Buying a property

Buying a property

Choosing a Mortgage

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Affordable Homes

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Successful tips when viewing properties for sale

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Guide for First Time Buyers

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How to Get the Best Property Deal from an Estate Agent

So you have decided to As per the views of the economists, this industry However, if you wish to be a winner in Here in this article, you will get a few ...Read More

Rules of Flat Loan

If you want to take a loan for a flat Here are 9 steps which can help you and you Eligibility for applying for the Anyone from Bangladesh who is an adult and Under the area of ...Read More

Guide for Buying House

Who doesn’t want his own house? From poor Think, after twenty or thirty years later in You should think about the distance between your workstation Think about the budget. The place and amount of Check if there any school, college, hospital, marketplace or Correct measurements and the structure of the property are Safety reason is one of the things of consideration Have you any plan to sell the property? If If there any chance to give the Examine the agreement of the purchased property Know about the property developer. It is Over to you Above all If you want to know more or you have any ...Read More

Buy the best property in Bangladesh

Are you planning to buy a property in Dhaka, Bangladesh Everyone wants to make the property as it considers as We are here to guide you with 8 easy steps #1. Fix your budget Before you The rule to fix a budget plan is the plan Another rule is all your monthly home payments should not #2. Line up cash You need Several private and public agencies can allow low down payment There is a warning you need to know is with Check on if your employer can help on this matter #3. Find an agent Most of You have to find some ‘exclusive buyer agent&rsquo #4. Select a home The very Pay extra attention to those districts where you find good Try to get a concept about the real estate marketing #5. Make an offer Once you Try to gather information on at least three properties which Basically, there is no foolproof plan for negotiating a fair Try to be a little pushy about finding ways to   #6. Enter contract Give the You&rsquo A home inspection which shows no major defects ...Read More

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