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Package Travel Regulations

After a long busy month, you deserve to spend some quality time with your family and friends. But your holiday can turn into a mess if it’s not well planned and professionally managed by a well equipped travel agency. Before planning your much coveted holiday you must be aware of the destination where you want to spend a tour secluded me time. You must choose a professional travel agency and you must read the terms and conditions properly before plunging into their offer. Be clear about your demands and get what you paid for. If you smell forgery, then immediately complain to the regulatory authority. They will immediately compensate you and will fetch your hard earned money.

Before planning a holiday note these points on your notebook.

Be an intelligent traveler-

Don’t sail on the ship of the imagination, be realistic and know your rights. When you are planning a holiday you must read the offer documents carefully. Be careful and stay alert. Remember, it is your hard earned money which you are spending to buy your holiday. So be extra cautious and you must get what you paid for.

Read all the documents provided to you by the travel agency carefully and tally it carefully when you reach the holiday destination. You must get what you paid for. Check all the details of the holiday package. If the holiday package includes a four star stay and car and flight fare, you should get all of that. If you find any disparity then immediately report it to the concerned authority. The Package Travel Regulatory body will take stern actions against the fraudulent agency and they will compel them to refund the amount you shelled for booking the package. This administrative body monitors all the travel agencies present within the periphery of England, Wales and Scotland.

Shield your Holiday-

Remember to shield your holiday with the umbrella of the Package Travel Regulations. If your holiday is protected by these regulations then you can easily claim your forged money from the fake travel agency, which has deceived you by offering a complete hoax package.

This decree which monitors the travel industry in the UK helps in maintaining the quality of the package tours. Package Travel Regulations caters the travelers with the minimum facilities and basic amenities. Basic ingredients of a great tour package such as accommodation and transport is added in their itinerary.

The Package Travel Regulations cover orthodox holiday package as well as custom-made ones.

Package redefined-

Being a traveler you should not only be aware of your desired destination, but should be fully sure about the nitty-gritty of the offered package. You might get bullied by a travel agent by buying a package tour which is actually not. Remember that a perfect holiday package will have a single window system. That means that a travel agent might take the help of two separate vendors. He might book the flight ticket and accommodation from two separate, but the entire tour should be planned and executed by the concerned travel agency to whom you have already paid and signed the contract.

The Package Travel Regulations include a gamut of categories which includes business tour packages, school trip packages, study tours, annual team huddle arrangements and many more. Always be fully aware about the package before booking the same. Custom-made holiday, airline and accommodation deal, are some of the circumvent terms which are used to bully a traveler.

Scrutinize the deal-

As a traveler you should inspect each and every detail mentioned in the booklet supplied to you by the travel agency. Every mentioned detail in that advertisement about the package should be dead accurate. The room size and category and the luxurious facilities such as swimming pool, gym, spa, if mentioned then they should be there. If you find a difference in the information then it is a serious violation of the Travel Regulations mentioned in the article 4 of the regulations.

 Salient features of a perfect holiday advertisement-

According to the rule number 5 of the Travel regulation a perfect holiday package advertisement should have these components in it. A brochure of a booklet should contain all the valuable information about the package which a traveler will buy. Along with the room rents and accommodation category and precise transport classification and entire day to day travel schedule. The holiday flier should project the detail visa requirements and a health advisory for the travelers from the UK.

Detailed financial information should be mentioned which includes the account details and about the payable amount needed during the booking. All the terms and conditions should be clearly mentioned. All prerequisites such as the minimum number of travelers required and formalities for cancellation of the tour and all the halts during the travel trip should be there. In case if a traveler misses the mode of communication, then they should come back to the nearest halt mentioned in the booklet. The information of the security arrangements and details of the reestablishment fees should be there in the brochure.

Get your contract done-

Before flagging off your journey you must keep the contract paper handy. The contract the travel agency should have a plethora of information which includes charges and accommodation.

Both ways Communication-

 According to article 12 of the travel regulation, the travel agent can change on a single significant term of the contract. The agency is empowered to do so under the article number 11 of the regulation. The travel agency should immediately communicate with the consumer about the same. In the same way the being a responsible consumer you should ferry your opinion to the concerned agency. In this case you can cancel the contract or you can continue with the same by adjusting with newly instilled changes in the contract.

An empowered consumer-

The traveler is empowered to go for a better holiday package by shelling out more from their pocket. You can opt for a better tour package with a less price. In that case the previous agency will compensate the customer with difference in the price. There are certain exceptions to these regulations. The consumer cannot slap the agency with a fine if the number of the travelers on the tour is very less or if the cancellation is for some untoward incident or for some natural calamity. The consumer cannot ask for compensation in case of overbooking.

 Ensure Luxury-

Article 14 of the regulation ensures complete luxury to the consumer. A no circumstances any type of disruption will be entertained. At any phase of the tour if any severance occurs, then the travel agency will immediately make alternate arrangements for the customers without charging a single penny. If the alternate arrangements with the travel agency are not up to the mark and discarded by the consumer, then they will have to compensate for the same by all possible means.

Ensure a hassle free stay-

As mentioned in article 15 of the regulation you are entitled to get the exact accommodation facility which is mentioned on the booklet or on the contract by the travel agency representative. In case of any failure the representative or the tour operator will compensate you.  In case of any deceit you can slap the tour operator with a written complaint within 28 days. Though there are certain exceptions.  If the failure is due to the consumer or because of the emergence of sudden natural calamity, that is beyond the control of humans. The agency can be relieved if the failure proves the attachment of a third party.

A dream holiday can be chalked with the help of a professional travel agency and the serenity and the mesmerizing beauty of the destination can be enjoyed only by a passionate and apt traveler.


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