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Credit cards


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Credit cards are more or less like the debit cards which can be used for all kind of online transactions in the country and even outside the country. The biggest difference between a credit card and debit card is that with a credit card you can do transactions even if you have zero balance in your account. This is why a credit card is so much needed.

Why Bigpage Bangladesh for your credit card
Bigpage Bangladesh has years of experience in the field and thus provides all kind of assistance regarding the complete processing for the application of the credit card. The Bigpage Bangladesh has the team of the most experienced and expert technicians to provide a 360-Degree solution regarding your needs. It helps you in getting the best credit card service by: -
  • Quick processing of the formalities.
  • Hassle free proceedings.
  • There are numerous services providing the credit card service, thus Bigpage Bangladesh helps to select the best from the lot.
  • With the expertise in the field, there is a very marginal chance of your application getting rejected and that is also due to other unavoidable circumstances.

Benefits of credit card
You may be thinking that if both debit card and credit card are more or less same, then what is the need of taking a credit card? But credit card has a lot of benefits in comparison to having a debit card.

We can take the best example from our daily life. A salaried person gets his salary at a fixed date. So, what happens if he suddenly needs some money which is out f his budget at the mid of the month? The reason may be anything like a medical issue, festival or occasion etc. If he has a credit card, he can easily overcome the sudden need of the money and pay the amount when he gets the salary.

It is like borrowing money from your bank for transactions and paying them back after a certain point of time. If you make the repayment within the grace period, you don’t have to pay any extra. However, if you cross the date, you will be charged with interest.
So, having a credit card is a great facility if you can manage the same in a proper manner along with paying back within the grace period. Paying for interest for shopping and other small expenses only increase the debt.

There are many other benefits of credit cards like: -
  • Helps to keep a record: - The credit card statement helps you to keep a complete record of the transactions. This helps to track your transactions. The yearly statement can also help at the time of filing tax returns.
  • Free benefits: - Most of the credit card companies provide a lot of benefits and advantages to the card holder like the free gifts, bonus points, cash back and other transactions with a credit card.
  • Short term loan: - It works as a short term loan and that is also without interest if you can pay the money back within the grace period.
  • No need of cash: - With a credit card, you don’t have to carry cash anymore. You can use your card anywhere in the world. So, no more trouble and worry about carrying cash.
  • EMI service: - Most of the banks provide easy monthly installment payments for certain purchases and that is also at a 0 % rate of interest or very less.
  • Increases your credit score: - Regular use of the credit card and regular repayment of the same increases your credit score. This helps to increase your credit limit and is also helpful in getting loans in the future.
So, these are the basic benefits that you can enjoy with a credit card in your purse. So, if you still haven’t applied for a credit card, it is the best time to do it to avail the benefits.

Types of credit card
The credit cards also have different types. They are differentiated according to their features and purposes. The different types of available credit cards are: -
  • Student credit cards: - These cards are for the college students who are young adults with no or very less credit history. Eligibility: - The students need to be enrolled with accredited four-year course in university.
  • Standard credit card: - These are the cards given for the general usage for people with over 18 years of age and have good credit score.
  • Subprime credit card: - These cards are issued to people with the worst credit history and thus have higher interest rates and charges.
  • Business credit card: - It is specifically made with features to suit for business users. It helps the business owners to keep separate transactions for business and personal use.
  • Reward credit card: - As per the name, it offers rewards on the usage of credit card like cash back, points and others. These cards are again differentiated in others like: -
  • Airline or Frequent Flier Miles: - Using these cards helps you to accumulate miles which can be rather put together for future flights. However, the miles offered also have its expiry date. This means you can’t hold the reward for a long time.
  • Cash Back: -As the term says, it offers a certain percentage of the amount back according to the amount you have spent. You can en cash the reward or use it in future transactions.
  • Points Card: - These types of cards provide points for every transaction you make. These points can be used and redeemed for merchandise or gift cards.
  • Premium Credit Card: - Also known as “gold” or “platinum cards” and are offered to customers with higher usage. These cards provide the users with a huge credit limit and various offers. The people with a high income are the eligible customers for these types of cards. It also offers a wide range of services and facilities.
  • Secured credit card: - These cards are provided in against of security deposit. This is similar to the Subprime Credit Cards, i.e. for people who don’t have a good credit history.
So, these are the basic types of credit card available in the market. The Bigpage Bangladesh have the team of the most efficient and expert staffs who provide you with the best choice according to individual need and choices.

Eligibility (requirements and documents)
The different banks have a different kind of eligibility criteria’s to apply for the credit card. The basic criteria’s are: -
  • The applicant should be 18 years old.
  • The applicant should be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  • The applicant needs to have a savings account.
  • He needs to have a good credit history.
  • The applicant can be salaried or self-employed but with a good income to pay the credit bills.
These are the basic eligibility criteria to apply for a credit card. However, it may differ according to the cities and the bank.

FAQs - need relevant and more than 5 faqs if it is required

What is a Credit Card?
Ans: - Credit card is a medium of the cashless transaction which saves you from carrying cash. It allows you to do transactions even if you have zero balance in your account. As the name suggests, it is like borrowing or taking credit from the bank and paying the money back later on.
The bank will not charge any extra money or interest if the amount is paid within the grace period which is usually of 25 to 30 days.

How can I apply for a credit card?
Ans: - You can apply for the credit card from any of the renowned banks. You can also contact Bigpage Bangladesh for the complete procedure of the applying of credit cards.

Am I eligible to apply for credit cards?
Ans: - There are different criteria defining the eligibility to apply for credit cards. The basic criteria’s are: -
  • The person applying for the card needs to be at least 18 years old.
  • He or she needs to be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  • Should have a savings account.
  • Should not be a previous defaulter of payment and have a good credit score.
  • Should have a good income source.

Which type of credit card should I apply?
Ans: - There are various types of credit card available in the market. The different types offer different facilities and features. So, it is important that you select the best type of card for your usage.

At Bigpage Bangladesh, there is a team of expert professionals who have years of experience in the field. This experience helps you to provide you with the best assistance so that you can select the best type of credit card.

Having a credit card provides a great comfort as you don’t have to worry about the availability of liquid cash. It is a service which provides short term loan and can be repaid easily without any kind of interests if done within the grace period.

However, it is always suggested to read all the terms and conditions properly along with a control over the usage. The liberty of availability of credit facility may bring debt. It is always nice to spend as much as you have the capacity to pay back. Being an expert in the field Bigpage Bangladesh provides you with the best suggestion to select the most appropriate credit card type according to individual needs, requirement and budget

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