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How to write a good job description

Are you thinking of adding new employees to your organization? But wondering where to start from? Well, writing a job description is not a difficult task if you follow certain basic rules. To speed up your recruitment process, you have to write an attention-grabbing job description.

Today’s job market means jobs in Bangladesh is a competitive one and to hire well-efficient candidates, make sure you create a precise and well-written job description. It is the most important tip for a hiring manager. This is probably the key factor through which a company attracts adequate applicants and finds the next star performer.

Here are a few useful tips on how to attract the best talent to your organization. So, let’s find them out –

The very first thing which you need to understand is the purpose of your job description. Yes! it is the most vital factor. A job description serves mainly three purposes – first, role definition, second, candidate attraction and the last one is management reference. To provide you more clear idea about them here is a detail definition –

1.    Role definition
The candidates you are hiring in your organization must have a clear idea about their job responsibilities and the required level of their efficiency. This will help you getting the right candidate for the desired position.

2.    Candidate attraction
Candidates’ attraction is the main purpose of writing a precise and detailed job description. The more precisely you write a job description, the more response you can expect to
get from the right candidates.

3.   Management reference
A new employee whom you are hiring for a particular post should have a clear understanding of the management role and preference. Along with it, he or she should also understand the scope and responsibility of a particular post.

What are the points you must include in a job description?
A precise and well- written job description must include the following points –
  • Title of the posts for which you are hiring candidates
  • Name of the department under which the posts sit
  • Scope of promotion
  • Temporary hiring or permanent hiring
  • Required education and key skills
  • Location of the organization
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Key areas of responsibility
  • A brief about the organization – its objectives and culture

4.    Define the job role
By defining the essential tasks and responsibilities to the candidates, you can form the basic structure of your job description. Not only this, it will also help you 
defining the skills and the qualifications you are looking for in the applicants. Once you are done with this process, you can refine your job ad in a more precise way by including the following things –
  • Which duties should a candidate give the first preference?
  • How many lines of reporting are there?
  • What results an employee needs to deliver?
Always remember, your job advertisement is not only about attracting the attention of the best candidates. It is also an opportunity to let the potential candidates know the benefits of working with your organization. Put a few points about you’re the benefits and remuneration your company provides to its employees and its work culture. This will help your advertisement to stand in the crowd.

After discussing the dos, now it’s time to write down few points of don’ts. Yes! You heard it right. There are a few mistakes or points which you must avoid while writing a job description. These are –
Mistakes to avoid while writing a job description

# Reusing the same description for over and over again
Reusing the same job description over and over again cannot attract great minds. It will only attract those who are not at all perfect for the job you offered. Therefore, make sure you write a fresh job description every time you recruit new candidates.

# Not clearly differentiating between required skills and desired skills
Most often hiring managers do this type of mistake. They fail to create a line of difference between desired skills and required skills. Most of the hiring managers desired that a candidate must have some skills or qualifications which are not exactly required for the post. Clearly depicting the desired skills and required skills, you can hire the right candidate with the right skill.

# Avoid grammar and formatting mistakes
As it has already been mentioned that a job description represents your organization and therefore, any type of grammar or formatting mistake may create a negative image or bad impression about the company. As a result, you will fail to gain the attention of potential minds.

Therefore, if you wish to hire great minds for your organization, make sure you follow these tips properly. This will help you 
selecting the right candidate for the post in a hassle free way.

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