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How to advertise job vacancies

It is always an exciting experience to hire new candidates for your organization. However, if you are a newbie in this sector, you may face some sort of difficulties.  Regular recruiters will share their experience with you explaining the success of their recruitment campaign. But at the same time, you may get heard of some bad experience stories that will interpret how this type of campaign face difficulties. Making a recruitment campaign successful is not about art. It is all about taking the right decision at the right time following proper guidelines.

Here, you will come to know about few useful tips that can make your recruitment campaign a  huge success. Excited? Scroll down to know the tricks.

Helpful tips on how to promote a new job

  • Choose a suitable job title
For promoting your job advertisement, you should choose a suitable title that clearly depicts the position for which you are hiring candidates.  If you want, you can do a  market research to know what other job titles are using the companies. An appropriate title can make your job advertisement attractive as well as you can hire great minds for your organization. So, make sure your advertisement is labeled up properly in terms of an appropriate job title.
  • Use optimized keywords in your job description
Whenever a candidate searches for a job, he or she uses keywords of the job title they are looking for. Therefore, if you want your advertisement comes first on the list, prefer to use optimized keywords in the job description. This is an essential factor to consider while writing a job description.
  • Select an advertisement venue
Choose a venue to place your job advertisement. There are many platforms available where you can put your job advertisement. You can choose as many options as you want. There are online classified venues such as online job portals along with print advertisement platforms such as the local newspaper. Some even prefer to use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to place the advertisement at free of cost. Let’s discuss the venues that you can use for posting your advertisement.

1.    Online job portal
A number of online job portals in Bangladesh are now available where you can put your job advertisement. Besides these, some industry-specific platforms are also available that can help you targeting the right applicants. This, in fact, makes your job simple and fast. To get a list of such portals, you must search the internet.

2.    Local newspaper
In all local newspaper, there is a classified section where job seekers look to find out a suitable job. This is an ideal platform if you are looking for the local candidates for the post you have advertised.

3.    Social media
Social media is a powerful platform now to attract potential candidates. If your business has a Facebook, LinkedIn or a Twitter page, you can post your advertisement there at free of cost. You can even encourage your friends and followers to share within their network. LinkedIn is a professional network where companies post their job vacancies and encourage staffs to share the advertisement in their feeds as well.

4.    Company newsletter
You can post your advertisement on your company’s website. The people who visit your website know about your nature of the business and this can be a good source to attract the right candidates to your organization. It also offers a chance to those who are interested to work with your organization and this will give them an opportunity to know about the vacancies that are going on in your company.

  • Place the advertisement
Once you are done with the selection of the advertisement venue, it’s time to place your advertisement. If you wish to select a particular date to close the window of accepting applications, place the last date of application in your advertisement. If you don’t want to put any date in the ad, you can take down the ad after receiving a considerable amount of responses. At the same time, if you have not yet found the right candidate for the post, refresh the advertisement you have posted on the portals. This can help you getting new applicants.

Follow these tips to hire the best minds for your organization. Let us know how they help in making your recruitment campaign successful. Feel free to write in our comment section below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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