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Employee Performance Review

Are you looking for tips on how to make an effective performance review of your employees? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. It is true that the performance review of employees in BD jobs differs from organization to organization. But here choosing the right method is what you need more to get an effective result. Whether it is a salary judgment, performance review or implementation of company’s new norms or techniques, learning useful tips can enhance your confidence to lead the meeting successfully.

These tips are quite common and you can easily perform these tactics while doing regular conversation with employees. They will improve your interaction ability as well as help to make an effective employee review. So, without wasting much time, scroll down to know more about the tips.

How can you measure the performance of your employees?

Being an entrepreneur, you must have faced this question a number of times. For analyzing performance review, you have to ask three important questions such as –

  • How far the employees of your organization performing their roles they are supposed to play?
  • Does your team use its resources well?
  • Does the team members take actions to improve themselves?
These are the three important questions which you must ask at the very first stage of employee performance review. Along with it, there are other few factors which also play an important role in preparing reviews. Have a look at them –

How far are your employees effective?

This is the key factor that plays an important role in employees’ appraisals. It implies the performance level of an employee in a specific time frame. After all, it is the quality that analyzes the performance level of the employees. To measure the quality or performance of the employees, you need to find out how efficient your workers are such as –

  • What is the annual performance report of an employee?
  • How many critical projects he has completed so far?
  • What is the success level of these projects?
In order to get the best result, you must calculate these factors regularly. This will not only give you an effective performance report of the employees but also offer them a chance to improve themselves.

How to measure employee performance effectiveness?

In this part, you need to take into account few important factors. These are as follows –

  • Attendance
It is no doubt a debating factor because measuring attendance does not make sense all the time. If you have a productive team that yields good result in every assignment, counting days can be a waste of time. Therefore, when you receive numerous customer inquiries, you should make sure that your customer support team is available to attain your clients. If they are not, assume it’s time to count the attendance of the team members in the organization. 

Attendance should be count based on three platforms –

  • Percentage of the employees checked-in late
  • How many and how frequently employees are absent

Time management:

It is the most desirable skill for all positions. Employees should know effective time management which implies, they must know how to divide time across different projects. To count time management skill of employees, you need to take into account the percentage of missed deadlines, project turnover time etc.

However, if you think you need to calculate it on a monthly basis, you are wrong. Count it just twice in a year and you will get effective result.

How can an effective employee performance review benefit your organization?

  • Improves functionality within the organization
Performance reviews help an organization to identify its strong and weak employees. It offers an opportunity to both supervisors and employees to discuss company’s goals and objectives. They can work together to improve their skills and strengths to reach the company’s goals.
  • Develop a good rapport with management and employees
It helps to create a good rapport with management and its employees via direct communication, job satisfaction and employee’s sense of loyalty towards the organization. Performance review helps an employee to realize how his role is contributing to the development of the organization and eventually improves his morale.
  • Significance
Employee’s performance review helps establishing a link between employees’ expectations and his contribution to the development of the organization. It helps supervisors to clarify their expectations from the employees and employees can also analyze their roles within the organization. Basically, performance appraisals establish a direct communication between employees and their supervisors. 

How to measure the improvement level of the employees?

There are mainly two important aspects considering which you can measure the improvement of the employees.

  • Training
Most of the companies count the training programs or sessions that employees attended in a year. But it is an important factor that can help you measuring the skills and improvement of the employees. Yes! You heard it right. You should take into account the results of those training programs and you can easily measure the performance rating of the employees. This can also help you to analyze how effective those training programs proved.
  • Innovation and initiative
Innovation and initiative are the two important factors to measure the improvement level of the employees. Since innovation comes in various forms, employees need to demonstrate their innovation skill in subtle ways. On the other hand, initiative starts from working without supervision to solving conflicts. Someone having new and fresh ideas can bring a big change to your organization. Tracking those small initiatives can make your team members stronger.

Well, from the above discussion, measuring employees’ performance level may seem a difficult task, but if you can do it in a proper manner, it will prove to be the most effective factor to make a productive team in an organization.

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