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Ways To Stay Safe From Fraudulent Online Ticket Sellers

Planning for a long exotic family holiday in the Bahamas or in the historic city of Prague, the first thing which should top your priority list is the timely booking of tickets for the destination. Ticketing or the booking of tickets has a significant role in the entire trip.

For ticket booking, we often take the help of the private ticket sellers or the ticket booking agents. Sometimes we take a doorstep delivery of the tickets, but today most of the travelers opt for online booking. Online booking is the most convenient option available today. It is easy, fast and safe. But as we know the virtual world of the web is not free from fraudsters. Today it is more prone to criminals or crimes which relate to this web based world. So while selecting an online ticket booking agent you must be aware of few safety measures which will definitely keep you and your journey safe and will turn it into an unforgettable trip.

Be a Smart Buyer-

Be smart and be aware while selecting a ticket booking website. When you surf through the website must keep in mind that the website should show certain necessary detail for the benefit of the users or the incoming consumer traffic that are using this platform for booking their tickets. The website should properly display all the contact information, so that in case of any problems, the tourists an immediately contact the website’s office and resolve the problem. Even if the website address ends with the.UK, it is not always the case that the website company is based in the UK, it can be a company which has had its base outside the United Kingdom. So be sure about the location of the website and the company. Check precisely through the feedback page on the website. It will give you a visibility about the reputation of the website and it also assures you about the performance of the website and you can easily gauge the customer satisfaction level on the performance of the website. Buying tickets online is always prone to risks, so be double sure before clicking the confirm button.

Authentic Buyer-

Check on the authenticity of the seller of the tickets. Whether it is a ticket selling website or company you need to ensure they are entitled to sell tickets for a particular journey, or for a particular event. As it is often seen that buyers are restricted from entry in an event because they have purchased tickets from an unauthorized ticket booking website. When you purchase a complimentary ticket which is issued in the name of a particular individual you probably be denied entry to the venue.

Be Sure, Be Safe-

Before buying the tickets online, be double sure on each and every detail. Scrutinize each and every thing which includes the seat number, delivery charges for doorstep delivery of the tickets and even give a tick on the full price and actual of the tickets which should include the taxes. Always carry out your payment through a safe payment platform which should be available on the website. You can be sure on all these points if the website address starts with “https”. These small things will ensure your safety and those of your card details. 


How To Get Your Money Back-

Get a full refund on the ticket if you are duped by the ticket seller. If you are paying online via debit or credit card and the amount is above 100 pounds, then claiming a refund in case of a reported forgery. Your credit card company is bound to pay back the entire amount under the Consumer Credit Act, article 75. If the amount released from the credit or the debit card is less than 100 pounds, you need not to worry. Under such scenario the credit card company will also pay back the amount as they are bound to do so as they are tied under the charge back agreement which is a part of the Scheme Rules all the partner banks sign to.


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