Treatment Help

Treatment Help

Ways to complain about an optician

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How to complain about a poor garage service

The relation between a customer and a service provider sustains Table Talk- After the service of your car Communication is the key- As we all know Get help from Motor Code- If you do They should address all the problems which the customer Judicial Solution- If you are not satisfied with ...Read More

Ways To Complain About Bad Financial Service

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Save yourself from fraud online ticket sellers

Planning for a long exotic family holiday in the Bahamas For ticket booking, we often take the help of Be a smart buyer- Be smart and be Authentic Buyer- Check on the authenticity of the Be sure, be safe- Before buying the tickets How to get your money back- Get a ...Read More

Ways to complain a bad financial service

Before entering an agreement with the service provider you should Talk it out- Communication and discussion is the Know your rights - Know the right point of Make it official- If you completely dissatisfied with The agony aunt- If you still stand on Know your Ombudsman- Take a note of the Legally Solved- If all possible options fail, then ...Read More

How to cancel an online order

In this International retail market, everyday millions of consumers and Know the law- The new law is framed Keep it simple and short- It is simple Use a proper channel- Use a proper channel Return Policy- You have to initiate the cancellation Postage Cost- Rub off all confusions related to ...Read More

Top 10 tip to help prevent burglary

No one wants to be the victim of burglary. Use Prevent access to the rear Fit B.S. 5 lever Mortise locks (or UPVC Fit (and use) locks to all ground floor windows Rear garden fencing/walls to be 1.8 metres Reduce cash kept in the house to a minimum Security mark (with house number and postcode) desirable items Fit additional padlocks and hasps on garage doors. Ensure Do not hide spare keys unsecured outside the property Use timer plugs to give the impression the property Consider fitting a burglar alarm as back up  ...Read More

Effective 10 Tips for Driving Abroad

10 Tips for driving abroad Before planning for 1. Be a legible driver The most important 2. Stay insured Insurance is the next key 3. Where is your IDP? When you are You must carry the International Driving Permit with you while 4. Be a smart driver Be smart, and 5. Highway hiker Apart from a driving license 6. Safety on your mind Keep your safety 7. Driving with liability Being a new driver 8. Turn Left New country - New driving rules 9. Road Mapping Always keep a proper GPS 10. Safer the better Maintain basic road safety ...Read More

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