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Education loan


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Education loan just what a student needed

Education loan is a such a loan which will shape and brighten your child’s future. Most of the mediocre family doesn't  have enough money to support their child's higher education or study abroad. It helps parents a lots to put their child's education in right direction without any interest during the study period. There are many talented students who have to leave their dream of higher studies due to financial crunch and that is why Bigpage Bangladesh offers complete assistance for getting the educational loan and fulfill your dream.

In this guide

  • Features
  • Eligibility
  • What courses can I apply for
  • Education loan providers
  • Documents needed
  • Interest rates and re-payment options
  • Security and cost
  • Insurance coverage against education loan

Why Bigpage Bangladesh for education loan?

Bigpage Bangladesh provides the complete assistance to get the required amount of the educational loan for the future studies. Money is one of the basic needs for pursuing higher education or to study in abroad and that is why Bigpage Bangladesh provides the complete assistance for the same.
There are numerous options available in the market who claims to be the best source to apply for the loan, but with the experience of Bigpage Bangladesh, you can avail the best possible service. Below are the few benefits that you can enjoy with us: -

  • Complete transparency
  • Quick proceeding of the formalities
  • Sanction of the maximum loan amount
  • Best interest rates
  • Dedicated service from the individual experts and much more.
It is always advisable to take the assistance of the experts as applying of a loan is a complicated process and a small error can lead to cancellation of the request. Bigpage Bangladesh offers the best and expertise assistance.
Bigpage Bangladesh is in the field of loan since years and is one of the pre-eminent companies in Bangladesh providing loan service. The expertise of Bigpage Bangladesh provides a lot of assistance in the complete and hassle-free processing of the loan.

Education loan features

Educational loan is the ladder for achieving the academic success. The loan amount helps to finance the expenses for pursuing education required to study in the country of in abroad. Most of the repayment of educational loan is done after the completion of the course so that you can make the payment after you land up with a job.
As the future is at stake, it is very important to choose the best financial institution and the perfect loan service for the educational loan.

Type of education loan

Educational loan is the monetary assistance for the students for the expenses regarding their studies. It is usually granted in cash and can be taken by mean of scholarship, funding, rewards and financing which needs to be repaid after a certain period of time along with the rate of interest.
Students are given a certain period of time to start making the payment as unlike other loans, you don’t have to start the EMI immediately. The basic types of the educational loans include: -
  • Undergraduate educational loan: - It is for pursuing the 3 years or 4 years degree course after the completion of higher secondary education.
  • Professional or graduate student loan: - You need to complete the under graduate course to apply for this. It is for pursuing higher education and advanced degrees.
  • Career education loan: - This loan covers the educational cost for pursuing career oriented programs at technical and trading schools and colleges.
  • Loan for parents: - Even the parents of any student can apply for an educational loan to meet the expenses their children’s education.

Interest rate

As the educational loan is to finance the studies, the rate of interest is very reasonable. The average rate of interest is 9.85 %. With the expertise of Bigpage Bangladesh, you can, however, get the best option of the most reasonable interest rates.

Loan providers

There are numerous financial institutions which provide the educational loan service. But it is always advisable to apply from the best options and that is where the role of Bigpage Bangladesh comes to aid.
The expert and dedicated staffs of Bigpage Bangladesh works along with you regarding your requirements and provides you with the best options for the loan facility. Below are the examples of the few loan providers of the educational loan in Bangladesh: -
  • Mercantile Bank Limited
  • NCC Bank Limited
  • Prime Bank Limited
  • IFIC Bank Bangladesh Limited
  • Eastern Bank Limited


The Bigpage Bangladesh is one of the top service providers for getting educational and other loan services in Bangladesh. The educational loan helps millions of students every year to secure their admission in various universities in the country or in abroad.
Below are the eligibility criteria for getting the educational loan: -
  • The candidate needs to be a Bangladeshi bona fide student.
  • Minimum qualification should be H.S.C passed.
  • Age limit between 18 and 26.
  • The candidate should not have any bad records like criminal records and others
  • The loan should be applied of taking admission in recognized and reputed organization.
These are the basic eligibility criteria’s required for applying for the educational loan. However, the conditions may differ as per the bank or any other conditions.
As the Bigpage Bangladesh has years of experience in the field, they provide the best assistance for getting the loan amount sanctioned from the bank and that is also at the most convenient way.


For applying of the educational loan, the candidate needs to submit a list of documents like: -
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Completion of all the A/C opening formalities.
  • Letter of Authorization from the student
  • Documents related to National ID, address proof, TIN of the borrower, Student and Guarantor.
  • Passport copy with a valid visa for pursuing higher studies in abroad.
  • Certificate of Education of the student.
These are the basic documents required for applying for the educational loan from the bank. However, the list may differ in different institutes.

Loan Insurance

Loan insurance, however, is not compulsory to take but it helps to repay the loan in case of any kind of mishap so that your family doesn’t feel the pain of paying the amount back. Future is unknown to all of us and as it is well said that “Precaution is better than Cure”, insurance policies are kind of precautions that people take to secure the future.
The dedicated staffs of Bigpage Bangladesh provide you with the best suitable suggestion as per your individual requirements.

Loan disbursement precondition

The loan disbursement precondition may differ in various institutions and as per the type of loan, the candidate is applying for. It also depends on the personal credentials. The most basic condition is that the person applying for the loan should be a citizen of Bangladesh and not a defaulter. He should be between the age of 18 and 26 and completes all the eligibility criteria’s.

Final checklist

The staffs of the Bigpage Bangladesh have all the required expertise and experience to provide you with the best choice and solution regarding applying for the educational loan. The do a thorough and complete check on all the documents and forms and the filled information so that the application gets a quicker clearance.
Below is the final checklist that you should do before submitting the application: -
  • Check the institution’s review: - Do a final check on the institution you are going to apply for the loan. However, the staffs from Bigpage Bangladesh will provide you with only the best suggestions.
  • Cross check documents: - Check that you have submitted all the required documents that have been asked from you. Carry your original copy of the documents along with you.
  • Authenticate details: - Do a proper authentication of the information that you have provided. A small error may cancel the application and then you have to do the whole process from the beginning.
  • Check from the institutes: - Different educational institutes which you select for the higher studies provides with relevant documents for the easy processing of the loan. So, do a check with them regarding the same.


What is educational loan?
Ans: - It is the financial assistance provided to pay for the expenses related to studies like tuition fees, living expenses, books, stationeries and others. This loan can’t be used for other purposes.

When can I apply for an educational loan?
Ans: - You need to complete your H.S.C examination to apply for the educational loan to pursue higher studies.

How much amount can I get from the educational loan?
Ans: - The loan amount depends on the application and the course pursuing. It also depends on the institute you are applying from.

What are the basic requirements to apply for student or educational loan?
Ans:- The basic eligibility criteria for applying educational loan is: -
  • The candidate needs to be a citizen of Bangladesh
  • Should have complete H.S.C
  • Age limit between 18 and 26.
  • The candidate should not have any bad records like criminal records and others
  • The loan should be applied of taking admission in recognized and reputed organization.

What is the rate of interest for educational loan?
Ans: - 9.85 % is the basic interest rate charged by the banks. However, it may differ in different institutes.

How can I repay the loan amount?
Ans: - The best part of the educational loan is that you don’t have to start paying for the loan from the beginning. You can pay after completing your studies and getting a job. That makes it easier to pay from the drawn salary.
After you get the job, you need to make the payment in Easy Monthly Installments (EMI).

What are the security deposits that I need to submit?
Ans: - In most of the cases, there is no need to submit any kind of security deposit for taking an educational loan. But depending on situation and institutions, you may need to provide security deposits.


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