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Successful tips when viewing properties for sale

After spending much time in a rented house, you feel that you should stop paying money for rent month after month and buy a new home or flat of your own. Well, everyone wishes to have his own adobe which he will decorate in his way. If you are going to buy your first home, then you have to consider few important things that will help you cracking a good deal.

In this article, you will get a checklist of the things which you should consider before investing in a property for sale. In order to get complete details about the property, make sure you go through the checklist properly to know what aspects you need to verify about the property and what questions you must ask your real estate agent.

Things to take into account before buying a new home

1.    Location, location and location
Before choosing a property for sale, decide on the area you want to buy your new home. This may take a bit time, but make sure you can check out all the factors related to the location.

2.    Check value for money
Research the market properly to make sure that you get the value for money from your property. Prefer to talk with professional real estate agents and know the recent market value of the area. Don’t believe in the words of your developer. It is your right to know the value of the property before making an investment in it. The value of the property must be worth of the money you paid.

3.    Do a shop for your property
Consider visiting as many options as possible that perfectly fit your requirements. Ask your real estate to show you properties until you get the one that matches your budget and requirements. This will give you an idea as well as satisfaction.

Now suppose you have found a property of your choice, so what you will do now, what factors you need to consider. Check out the tips below –
1.    The property you are interested to buy must have all the facilities you require. For example, supermarkets, parks, schools, public transport, hospitals etc. should be in close proximity to the property.

2.    Now the second important thing is to consider how old the building is. It is an important factor to verify how old the construction is. Are there any facility need repairing or replacement? It is suggested to acquire a report from a professional engineer or architect on the building before you make your mind of buying that property.

3.    Check out the security features of the building. How well managed the security system of the building? Can anyone walk into the building? Consider all these things.

4.    Consider the maintenance charges of the building before buying a new flat. These charges include property tax, municipal tax, water charges, electricity charges, security charges etc. You must find out the maintenance charge you will have to pay.

5.    If you are having a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you should ask an important question “ Will you get car parking facility or you have to pay extra charges for it?” check out whether the seller has a parking slot or not. 

Important questions to ask related to the location of the property

As it is already mentioned that the location of a property plays an important role if you wish to enjoy unlimited happiness with your family. So before you buy any property, make sure you ask the following questions to your agent. Getting the answers to these questions will provide you a clear scenario about the location as well as the neighborhood of the property. Let’s have a look at the questions –
  • How is the transportation facility in the area?
  • What are the modes of public transport available in that area?
  • How are the neighborhood people? Are they decent and helpful?
  • What is the development plan of the area?
  • Des the property offers any additional features like a garden, children’s park etc?
  • How the exterior condition of the property?
  • Is the property close to supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants?
From the above discussion, you must have got the successful tips that can help you cracking a good property deal. However, reading this article, if you would like to share your views on this topic, feel free to write in the comment section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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