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Do you want to be 1st position in Google Bangladesh?

You are the right place. Get higher ranking in Google, 
increase traffic and make more sales


Why do you need SEO service

Most of the people try to find the information on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. whether it is products or services and it is increasing day by day. If you are selling any products or services, it is very important your website should be higher in Google search results as possible. See the latest example SEOMOZ being higher in Google search below:




of searchers only check the first page of results

of searchers only check the first 5 results

of traffic goes to the top ranked page

(Source – Moz)
Whatever your business or your presence on internet and no matter whatever you are selling your products or services online in national or global market, if you want to succeed, need to consider search engine optimization (SEO) is the main part of your marketing channels. This is where we can help and offer the best SEO service to our clients.

What we do


Keyword research

SEO Audit & analysis

 SEO architecture development

Content development

Link building

SEO consultancy

Social signals development

Google tracking & tag manager implement

Google analytics & reporting


How we do

We made  a 4 easy and simple steps for search engine optimization (SEO) for you. 

Step 1green-icon

Steps 2green-icon

Step 3green-icon

Step 4green-icon

 Keyword, Site review & Audit Opportunity Report & SEO Roadmap  On-Going &
Off-page SEO
Performance Analysis & reporting
Identify the right audience and keywords which will generate the relevant traffic to your site.  Build opportunity report which details the quick and long wins for your business.  Fundamentals to ensure we maximise content, social media and link-building opportunities, whilst fixing any on-site errors.  We will qualify the best performing data and keep optimising to get relevant traffic.
Do a comprehensive competitor analysis to let client knows what their clients are doing.  We will implement analytics to identify the key business areas. Ongoing technical improvements, increase Google index with accurate information. Increase keywords on search results. Create a comprehensive custom report which will ensure the campaign results for SEO and Paid media.
 Comprehensive site review to identify the key technical issues and web properties on the site. Set up relevant business goals and events. Set up best practice for global SEO or Geo-strategy.  Weekly and monthly reports.
Optimise website for Information Architecture and Call To Action     Local directory site submission Google has a strong keyword ranking signal for mobile. We will optimize the site and get keywords ranking on mobile, tablets and other smart devices.   Content Optimisation SEO content audit, with monthly reports.


How long it will take time to be 1st page in Google Bangladesh

It depends on 300+ factors or signals (on-page,off-page SEO, content, etc.) and it takes time about 3-6 months to become into 1st page in Google with root keywords. Some cases it may take less time.

Our SEO packages details:


Working areas



Super Search

Enhance keyword research yes yes yes
Focus on no of keywords 5-6  8-10  12-15
In-depth competitive analysis  yes  yes  yes
Technical review & audit  yes  yes  yes
On-page optimization  yes  yes  yes
Crawl error fixes  yes  yes  yes
Internal linking strategy  yes  yes  yes
Social signal improvement  yes  yes  yes
Backlink analysis & remove negative links  no  yes  yes
Advice on how to keep your site performance at its best (hours)  2 hours  4 hours  8 hours
Social media leverage and monitoring  no  yes  yes
Symantec SEO strategy & optimization  no  yes  yes
Authority & trust signal buildings  no  yes  yes
Attribution & conversion optimization  no  no  yes
Landing page analysis  no  yes  yes
Global SEO roadmap and strategy  no  no  yes
Weekly and monthly traffic trending report  monthly  monthly weekly + monthly
Monthly keyword ranking report  yes  yes  yes
Call or Click Enquire  Enquire  Enquire   Enquire 


1000% increase in website visitors

We will be working hard for your business to you in 1st position in Google and will see a huge return on your investments.


If you move your keywords position from 8th to position 1,  will get about 1000% increase of your  traffic. According to Google, 3.5% of Google users click the 8th position website and 36.2% of users click 1st position website.

Long tails keywords:

Most SEO experts forget to target long tail keywords, they target more generic and non-branded keywords, which is good but it takes long terms to get into the 1st page. We target both root and long tail keywords so that you can get lot's of lot's traffic from genune traffics and potential customers for your business.

What success look like in 2017?

Driving high volume, quality incremental traffic to your site: Measured through key engagement metrics:

  • Increase online sales & revenues
  • Time on site (dwell time vs organic) in each market.
  • Page views – targeted and relevant to behavioural change (we can support setting up bespoke analytics dashboards.
  • Site actions – what do we want our audience to do and when
  • Growth in the site and community across all markets to become the ‘go to’ for users looking for educational content

Our combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website optimisation provides our clients the opportunity to nurture potential prospects into enquiries, leads and sales through their sales funnel into repeat customers that engage and promote the brand.


We have worked on wide range of industry in national and globally. See some of the clients below:



How are we so confident it will work for my business?

We have brought lot's of competitive keywords in 1st page, even 1st position in Google for local and international markets. We can gaurantee you to improve the relevant traffics within 2-4 months.

Our digital team will give you the tools and platform to digitally promote your business successfully. So whether you require our consultancy services, a fully managed campaign, launching an international SEO campaign, training or advice overcoming technical issues, we are always on hand to help.

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