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Car loan


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Compare car loans and get the best loan for your dream car

Car loan is a small loan that will help you buy a car. People who have a good job or business, they take car loan. Paying a small interest for car loan will give you a freedom to buy a dream car. There are so many car loan providers with different interest rates, strict documents, etc. but finding the best loan is difficult and hard. At Bigpage Bangladesh, we compare all car loans from the latest providers in the market and choose the best car loan for you.

Why Bigpage Bangladesh for your car loan ?

Car loan with Bigpage Bangladesh provides a simple, affordable and trusted services that will help you to get a best car loan. We burgain and negociate with loan providers and get a cheap and best loan for our customers.

Car loan features:

Every loan provider has different features, flexiable and easy repayment options

  1. Maximum car loan upto 40 lacks
  2. Easy and transperant repayment rate without hidden cost
  3. Quick approval process
  4. Repayment upto 72 instalments
  5. Options are available for early and partial settlements

Car loan eligibility criterias

There are many banks who offers car loan in Bangladesh at an attractive interest rates in different categories like salaried orbusiness people. 

  • You should be a minimum of 21 years of age
  • Maximum age can go up to 70 years though in some cases it may be 65
  • Net annual income of salaried persons should range from 2 to 3 lakhs.
  • Minimum of one year continuous employment in case of salaried persons
  • Minimum of 3 years in the same line of business
  • Income eligibility as per the latest salary slip and Form 16 for salaried individuals
  • For self-employed individuals it depends on the latest ITR
  • Those who are engaged in agriculture and allied activities the net income should be around 4 lakhs

Salaried persons


Application form with photograph Application for with photograph affixed
Address proof Residential proof
Minimum monthly income Tk.25,000 Income tax returns
Income tax returns Income tax returns
Last 6 months bank statement Last 6 months bank statement.
ID proof ID proof
  Last 2 years income tax returns

Car loan providers

There are so many banks providing car loans in Bangladesh and has made easy to buy a car. It is just like welcoming a new member in your family and changing your life style. So who are the major car loan providers that can make your dream come true of owning a dream car. Some of the major providers

Prime Bank Pubali Bank
Standard Chartered  IFIC Bank

How to get a car loan

You can follow the following steps to get a car loan. The first step is to

  • Check your credit score which is very vital. Those who are taking loan for the first time may not know about its importance. The credit history of the individual should have some positive look like he or she was not a defaulter of any loan previously taken. A high credit score will automatically have a bearing on your interest to be paid. The rate of interest will definitely be lower in such cases.
  • Study the amount you can afford to pay on your car loan every month without putting a strain on your budget. Remember the longer the term of the loan, the lower the monthly payment you are going to pay. You should also take into account the insurance and maintenance costs which are not included in your monthly installment payments.
  • You can also shop for a car loan online and whichever offers the best deal you can choose to get financing through. In case you qualify for a loan you will get a pre-approval. You can spend less than the amount which has been pre-approved but remember you cannot spend more. You can still get pre-approved for a car loan even though you don’t have a good credit but only thing is that you have to pay a higher rate of interest.
  • The next step is to choose your car among the various types of makes and brands available. In some cases the dealer may engage you take a longer loan that will reduce the monthly payment but you have to be careful that the cost goes up in the long run.
  • Next when you have chosen your car and negotiated the price, complete all the formalities of the paper work
  • After the sale is finalized, it is now time to pay your monthly loan payments according to the terms and conditions agreed in the contract.


It is high time that you buy a new car and welcome it as another member of your family. There are many who dream of buying a car but don’t have enough resources at their disposal to buy a car instantly with hard cash. So for all those who want to make their dream a reality of owning a car should opt for a car loan and drive home a dream car with up to 100% loan.

The car loan does not only provide you the opportunity to buy a car but with it introduces a lifestyle which is full of adventure and excitement when you have your own car. So why delay, go to the nearest bank and understand the terms and conditions of a car loan.

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We have good relationship with all the major car loan providers in India and we understand how they work or on what terms and conditions they work. So we can tell you or guide you in selecting the best car loan provider. Since we have an excellent working relationship with all the car loan providers we will negotiate the best deal on your part which you may not get if you approach individually. Time is precious and we understand it better than anyone else. We will save your valuable time and do all the much needed work to get a car loan and keep you free to devote time in which you need most, that is your work.


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