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How to search for a job

Searching for a job is not difficult if you use the right tools to use for the job hunt. Job hunting can be methodical, and yield your desired results within a reasonable time.

Before starting your job search, you must be sure that you have a few things ready to hand. They include an updated CV, type of work you are looking for, list of job sites you are planning to use, list of job banks, networking, national as well as local newspapers and a list of job search engines.

As we are talking about job hunting, we will be discussing both online and offline job hunting methods. Traditional offline resources such as newspapers, employment journals, etc. holds equal importance in job hunting as online.

Update your CV:

Your curriculum vitae or CV for short is a summary of your entity, qualifications, past experiences and current positions. A CV ideally is not being more than two pages, to be short, specific and to the point. If you have held many roles, try bullet pointing main achievements. (see our article on how to write a cv)

Starting the search:

Once you have updated your CV and decided on the type of role you would like, you are now ready to begin your search. Depending on the type of role you are looking for there are a number of specialized areas you can focus your search on including local newspapers, recruitment agencies, job portals and local council and government websites. The majority of newspapers also advertise jobs on their websites.

Job sites:

Job sites are portals or platforms, is the middle ground where employers meet jobseekers. On these websites employers post their vacancies, salary and candidate requirements. Job seekers can sign up by completing online profiles, uploading CV’s and applying to the relevant role.

When an employer or recruitment agent finds a compatible candidate after screening candidate profiles, they contact the candidate to discuss the role and the candidates CV further.

When you enroll to a job site, you will find both free and paid sites. Whatever site you enroll in, you should be updating your profile and resume frequently to get noticed by employers and consultancies.

Resume builder services:

To bring focus on your profile in a job site, you must have a presentable and catchy CV. Now, facts cannot be catchy, as facts are facts. But they can be presented in such a way that it catches the reader’s attention. For a small fee there are firms that can help you write a job winning CV. You can get the professional help from any such CV builder, to spice up your CV so that the key facts get attention from employers helping you to win the job.


Networking is an old concept being renewed with the help of social media and websites such as LinkedIn. Traditionally, people trust the recommendations of colleagues, friends and associates so get in touch with old employers or former colleagues to see if there are any vacancies available. There are a number of networking websites and events that are held across the country with both free and paid services aimed at using the power of networking to help connect employers with the right candidates.

Networking in the right circles will help find likeminded people who share similar interests and may already be working in the industry you wish to join and could advise on how to find your next job. Talking to those already in the field will also give you more of an insight of the industry, the role and what to expect when you start in the industry.

Job search engines:

Job searching can be made quite easy with the use of job search engines. There are plenty of job sites out there to sign up to and some cover the majority of popular jobs such as accounting and IT while others are specialized concentrating specific industries such as pharmaceuticals. Recruitment search engines can save time when searching as you can specify not only role, but on geographic areas, salary and number of hours to name but a few.

Newspapers and Job Bulletins:

Newspapers often contain a dedicated area for job vacancies. Vacancies are advertised by local and national employers and job seekers may follow these ads to get information on the role and application procedures. Many local employers, who do not want to get extreme volumes of responses or do not want to use recruitment agents, prefer this medium for finding candidates.


They are people who earn commission from companies for getting them the right and the best candidate for a position. If you get in touch with a headhunter, you may get placed soon in a good and appropriate position. There are both free and paid services offered by head hunters.

Job Fairs:

Job fairs are a great way to network and get directly in touch with employers and recruiters to meet them face to face to find out more about their organization and how you might fit in. Get in contact with startups firms and entrepreneurs as they are continuously looking for fresh and experienced candidates to help them grow. Don’t forget to bring lots of copies of your CV, smile and dress to impress.


Remember to keep your online job profiles up to date and keep on searching for roles rather than relying on employers, recruitment consultancies, and job sites to directly approach you.

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