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Guide for Buying House

Who doesn’t want his own house? From poor to middle class to rich people everybody wants their own address. But you should be careful before you buy a land. First, you should decide where you want to stay, maybe at some quiet place or some place from where you can easily go to your work-station or near the school or colleges of your children. Let’s see what you should consider before buying a land/ flat.
  1. Think, after twenty or thirty years later in which environment you want to see yourself? You can get all first and easy getting facilities in cities but you should also keep in mind about the increasing traffic jams and air pollution. In some natural surroundings, far from the city, you can get clean and fresh air and that place can also reduce the risks of illnesses. There is a need for air and light to live a healthy life. You should choose that house or apartment where is a provision of passing air and sunlight.
  2. You should think about the distance between your workstation and plot. There you may get well transportation system instead of the long distance. Otherwise, if the travel cost is too high it will give you troubles as well as the ladies and the children of your family will also suffer a lot.
  3. Think about the budget. The place and amount of the property will rely on the money you want to spend or on the ability of spending. Set a proper budget to avoid any kind of long term debt. Very low or high fixing rate should not be the reason for your headache.
  4. Check if there any school, college, hospital, marketplace or entertainment hub near your house/ land/ apartment. Initially, it will not come to your mind but if you are going to stay there you can feel the urgency of those. Do you know that? Only intelligent people can take prudent decisions.
  5. Correct measurements and the structure of the property are some important things. If it is a plot then bring an approved surveyor to know the exact measurement. This measurement will help you to take the decision about how to develop the plot properly. You should check the area of the house or apartment. You should go by yourself to get a clear idea about the different areas of the rooms. It will also give you the ideas about the materials which are used in the making of the building. You can also identify the drainage system and damps during the visit.
  6. Safety reason is one of the things of consideration. Safety reason of a property will take a role in assessing its price. You should check all of these before you buy a property. If it is a house or flat you should know from the developers about the steps they have taken as buyer’s safety as it is essential. Also, check if there is any police station near that property.
  7. Have you any plan to sell the property? If you have any intention to sell this land in the future then it is very important. Because you may not want that the selling price of the property is less than the buying price. In most of the cases, the price of the property increases with time. So before you buy, think about the plot’s infrastructure plan like streets, hospitals, flyovers, market places etc. If everything implemented plan wise then you can get your desired value.
  8. If there any chance to give the rent of the purchased property? In many cases, investors buy the property and give it to rent. Experienced land dealers buy plots to give rents. Think at least twice about the probability to get rents of the plot before you buy it. You will easily give rent if the house is near the commercial district town, hospitals or schools. A person will always be interested to take a rent in a house from where he can save time and money to go to his workstation.
  9. Examine the agreement of the purchased property. It is important to examine the agreement title of the related property you have bought. This is the main document which can work as a proof of the ownership of the property. It is also very important to change the ownership. You have to assure as a buyer that the agreement title you have given that has an official seal. It will prove that it has got the registration properly. No photocopies of dalil will be taken off. This is due to; if the owner wants he or she can take loans from the bank by giving the dalil to the bank. In this case, if the owner fails to pay the loans then the bank will take the possession. If you buy the place you need to be assured if the place is mortgaged or not? Due to this reason, the owner who uses the plot can also use the plot as a mortgage to get loans from the bank. So we can say that buying mortgage place is not right for your wellness.
  10. Know about the property developer. It is only applicable to those who are interested in buying house or apartments. You should examine minutely how many properties this developer transfers recently. These are some suggestions for the buyers to visit the office of the developers and to look for all the necessary information. You can check the comments of the customers on the website of the developer. You can buy an apartment from a known and registered developer to keep yourself safe from unnecessary harassments. Where the ownership of the property is different (heirs) there you need to check the legality and all detail information of the property.

Over to you

Above all, you should discuss with the experienced members of your family. A discussion will always help you to take the right decision. Hope this post will help you to take the timely decision. You should not ever compromise on the things that mentioned above. This is the place where you are going to stay, so choose it wisely and properly.
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