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Denied Boarding Regulation

The airlines are the main mode of communication in several European countries, including the United Kingdom. A plethora of private airlines facilitates millions of passengers travelling in and out from the EU. For several odd reasons, sometimes the passengers have to combat some unpredicted delays which results in loss of precious time and money. A regulatory body in the EU monitors each and every development in the airline industry and plays the role of an ombudsman and ushers to the complaints of passengers. Denied Boarding Regulation is one such decree which empowers the passengers with some unparalleled rights. These regulations not only cover the issue of denied boarding, but they have a larger periphery under which they cover untoward delays and sudden cancellation of flights. Here we highlight few key regulations for the overall benefit of the passengers.

Know your rights-

The passengers have all the right to claim for compensation in case of a delayed flight or sudden cancellation or in case of denied boarding under the Denied Boarding Regulation. If the passenger boards the flight within the European Union or if they board the flight any part of the world which is scheduled for a landing in an airport within the EU then the consumer can claim for compensation. If the flight company wants to stop the passengers from boarding the plane, then they should first opt for giving some extra benefits to the passengers via volunteers and if there is an acute scarcity of volunteers then they should continue with their step of denied boarding. But that case they must pay back the passengers and must give the proper help.

 It’s Pay Back time-

Under the denied boarding regulation the passengers are cushioned with laws which give them the right to earn back their hard earned money which they chipped in for buying a ticket. In case of any discomfort or delay in flights the carrier company will pay back the amounts mentioned under the law.

The flight company must compensate the passenger with a fine of 250 Euro if the flight travels more than 1500 kilometres. The carrier must compensate the customer with 400 Euro if it is an intra-community flight, which takes a flight of more than 1500 kilometres and if the flight flies in between 1500 to 3500 kilometres. The passengers can claim 600 Euros for all other flights. The claimed compensation will be credited to the passenger’s bank account via wire transfer or can be paid to them by cheque. Sometimes it is paid by travel vouchers. The carrier company can get a 50 percent discount on the compensation if the final arrival time is within the 2 hours for short flights, within a time frame of 3 hours for medium flights and within a time limit of 4 hours if it is a long carrier flight.


Passenger rights-

The passengers are entitled to get the full amount of money with they have purchased the ticket, if the flight is cancelled or delayed. The passengers should get a connecting flight through to the departing destination or to the destination where they actually brought the ticket for. There is an acute confusion which flares up when it comes to package tours. Usually the passengers are meant to get the full amount of the ticket price if the flight is out of schedule for 5 hours.  But in case of package tour the entire responsibility for reimbursement falls on the shoulder of the travel agency, under the Package Travel Regulation as the travel which includes flights and cars is a part of the package which the customer has paid for.

Rights to relax-

If the flight is cancelled by the carrier company or if it is delayed the passengers are allowed to get basic essential amenities of life. This includes proper food and necessary refreshment. The halted passengers are entitled to get a proper accommodation and free transport to and fro to the hotel and necessary communication arrangements via fax, email or telephone calls. The airline company should have special arrangements for disabled and for children who are travelling alone.

Compensate for the cancellation-

Cancellation of a flight is a normal phenomenon. In such cases passengers are often subjected to severe discomfort. The law of denied boarding regulation gives them access to certain rights. Under any situation of cancellation the passengers are empowered to get their money back and should get minimum amenities which include food and lodging during the halt.

Though there are certain exceptions, in which it is stated that the passengers cannot claim for compensation if they are intimated about the same in two weeks advance. Or they arrange for an alternate flight which will take the passenger to their destination within two hours of the halt. There are other exceptions which protects the carriers from compensating the passengers. Those exceptions are war situation, airlines strike, security issue and bad weather.

Watch the clock-

Being a passenger one must keep a tab of the time. Because time plays a key factor in this denied boarding regulation. The delay in the time decides on the compensation. The halt or delay of flight must be at least for 2 hours if the flight has to cover a distance of 1500 kilometres or more. The delay or halt must be for three hours or more if the flight covers countries within the jurisdiction EU and covers a stipulated distance of 1500 kilometres or more. If the flight covers a distance in between 1500 kilometres and 3500 kilometres then the delay or halt should be of more than four hours.

Under such circumstances where the passengers are halted due to the delay of the flight are entitled to food and lodging and with a standard mode of communication. The flight company should refund a particular amount to the customer if the delay of the flight crosses five hours. Under the verdict issued by the court of the EU the customer is entitled to a refund if there is a delay of flight equal to more than three hours. The passenger can fetch a refund amount which might range in between 250 Euros to 600 Euros depending on the journey time of the flight.

If the cancellation or delay is caused under special circumstances such as bad weather or war or airlines strike, then the airline company might not pay the compensation amount to the passengers of the cancelled flight.

Troubleshooting -

 If the passenger faces problem while getting back their compensation under such condition the passenger should get in touch with the Civil Aviation Department immediately. The carrier company is still reluctant in paying the compensation, then notify them about the 2012 verdict of EU court on this issue.

If the issue is still unsolved then the customer must take the help of the judiciary. Though they need not to hurry as they have ample time of six years in hand to get back their much deserved compensation.

It’s in the package-

In case of package holiday tours the customer is shielded with the same rule of the country. If there is a cancellation the passenger is entitled to get the refund for the flight cancellation, but they cannot demand a full refund of the money which they spent to buy the package. In that case they have to abide by the package travel regulations.


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