub off all confusions related to the postal cost. Under the Distance Selling Regulations and the Consumer Contract Regulation the trader of the product is supposed to pay the postage fees or he will send the collection team to collect the sold product from your door step. Check on all the details about the postal cost and who will carry the postage cost. Whether you will get a refund on postage cost, if you mail the same to the seller.

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