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Rules and regulations for distance selling

Online shopping is one of the best ways to encourage the urge for shopping within the shopping buffs. Shopping is no more a hectic decision with the blessing of the communication technologies like the telephone and the internet. People show their huge interest to the online shopping, as they do not have to roam about here and there in search of the item they need. It is just one click or one call far from them. This is the main reason of the immense popularity of the distant shopping in this era. Though it seems very easy and cost apparently, it has lots of drawbacks also. The customers often get cheated for not experiencing the item directly. So the UK government made some laws for the distant shopping in order to help the customers from being cheated.

The rules and regulations, known as the Consumer Contracts Regulation is made in 13th June, 2014 and should be implemented soon for all the distant shopping modes. The toppers of the regulations are:

The adequate information:

As the customers are making the order seeing the photograph and the information given with it so according to the law the information should be adequate and authentic enough.
There should be the information regarding:
  • Vivid description of the products or the services.
  • The maximum price of the product or the service.
  • The proper rights of product delivery and cancellation.
  • The detailed information about the seller.
These all are generally included in the terms and condition part of the online shopping site, but if the customer is placing the order over the phone as in the Teleshopping mode the details should be given verbally in the phone. On the right to cancel section the detailed should be given regarding the cost of returning the product and the out of stock tag should be there always to the goods which are not in the stock to let the customers know that.

Products that cannot be returned:

The products which the consumer cannot return should be mentioned in the site clearly to avoid further confusion.
The products like:
  • Food and flowers that get damaged easily.
  • Personalised items which cannot be sold to others.
  • Undergarments and earrings.
  • Software or CD, DVDs if their seal is broken.

Service contract cancellation:

The service contract cancellation generally has a very short time limit within which the consumers have to cancel it. The period should be maintained very clearly. Contracts include the genres like hotel bookings, car hire, tickets etc.

Delivery time:

The time limit within which the product is supposed to be delivered according to the site should be maintained accurately.

When products are at fault:

If the product the consumer got doesn’t match with the ordered product the consumer is under the law of the Sale of Goods Act and the sellers have to take the necessary steps to get the customers their desired products and the cost of return will be taken by the sellers only.

Click to Cancel –

The consumer is the god, is the new mantra of the evolving global consumer market. The Distant Selling Regulations equips a customer with the right to cancel an order immediately after placing the same. A consumer is empowered with the right to cancel their order within a stipulated time frame of seven days once they receive the ordered article. The consumer can notify the seller about the cancellation via email or fax. It is always recommended that a consumer should read the terms carefully before shelling out money from his or her pocket. It only helps them to understand their rights; it cushions the entire transaction and makes it safe.

The consumer as well as the sellers should be aware of the law and make the service accordingly to carry on the smooth and lasting journey with each other.

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