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BigPage is one of the premier legal advisory services that helps and assists its consumers in resolving their legal issues and ensuring that they get the best possible value and experiences from a given service or product. Our effective campaigns and advice are sure to help you defend your consumer rights and make the right decisions.

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How can we help

BigPage can help you to save a lot of money as our membership programs allow you and your family members to seek advice whenever required. Our highly trained and experienced professionals and expert panels offer you with personalized services, crystal clear instructions and a step by step procedure to assist you in overcoming your legal battles and issues. We also offer you with unlimited access to our panel of lawyers who can not only offer effective advice, but also suggest on how to best pursue your case at every step. Our one-off annual charges ensure that you do not have to bother about hourly fees and seek expert help as and when the need arises. Furthermore, BigPage stresses on ensuring that each of its professionals and experts stick to the company values and fair play policies so that our customers are offered with fair and unbiased legal advice and opinions whenever they desire.




About Us Page – Frequently Asked Questions - About BigPage Legal Advisory Services



What advisory and legal services do we offer?

The various legal services covered by us include –

-       Assistance in dealing with Parking fines and Clamping

-       Assisting in consumer law issues which pertain to the problems associated with the products and services bought by you.

-       Assistance in civil neighbour disputes pertaining to lights, boundaries and hedges.

-       Holiday rights

-       Assistance and advisory services to private landlords and private residential tenants.

-       Assistance in employment law solutions for employees working in the UK

-       Assistance with wills

-       Assistance and advisory services for probates

-       Assistance and advice for small businesses in terms of the goods and services purchased by them.

-       Preemptive assistance and advice.


What is not covered in our services?

Our services cover a range of functions and subjects that have already been mentioned on this website. If we are not able to assist you or offer you with the best possible advice for a particular scenario where the subject matter is beyond our specializations, we might point you in the right direction to allow you to get the advice that you seek. If you are unsure of whether or not we can help you with your particular issue, you can always contact us and discuss the matter.


When should you call our legal services?

Our legal team is available to assist you between 08.30AM – 06.00PM from Monday to Friday. Our efficient operators either put in touch with the concerned specialist immediately or arrange for a call back at the earliest possible hour. You can generally expect us to return all calls within 3 working hours.


Can you seek advice on multiple problems at the same time?

There is no bar on the number of advisory services that we offer to our clients as long as they comply with our fair usage policy. In most cases, our clients never have a problem while seeking our services and can seek solutions to multiple issues at the same time.


How is your confidentiality maintained?

We never pass on any of your personal details to a third party and all your correspondence with us is kept completely confidential. Our specialists also ensure that they never use your case as case studies or publish any of the details about your case without getting a written consent from you.



About Us Page – Frequently Asked Questions – Using BigPage Legal Advisory Services


How often can you request for our services?

There is no bar on the number of calls that you can make and you can request for our services or advice as and when you require them. Our specialists shall ensure that they offer you with step by step solutions and in-depth advice for your case.


Will you be speaking with the same person every time you call us?

Even though we try our best to maintain stability and ensure that our clients deal with specialists that they have become familiar with, there might be times when the same is not possible. However, you don’t need to go through the entire story all over again as our efficient processes and database management systems ensure that any specialist can continue from where the last one left.


Can BigPage Legal Advisory Services take up your case for you?

Unfortunately, we cannot take up your case for you because of the regulations placed upon our services by the relevant authorities. However, we have an excellent network of lawyers and solicitors and should not have a problem with pointing you in the right direction.


Will BigPage Legal Advisory Services draft your legal letters?

Our specialists are always happy to help you in any way they can. This not only includes offering advice on the applicable legislations that are required for your claim, but also include the various titbits of information that you’re likely to need while dealing with the problem. However, we cannot actually draft the legal letter for you.



About Us Page – Frequently Asked Questions – The Courtroom Procedure


Will BigPage Legal Advisory Services accompany you to court?

Even though we cannot represent your case in the courts of law, we definitely ensure that you are prepared for all hearings. However, there might be a few matters where we are not allowed to do so by the relevant authorities.


Can BigPage Legal Advisory Services help your case if the problems exceed the small claims limit.

Even though BigPage Legal Advisory Services can help you with issues that exceed the small claims limit, it cannot advice you once your matter enters the court room or is already a subject to court proceedings. However, we can ensure that you are prepared and well advised on all procedures and aspects of your case up to the point when it enters the courtroom.



About Us Page – Frequently Asked Questions – Getting advice via email


Can you attach files in your email communications?

Due to the restrictions and regulations placed on our type of services by the regulatory authorities, our specialists are barred from viewing any attachments that might be submitted in the email. Therefore, it is always advisable for you to paste the relevant points of the document in the body of your email communications with us.


Is legal advice confined to emails or can they be offered over the phone as well?

Once you become a subscriber with us, you have the choice of requesting for legal advice over the phone or via email.




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