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Comapre & get your home loan with Bigpage Bangladesh

Home loan is just a financial commitment that will help you to buy a dream home for you and your family. It will fulfill your dream having your own home, also will save lot’s of your money staying at someone’s home as a rent. Some people thinks it is very difficult and a complicated process. It is true but we are at Bigpage Bangladesh, is making it simple and easy by providing necessary information, comparing loans and choosing the best home loan for you.

 Why Bigpage Bangladesh for your home loan

There are many sources available in Bangladesh which offers loan and home loan services. The team of Bigpage Bangladesh works dedicatedly to provide you with the best assistance to get the desired loan amount.

Find the right mortgage with Bigpage Bangladesh

Bigpage Bangladesh not only ensures that your application for the loan doesn’t get rejected but also helps you to get the maximum amount of the loan and that is also at the most reasonable rate of interest. We also provide and guide you related to all kind of legal information about taking a home loan so that there is nothing left unknown to you.

"It was an amaizing experience with Bigpage Bangladesh. They are really helpful and gave a good home loan, so happy"

  Nazrul Islam, Dhaka
Looking for home loan, it is frustrating, time consuming and confusing. It is our job to explain you different type of home loans, interest rates and finally choose the best loan for you
Bigpage Bangladesh bring your property search simple, showing you all of the best and most lowest home loan available in the market, all in one place. "It is straightforward, simple and easy site. Also feels it is a  trustworthy. they have so much relevant and upto date information in the site."
?Also providing the best customer service and experiences with us. So that you recommand your relatives and friends to us Badal, Khulna

Home loan features:

Below is the list of features that you can enjoy by choosing Bigpage Bangladesh for your home loan: -

Complete Transparency: - Most of the people get afraid of taking loans due to the complicated and hidden terms and conditions. The team of Bigpage Bangladesh ensures that every clause and laws are explained to you it details so that you have the complete understanding of the rules and regulation and then you can decide for taking the loan f not.
Best Interest Rates: - Interest is a mandatory thing that everyone needs to pay for taking any kind of loan. At Bigpage Bangladesh we provide you with the best choice of interest rates. This helps you to choose the best plan and that is also by paying the most reasonable rate of interest.
Dedicated Service: - From the day one of consulting for the loan till the complete reimbursement of the same, a dedicated relationship manager will help you in every regards and suggestion.
Quick Proceedings: - The dedicated staffs ensure that all the required formalities are completed and you get the money at the quickest of time without any kind of harassment.

Type of home loan:

Bigpage Bangladesh has one motto and that is to help every desired individual in Bangladesh to fulfill their dream of having their own residence. That is why we work dedicatedly to provide you with nothing but the best service.
Home loans are available in various types. This helps you to select the perfect plan according to individual need and requirement. Let’s find out the different types of home loan that you can apply for: -
  1. Apartment Loan: - Apartments are ready to posses home or in under construction. In this, individual need not have to worry about the construction of the same. A third party completes the construction and sales the same. With Bigpage Bangladesh provides you the best service of Apartment Loan to get a quick possession of the same.
  2. Home Construction Loan: - If you have your own land, you can build your dream home just like the way you wish to. Home Construction Loan from Bigpage Bangladesh is the best required financial support for building your dream.
  3. Housing Plot Loan: - Bigpage Bangladesh also provides you with Housing Plot Loan service with which you can buy any vacant land for future use.
  4. Home Extension Loan: - Bigpage Bangladesh provides a 360-degree solution to the need of a home loan. If you already possess a home and need to extend the same but in short of cash, there is nothing to worry about. With us, you can also avail loan facility for the extension of your residence.
  5. Home Improvement Loan: - A home is a lifetime asset and like every valuable thing, our home also needs maintenance and repair. But with the increasing rate of all kind of material and services, this also needs a lot of involvement of cash. But there is nothing to worry about as we care what you care. We provide you with the best scheme of Home Improvement Loan so that your valuable asset gets its deserved value.

These are the few basic features that you can avail with Bigpage Bangladesh. We have a lot of tailor made solution for your requirement.

Interest rate 

The interest rate charged in Bangladesh for home loan starts from 8.75 % and there are different conditions for the same. At Bigpage Bangladesh, we provide you the best home loan scheme with the best and most reasonable interest rates. Lower the interest rate makes it easier for the reimbursement of the loan. Thus, we only provide the best.

Loan providers         

There are many financial institutions and banks that provide home loans. However, as there are huge criteria’s and critical process flow, we ensure a hassle free process. We at Bigpage Bangladesh ensure the customers to get the loan from the best and trusted source with the maximum profit.
Below are the few major home loan providers in Bangladesh: -

  • BRAC Home Loan
  • EBL Home Loan
  • IDLC Home Loan and others.


The basic eligibility criteria for getting a home loan are that you should have all the required documents and shouldn’t have any default in history for the reimbursement of any kind of loan in your name. The rest of the formalities and procedure will be taken care and handled by our professional staffs.
The eligibility criteria for getting a home loan main vary in the different institutions, however, there are few common and basic requirements like: -
  • Any person who is a Bangladeshi Nationality be it salaried, self-employed or business person can apply for home loan.
  • The applied person must be 21 years old and above.
  • The applied person should not have a bad credit history for at least three months prior to applying for the loan
  • The loan amount will be determined on the basis of the monthly drawn salary for the salaried person. For business and self-employed the earned profit determines the loan value


For getting a home loan or any kind of loan facility, you need to submit few of the basic documents for the verification purpose. The list of the documents required is mentioned below according to individual credentials: -
Common documents required    Documents required for salaried person

Last 1 year bank statement
Latest tax clearance certificate or return receipt of tax
Copy of National ID Card or Passport
Letter, allotment agreement or byna deed for home loan
Registered ownership deed for home credit or take over loan
Price quotation for a home loan.

LOI (Letter of Introduction)
Salary account statement of last one year
Salary Slip or Form 16 A
Proof of residence
Age proof and the above mentioned common documents.
Documents required for businessman   Documents required for self employed

Last 3 year trade license
For partnership business needs registered partnership deed
IMOA + Certificate of Incorporation + Latest Schedule X for Private Limited Companies
Last 1 year bank statement of the company and the common documents mentioned above.
Declaration of self-paid along with seal
Certificate of professional degree
Certificate of membership of the respective professional association.

These are the basic documents which are required for applying for a home loan. The requirement may differ as per the government guidelines and financial institutions regulation.

Loan Insurance           

No one can predict the future, thus it is always better to secure the future in present. The Loan Insurance facility provides cover to the Home Loan in the condition of any kind of unforeseen events in the life. The insurance supports your family to pay the outstanding amount of the loan.
However, it is not mandatory to opt for loan insurance, but it is surely a great deal to make. The experienced and professional staffs of Bigpage Bangladesh will provide you the best suggestion after considering all the possibilities.

Land information & land documents

For taking a loan for lands, the required criteria may differ a bit. Below is the list of things required for Land related information:
Land information & land documents Required Land Related Documents
Certified engineer should provide with the estimated cost
Approval plan with approval letter
Copy of the purchase or sales deed
(CS,SA,RS)/(RS,PS,BS) Khaitan
Mutation Khaitan with DCR
Lease Deed in case of leased land
Latest NEC (Non Encumbrance Certificate from SRO)
Allotment letter in case of lease land
Original/Certified copy of Bia deed(s), if any.
The copy of the main deed between purchaser and developer.
Deed between the land owner and Developer with POA & share portion.
Photocopy of main receipt.
Copy of Main Plan with the approval letter from the concerned person.
Copy of Main title Deed with DCR, Mutation, Khatian, & other Khatians of the Land owner.
Copy of Lease deed, allotment letter, DCR, & Mutation of the land owner.
Latest NEC (Non Encumbrance Certificate from SRO).
Developers Details in Pad.

Loan disbursement precondition      

As per the loan disbursement precondition, the property should be insured for flood, cyclone and earthquake. Taking fire and earthquake policy is however, mandatory.

Final checklist

Before applying for the home loan, it is always suggested to provide only the valid and true documents. You should do a thorough research before selecting the bank for a loan. The staffs from Bigpage Bangladesh will, however, help you with the same.
The staffs will guide you through all the required steps and proceedings for getting the home loans that you can fulfill the dream of having your own residence.


What is the amount that I can get from Home Loan?

Ans: - The approved amount of the loan depends on the credit score of the individual like the monthly salary, profit earned from business and other aspects.

When can I apply for the Home Loan?

Ans: - The time you decided to buy your home, you can apply for the same. It is not even required to select the plot or the apartment. However, you need to show the documents later.

What are the required documents for applying for home loan?
Ans: - You need to provide documents related to your employment and source of income.

For Employed individuals: -

  • Salary slip and bank statement
  • Employment letter
  • CV

For Self Employed and Business

  • Trade license
  • Bank statement
  • Note about the nature of business
  • Income tax return and others.

How do I repay my loan?

Ans: - The loan needs to be repaid in EMI (Easy Monthly Investment) on a regular basis which will include principal and interest amount of the loan

How much interest do I need to pay?

Ans: - The rate of interest for home loans differs in different financial institutions. 8.75 % is the least that you can expect from.

Will there be tax benefit on the loan?

Ans: - As per the Income Tax Ordinance 1984, Section (25) Sub-section (1), the interest payable on Home Loans with principal amount of up to BDT 2,000,000, would be deducted from the total taxable income.


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