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Payment Services Regulations 2009

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Consumer Credit Act

Consumer Credit Act The Consumer Credit Act (CCA What does CCA cover? Consumer credit is regulated APR – Calculating the annual percentage rate. Credit Procedures related to early settlement or default termination. ...Read More

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008

Data Protection Act

Data Protection Act What are the policies Data protection actof 1998 was being introduced in the year Principles of data protection ...Read More

Ways To Stay Safe From Fraudulent Online Ticket Sellers

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Package Travel Regulations

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Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act- a favorable protection for the consumers

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Rules and regulations for distance selling

Online shopping is one of the best ways to encourage The rules and regulations, known as the Consumer Contracts The adequate information: As the customers are making There should be the information regarding: ...Read More

Denied Boarding Regulation

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Misinterpretation Act 1967 is the new fraud buster

The law of Misinterpretation acts as a shield in protecting What is Misinterpretation? A consumer can claim indemnity There are various categories in which we can divide A fraudulent statement is made A false statement is made to the consumer under A wrong statement is made to the consumer with When you are duped A consumer is Under such scenario you can claim your money back When you are neglected Under these circumstances the Innocently misinterpreted Under such circumstances, either the consumer Gauge the damage Once the misinterpretation is detected The compensation and types of compensation are decided on The sooner the better Never waste time, if ...Read More

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