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Employee Termination Process

Are you finding it difficult to fire an unproductive resource from your organization? Well, firing an employee from the organization is never easy. It is probably the most difficult job an entrepreneur has to perform in certain cases. You may not like to do that, but in order to grow your business, sometimes weeding out barren employees has become a necessity which you cannot ignore.

Here in this article, you will come to know about few important steps on how to fire an employee gracefully from the organization. Reading this bd jobs guide can help you 
sailing the ship in a smooth way.

Steps to follow to fire an employee

# 1.    If you feel that an employee is not showing good performance in your organization or he or she is reluctant or unable to improve his performance, assume that it is the time to take necessary action. Since the documentation in such cases plays an important role, you should record all the steps carefully that you have taken in the process. At the time of termination, show these documents to the employee.

# 2.    Make sure the steps that you take to maintain progressive discipline in your organization should be equal to each candidate you terminate. It should not vary from employee to employee. If you want, you can provide an employee with many progressive options – a part of performance improvement plan.

# 3.    You can provide an option to the employee either he voluntarily quit the job or take part in the employee progressive process. You have to set a timeline by when you will send a notice to the employee.

# 4.    You have to present the facts that clearly depicts the employee you want to terminate is not capable of performing his or her job role. If you can successfully establish it, provide a few weeks compensation and bid goodbye.

# 5.    Always be clear when you fire. When you fire an employee, do it gracefully. When you are going to announce the termination of an employee, hold a termination meeting and tell the news as soon as it starts.

# 6.    When you are in a situation to terminate an employee, you must keep ready ample amount of evidence of the issue. The documentation should also include employee’s personnel file. This is because, after termination, the employee may ask for his, personal file.

If you are a new entrepreneur and don’t know much about this documentation process, check out the steps below –

> Documentation must include the performance issues of the employee mentioning the date and time.
> Documentation must include the verbal warning papers that are given to the employee during the progressive discipline process
> Written warnings that are sent in the form of emails
> Documentation must include the company policy the employee has not adhered to
> Documentation must include the period of time when the employee started showing bad performance
> Documentation must include the handbook of the organization which should be duly signed by the employee stating his or her understanding of the guidelines of the organization.
# 7.    Before you conduct the termination meeting with the employee, make sure you complete the following paperwork.

> keep ready two copies of the termination letter
> Keep ready two copies of the termination agreement
> Keep ready his salary cheque and pay slip
# 8.    Now the day has finally arrived when you have to take the termination decision, you should start finding a trustworthy witness in the organization who can join you in the meeting. Once the meeting started, you should clearly state your decision without leaving that person in dark.

What should you do after the termination is over?

  • Call the team into the conference room and tell them what happened without narrating the issues.
  • Make sure the terminated all accounts are properly shut down by the office authority
  • Select a new member who is taking over the terminated employee’s work and projects
  • Clean his office space or cabin within a week
  • After passing a week of the termination, call your team for a lunch, coffee or a happy hour

The final words

To all entrepreneurs, termination is not a pleasant experience. Still, sometimes it becomes a necessity to grow an organization smoothly. If you feel the need to terminate an employee, this guide can help you 
handling a tough situation. Remember, all small, medium and big business owners have to go through this situation at least once in a lifetime.

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