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Indian Visa from Bangladesh

Apply for the Indian visa from Bangladesh, it's very easy but so difficult to get it if you do not follow the proper guideline. Everybody knows that India is one of the most influential and developed neighboring counties of Bangladesh. So many people want to go to India for various reasons and sometimes they rely on this country from any other country. And if you want to go there you need to apply for the visa and here is some basic information on how you can get visa to go there.
In the High Commission of India, The IVAC or the Indian Visa Application Centre is the only outsource agency as from Indian visa seekers they accept Indian visa application (official and diplomatic passports) and to the applicants also return processed passports. This is a complete administrative and their role is just returning the processed passport after accepting those.
The information applicants provide and submit to the authority should b real as they will completely responsible for this and any kind of misrepresentation and false documents could have the direct impact on the output. You should go to India only then when you have an appropriate visa.

Some important information to apply for Indian Visa from Bangladesh which you should know if you go online of applying for Indian visa
  • With the effect from 2010, August 17, all foreign nationals must have online visa application as it is compulsory.
  • The visa application you can submit after registering online. In IVAC of Motijheel and Gulshan Bangladeshi nationals who reside in Barishal, Khulna and Dhaka Divisions should apply. And at IVAC of Sylhet, Sylhet Divisions residents should apply and like this way and at Chittagong IVAC and Rajshahi IVAC residents of Chittagong and Rajshahi can apply. At Chittagong IVAC and Gulshan IVAC, other foreign nationals can apply.
  • You need to submit one current colored photograph and only one application.
  • The application should be submitted at the indicated time which you will get from the online application as it is advisable though anytime from 0800 hrs to 1200 hrs the application will be accepted on the particular date of appointment.
  • If you make any mistakes in the time of filling an application then you have to apply again as there is no possibility to make corrections.
  • In any case, if you do not get a date for appointment after registering online then you have to try for a later date to get that and for that, you have to go to Reprint option which is on the corner of the right side in the online application. You should select the available date for the appointment and fill up the date of birth and web file number.
  • If you forget or missed the chance to take the print out after taking an appointment date then you must log on to Reprint option which is on the corner of the right side in the online application. You should fill up the date of birth and web file number.
  • Plan the date properly as if the same individual do multiple bookings, the aspects of other applicants to get the appointment date may hamper. The application may reject if you try to do so with enough and suitable reasons.
  • If you mistakenly select the wrong place, suppose you select Dhaka instead of Chittagong then you will not get the appointments as they will not accept it as no online registration can be done at other places instead of that particular place.
  • Please remember you cannot submit your online application on other dates as you have to submit it on the particular date which is given to you in the online application.
  • Through the e-mail, fax or telephone you can contact with your related IVAC where you had presented your application for the visa and thus you can know the status of it. While you are doing enquiries you should mention your passport number or sticker number.
General information for applying for Indian visa
  • If you are a Bangladeshi passport holder and want to go to India then you don’t need to pay any fee but there are VPF or Visa Processing Fee which IVAC charged as per the rates.
  • People who are not Bangladeshi and other than Bangladesh passport holders have to pay the fee for other nationalities as said by the schedule from Govt. of India.
  • Each applicant can fill up only one set of application for visa.
  • If you are not able to submit the application of visa then any member of your family can do it on behalf of you but they need identification proof.
  • With carrying valid “E-token” one authorized representative can submit the visa application for any managing director/ Chairman or CEO of the renowned company and other members of their families and also for Honorable Members of Judiciary or Parliament and for the people who are above 70 years.
  • For Bangladesh passport holders along with visa application form a proforma in the prescribed format need to submit for retired/ serving police/ defence or security personnel.
  • If you want to go to the protected areas of India then you need a special permit as there are some regions which are protected or restricted along with that you also need to fill up an additional form and this process is time consuming ( 4 weeks or more).
Documents needed for Indian Visa
When you are going to submit your application, please check that you attached all your following documents.
  • Original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months on the submitting date of the visa application and at least 2 blank pages the passport should have. Attach the copy of passport (endorsement of extension of validity if any and first four pages) and with the application form, you have to submit all old passports.
  • One passport size, coloured recent (not less than three months old) photograph which can depict the full face
  • Residential Proof: A copy of National ID Card and Utility Bill like telephone, electricity, water or gas bill (but not less six months old)
  • Proof of Profession: You should attach certificate from the employer and if you are the student you have to attach a copy of identity card from your educational institution.
  • Proof of Financial soundness: Per applicant need the endorsement of foreign currency which is equivalent to US$ 150/- or updated bank statement or the copy of international credit card, all these are to show that to finance your travel you have enough balance.
  • For online visa application form, you need to submit which both have the date of appointment and time and BGD Registration.
  • In the right space given in the online application form, applicants need to scan and upload their photo.
  • You should ensure that the date of birth and place of birth of the applicants in the recent passport matches with the old passport, NID card and birth certificates.
  • Without all old passport application will be treated as incomplete one as all old passport must submit on the date of appointment.
  • Without an E-token or appointment date and except Tourist (T) visas all categories of Bangladeshi passport holders are accepted to walk in basis.
List of directions for the visa applicants
  • Only tourist visa applicants can submit their applications for the Camp. Other categories and Business or Medical applications will not be accepted. You can submit those to respective IVAC Centers.
  • Applications must deposit by the applicants personally. Only family member (parents, children spouse) can submit on behalf of other family members.
  • Only visa applicants no one else can go inside the visa camp.
  • The visa camp covers only the visa applicants from Khulna, Dhaka, Mymensingh and Barisal Division.
  • The timing of the camp is from 0800 hrs to 1400 hrs as the gate will open at 0800 hrs.
  • Applicants shouldn’t queue at the night as this will be not permitted.
  • Applicants should come up with complete application and with all necessary documents as the incomplete application can be rejected.
  • If someone will come to you for facilitation of visa then you should inform the local police as there are no Dalals or agents.
  • The High Commission of India’s outsourcing agency’s Indian Visa Application Center charge as a visa fee of BDT 600/- but, except this, there are no other fees.
  • Inside the premises of visa camp, you cannot go with bags and mobile phones.
In the visa receipt, the collection of passports will be mentioned as per the specified time and date. For more details, you can go to

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