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Interview process

Are you looking for ways to conduct a successful interview session? If yes, then check out this write up. Here you will come to know few important tips on how to conduct a successful interview session for jobs in Bangladesh. The success of an organization entirely depends on recruiting the right candidate with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities and in this process, conducting an effective job interview session is the key to success.

Interviewing candidates is not an easy task. It involves various aspects that may make you feel that you don’t have enough time to meet all candidates who submitted applications with powerful resumes. So, how can you manage your schedule to interview each candidate separately and make your interview session successful? Well, you have a solution now. Check out this guide and follow the tips sincerely, you will definitely get the result. 

# 1.    Prepare interview questions

This is the first step you have to take before conduction an interview session. As an interviewer, you should develop an approach to deal with every candidate. Select the key factors that are required for the post you have advertised. In this respect, you should go through the BD job advertisement you created for the post in your organization.

After that, prepare a list of questions that you will ask the candidates. Remember to choose only those questions that explore the abilities and key skills of the candidates you are looking for the post. The questions should be suitable for all candidates. For best result, you can prepare customized questions as per each candidate’s resume. Along with it, you have to include few common questions as well such as –

  • How long are you working in your present company?
  • What is your total work experience in this sector?
  • Can you describe your achievements that you have earned over the years?
  • How will you handle a situation when you know that you are right and your boss is wrong?
  • How can you develop a team spirit?

Ask the factual questions in the first round of interview and then proceed with these behavioral questions. At this stage, candidates will try to prove themselves capable of the position. 

# 2.    Schedule the job interview

Conducting an interview session over 1 or 2 days will make the interview process faster. Schedule an interview session and stick to it unless an emergency situation arises. However, to speed up the interview process, do not take too many interviews on the same day as this may drain your energy and passion.

Some useful tips to speed your interview process –

  • Always be flexible yet organized
There may some candidates who will find it difficult to the interview during normal business hours. In such cases, you have to arrange the time as per their convenience. Once they give the time of the interview, stick to it, because if they are interested in the position, they will definitely find a way to attend the interview.
  • Fix a duration of time for each candidate interview
Arrange enough time for conducting each interview as giving sufficient time is necessary to know each other better. However, make sure, the interview session should not be too long. Allocating a specific time can help you better analyze the skills of the candidates.
 Always be strategic
Fix a time of the day when you are focused as well as productive. Aim at interviewing the most potential candidates first during this time frame.

# 3.    Choose a particular criterion
For interviewing candidates, you should choose a specific criterion that best defines the potentialities of the candidates such as the candidate’s overall personality, enthusiasm, and body language. To get an idea about this, consider the qualities of the top performing candidates of the organization.

# 4.    Don’t jump to a conclusion
Do not jump into an opinion too quickly. Wait until the interview gets finished.

# 5.    Take important notes
After passing a tiring day of conducting an interview session, you may forget the important points that you think of discussing later. To avoid this problem, prefer to take important notes. This will help 
making your recruitment campaign successful.

# 6.    Post interview manners
After conducting an interview session, if you still want to interview more candidates, tell the interviewees that you will update them shortly and thank them for their time. Taking this step will prevent candidates from becoming disinterested in the job role.

Now you come to know the tips on how to organize an interview session and conducting it successfully, you are all set to choose the next star employee. If you find this article useful, feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below. For more informative articles, stay tuned to our page.

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