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Personal loan


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Personal loan the lifeline for meeting your financial needs.

A personal loan is the amount granted to an individual by the financial institutions to fulfill his or her personal requirements and needs. It is granted on the basis of a secured asset or also in the un-secured term as per the borrower’s credit score like the income and the ability to pay back the loan or on the basis of any guarantee.
Bigpage Bangladesh is one of the pre-eminent loan provider’s in Bangladesh. It provides A2Z assistance for the application of the loan until the final disbursement.

Why Bigpage Bangladesh for the personal loan?

There are many institutions in Bangladesh claiming to be the best service provider of the Personal loan, but loan being one of the critical aspects, it is always suggested to take the assistance from only the experts in the area and Bigpage Bangladesh has got a huge and satisfied clientele due to its formidable services.
 Here are the few things which make the service of Bigpage Bangladesh superlative in comparison to others: -

Quicker Processing: - It is not possible for the common people to understand or be aware of the different kinds of clause and rule for applying and getting any loan. Due to this, the process usually takes a lot of time to be completed. The expert staffs of Bigpage Bangladesh resolves the issue as they are handling this kind of jobs on a daily basis and are aware of every path to complete the task in a quicker way.

Transparency: - Again, it is not possible for the general people to know every bit of laws and clauses for applying for a loan along with the different policies and rules. However, the expert staffs of Bigpage Bangladesh provide crystal clear information to the people so that they are aware of every single policies and rules regarding the loan. We provide a complete guidance regarding all kind of hidden artifacts.

Provides Best Choice:  - There are numerous financial institutions available in the market which provides loan facilities, but with its experience and expertise, Bigpage Bangladesh.

Dedicated Service: - With Bigpage Bangladesh, you will get a dedicated relationship manager for the 360-degree assistance. They will provide you with all kind of assistance until the final payment of the loan.

Interest Rates and Offer: - There are many financial institutes which provides personal loan service and we at Bigpage Bangladesh ensures that you get the best interest rates along with the most attractive offer like the maximum amount of loan.

Personal loan features

Our life is full of uncertainty. Some of them are good, but most of them are not. An emergency can arise at any point of time like a sudden crisis in the fund to run personal expenses, business, education or health. But with personal loan service from Bigpage Bangladesh, you don’t have to worry about any kind of financial uncertainty. 
The list of features of a personal loan is as follows: -

No need of collateral: - Personal loan can be provided with a guarantee or as per your credit score and your capability to return the amount with the need for the deposit of any security.

Multi-purpose: - There are no strict guidelines for the use of the money taken as personal loan. You can use the money for any purpose like for education,travel, marriage, health or any others.

Rates: The rate of interest is also affordable. Over that, with the service of Bigpage Bangladesh, you can get the best offer of interest rates.

Required Paperwork: - As there is no need to submit any kind of collateral, the required paperwork is also very less in comparison to others.

Interest rate

Interest rate is the money that is required to pay for taking the loan. Different financial institution charges a different rate of interest. As Bigpage Bangladesh is on the market dealing with loan service for a long time, we have all kind of experience and expertise in the field. That is why we provide the best suggestion and service of the proceeding of the personal loan and that is also at the most reasonable interest rates available in the market.
The range of the interest rate charged by the banks lies between 10.25 % and 33.00 %. The rate depends on a various conditions like the amount of loan, period of repayment and others.

Loan providers

With Bigpage Bangladesh, you can get the perfect choice for the loan providers as there are numerous choices available in the market which provides the loan facility, but with use, you can get the option to choose from the best which are trusted sources and provides maximum benefits like: -
  • BRAC Bank Limited
  • IFIC Bank Bangladesh Limited
  • HSBC Bank Bangladesh
  • Eastern Bank Limited
  • Trust Bank and others
Getting loan can be an easy process, but getting it from the trusted and the best option is not. That is why; the expert staffs of Bigpage Bangladesh offers the best service.


For the personal loan, you don’t have to provide any kind of security deposit or collateral but you need to fulfill some eligibility criteria to get the loan facility like: -
  • You need to provide your income proof for the repayment of the loan in the due time along with interest or
  • You will need a guarantor.
  • Having 2 years of IT return is good for strengthening the application.
  • You should not be a defaulter for any of your previous loans.
So, these are the basic eligibility criteria’s to apply for the personal loan. With Bigpage Bangladesh, you can get the desired assistance and guidance to apply for the required personal loan. With our long experience, we provide you with the best suggestion and complete solution for the purpose.


For taking a personal loan from any of the financial institutions, you need to submit all kind of required documents. The list of requirements may differ in different companies, but most of them are same.
Below is the list of the required documents which are generally required to apply for the personal loan: -
  • Income proof like salary slip of last 6 months
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of employment
  • Work experience letter like appointment letter or form 16
  • KYC documents like identity proof, address proof, residential proof, age proof and signature proof.
  • Other relevant documents.
It is very important that you submit all the genuine documents as a misrepresentation of any information may lead to cancellation of the loan and even cause trouble in the future application.

Loan Insurance

Loan insurance is a great way to secure your family members from the burden of the repayment of the loan. With Bigpage Bangladesh, you can apply for loan insurance for your loan so that in any kind of mishap, your family member doesn’t have to feel the burden of the loan in your absence.
However, loan insurance is not mandatory; it is like securing the future like other insurance policies does as future is unpredictable and we all should be prepared for it.

Loan disbursement precondition

The loan disbursement precondition may differ in various institutions. It also depends on the personal credentials. The most basic condition is that the person applying for the loan should not be a defaulter and have a good credit score.

Final checklist

  • Ensure to have all the relevant documents.
  • Should have both original and self attested photo copy.
  • Should clear all the previous loans and credits
Bigpage Bangladesh will assist and guide you through all kind of relevant information for the hassle free processing of the loan.


What is a Personal Loan?
Ans: - Personal loan can be taken for any kind of purpose and requirement. You can use the money to fulfill any of your financial needs like for treatment, studies, marriage or even shopping. There is no restriction on the use.

How is personal loan different from others?
Ans: - Other types of loans are provided for the particular reason, like the home loan for manufacturing or purchasing of house, educational loan for payment in respective of education, medical loan for medical purposes. But the personal loan can be used for fulfilling any kind of financial crisis.

When can I apply for a personal loan?
Ans: - You can apply for it at any point of time whenever you are in need of money.

What is the required security deposit or collateral?
Ans: - The best part of a personal loan is that you don’t have to submit any kind of security deposit. The amount is granted according to your personal credentials.

What are the required documents that I need to submit?
Ans: - The required documents include: -
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Signature proof
  • Income proof like salary slip or bank statements and others.

How can I repay the loan?
Ans: - You can repay the loan in easy monthly installments which will be deducted from your bank account.

Why Select Bigpage Bangladesh for applying for the personal loan?
Ans: - Bigpage Bangladesh is in the field of loan arrangement since ages. Thus, it has the complete expertise and experience in a smother processing of the loan with least harassment.
Bigpage Bangladesh also ensures a quick processing of the loan along with the option of the best and the maximum loan amount.


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