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HR & Company Policies

A clearly written HR policy is an essential requirement for every organization. An organization can face any kind of legal grievances, challenges, and lawsuits if it does not adhere to its policies and guidelines. To ensure its smooth operation and productive work atmosphere, a professionally written HR policy, and a procedure are a must have.

Every small or big organization should have an HR policy according to which the company will conduct its activities. Being an entrepreneur, it is your first task. However, there are many entrepreneurs who have just started their businesses may not be aware of its importance and requirements. So, here in this article, you will come to know all important facts about a company’s HR policy and procedures.

Let’s have a look at its important facts –

  • What are HR policies?
All organizations work within a specific framework or adhering a few basic guidelines to ensure its smooth and hassle-free operations. These guidelines are framed by the supreme management and other important departments of the organization which includes HR department as well. Once the policies and procedures of the company are prepared, it is handed over to the HR department to implement it in a proper order. This kind of framework or policies is termed as HR policies and procedures. The main purpose of an HR policy is to describe how efficiently a business can run its operations. 

These guidelines will let the employees know what activities they can perform and what they cannot. At the same time, it is also informed that these procedures and policies are not framed or enforced by law and order of the nation still they are regarded as laws of the organization.

  • How can an HR policy be defined?

A precisely written HR policy that includes an organizations’ objectives, goals, general benefits of the employees and acceptable procedures are subject to run an organization’s productions in a smooth and decent manner. It also includes a few important elements such as –

1.    Requirement of compliance
2.    Proper and disciplinary action should be taken in case of breach of any policy
3.    Steps should be defined to implement these policies
4.    Set of standard rules and guidelines to be specified clearly
Why does an organization require HR policy and procedures?

1.  It makes the system of an organization clear and easy to work
2. A clear defined system can attract more clients and employees to work in an organization
3. Clearly written policies help employees to set realistic goals for their career as well as the organization
4. A well-planned system reduces the chances of doing mistakes and misunderstandings
5.  It helps 
setting the principles and values of an organization
6.  The policy clearly defines what kind of actions the management can take and what they cannot. Along with it, this also helps 
to create a satisfactory and fun loving atmosphere for the employees to work in
7.  Set the rule of treating each and every employee equally
8. Helps to avoid conflicting situations as the resolutions of an organization are clearly written in an HR policy
What are the most important points and procedures to mention in an HR policy of an organization?

1.    The process of recruiting and selecting an employee
2.    Process of giving equal opportunities to every employee
3.    Safeguarding employee’s interest and self-respect
4.    Procedures of discipline
5.    Code of conduct
6.    Employee leaves
7.    Family policies
8.    Retirement and pension policies
9.    Statutory policies

Policies that should be included ensuring the benefit of the organization

1.    Responsibilities of the board
2.    Investment policies
3.    Performance review policies
4.    Appraisal policies
5.    Internet usage policies
6.    Expense policies
7.    Work flexibility policy
8.    Risk management policy
9.    Career enhancement policy
  • What are the key factors of a good HR policy?
1.    A good HR policy should be written in a clear and precise manner
2.    The policy must be linked to the company’s strategies and morals
3.    The policy should be a flexible one
4.    A good HR policy should easily adapt to the changes
5.    The policy should adapt to its culture
6.    It should be developed by the stakeholders
7.    Development policy must involve the employees of the company
8.    The policy should communicate all the employees of the organization as it is an HR policy
  • How to write a precise HR policy?
Till now you come to know the importance of having an HR policy in an organization, now it’s time to know the techniques of writing a clear and precise HR policy. Writing an HR policy may seem to be a bit difficult task but once you know the tactics of writing, you find it the easiest task to perform. It is a responsibility to perform this task in a proper order because mentioning anything wrong in the policy may put you in trouble in front of your colleagues and seniors.
Below mentioned a few important tips that can help you preparing an HR policy of an organization.

# 1.    Select a suitable title for the policy

While choosing a title of an HR policy, make sure the title should describe the content of the policy. Choosing a suitable title is an important task which you should perform at the first stage to develop an HR policy. The title should clearly describe the goals and objectives of an organization.

# 2.    Understand the main intention of writing a policy

For writing an HR policy, you first need to understand its motive. Your policy must address the requirements of the policy which means employees should get answers to their questions without facing many hurdles. The goals or the intention of the company should clearly be outlined in the policy so that employees can easily it and set their realistic expectations 
from it.

# 3.    Use simple language

While writing a policy, make sure you use simple and clear language so that readers can easily understand what you want to convey to them. Therefore, always be precise and make sure you do not use any kind of waffle.

# 4.    The policy must reflect the company’s image

The HR policy of an organization should clearly mention the set of rules and regulations of an organization along with mentioning the actions that will be taken against an employee for disrespecting or violating any of the company’s policies.

# 5.    The policy should have a clear outline

Outlining means demonstrating the HR policies, procedures, and the guidelines. The policy should be mentioned in steps and should serve as a guide for its audience. The policy should also state how it will affect the organization and its reputation in the market.

# 6.    Make the policy user-friendly

The policies and procedures mentioned should be clear and not confusing. Prefer to use the same terminology for writing user-friendly HR Policies.

# 7.    Finalize the policy
Before you finalize the document, consider reading it once or twice to make sure it does not have any error or omission.

# 8.    Check it with a senior

The content you write may look perfect according to you, but it may not look as good as you think. Therefore, consider reviewing it with a third person who holds many years of experience and knowledge in this field and gives you feedback. Involving your seniors and supervisors is always a good idea as they will notify you if you miss out something important for the company.

# 9.    Consider reviewing it with the team

Before you make the final submission, consider sharing the document with your team members and other staffs of the organization. You can ask them to give their valuable inputs on it. This will enhance your confidence in submitting the document.

# 10.    Keep the policy flexible

Since the policies and procedures change with time, people and circumstances, make sure that you prepare a flexible policy that can easily adapt to changes. The policies should have enough scope to write any changes or alter them when it is required by the organization.

Therefore, an HR policy should be written with empathy, care, and excellence in order to maintain a balanced work culture within the organization.

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