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Employee Engagement & Retention

If you are an entrepreneur, you must be aware of the most challenging part that a business faces is to retain its best employees longer. Unfortunately, there are many organizations that fail to keep its best minds for longer. As a result, the productivity of the business decreases, workload increases on the current staffs and the level of institutional knowledge decreases.

To make your business successful, you need staffs who will be your partner on this journey. While hiring the best minds for your organization is an important task, it is equally vital to retain the best in the organization for long. But how can you do it? Simple by keeping your employees and content. Here, in this article, you will come to know a few important tips to keep the best employees within your organization. Have a look at them –

  • Appreciate their efforts
Nothing seems to better other than a boss telling his employee that he had done a great job for the organization. You may not always find it easy to pat on the back of your employees, but it is the most effective things that you can do to keep your employees happy and content. They will feel that you have realized their efforts and consider them valuable assets for the organization.

To do in a proper order, find out a few specific things that the employees have done for your organization and their deeds are really commendable. Praising their efforts will brighten their day and they will work harder to keep that glory intact.

  • Always maintain an open communication
Most of the times, employees leave the company due to lack of management support. Sometimes, it proves difficult for the management to keep each of the employees informed that they are valuable for the organization and the management is always with them. If you are finding it difficult to maintain an open communication with employees individually, fix an office hour when your door will be open for anyone in the office to come with their requests. You can also do call on session where you can directly communicate with the employees and talk with them on important matters.
  • Throw challenges to them
When employees get bored with their job or they don’t get a good or challenging task to perform to improve their skills, they prefer to leave the organization. In this situation, being an entrepreneur, you have to maintain a careful balance and throw challenging task to them so that they can learn new things and improve their skills maintaining efficiency at their tasks. They find their workplace a greater scope for improving themselves.

As an entrepreneur, you have to perform a few things in this respect such as you should regularly check in to observe how your employees are managing the workload. When you find the right time, give the best minds more growth opportunities as well as responsibilities to make them feel how they are valuable to this organization. Once you successfully established this fact that you trust their skills, they will work harder to keep that faith in them by all means.

  • Give them the power to make decisions
Empowering employees to take operational decisions in the organization is a good tactic to keep them happy and engaged. This will not only help them to perform their jobs efficiently but also they can meet customer expectation and develop a positive experience for the company. They will feel that you trust them enough to take important decisions about your business. 
  • Employee reward 
To motivate employees to grow their ability to perform their job roles in the best way, you must organize an employee reward program. By provoking the ambitious employees of your organization and offering extensive ways to expand their knowledge, you can develop the feeling that you truly care about their goals and in return, they will strive hard to become a key part of your organization. Talk to them regularly to know what they want to achieve in the near future. This will make them feel an important asset to the organization and accompany in your journey towards success.
  • Offer small perks
Giving incentives is not the only thing that can motivate your employees, you have to think about something bigger so that you can bring out the best from them and stay with your organization for a long time. Offering small perks on regular basis can give you a better result. In these days, most of the organizations offer free or discounted meal coupons to their employees. Through this way, they motivated their employees and also at the same time, extend their business network by creating a positive experience that the employees can share with others. Besides these, discounted gift coupons, small holiday package or weekly time off are also given as a job reward.
  • Schedule control and flexibility
Another reason why most of the employees leave a company because their managers don’t want to work with them responsively on a scheduled basis. This often creates a bad experience for the employees working in an organization.
By offering flexibility and maintaining a direct communication, you can create a transparent relationship with your employees and make them feel that you value their input and respect their contribution towards the company.

As choosing great minds for an organization is a difficult job, similarly being a good employer is also a tough task. There can arise many difficult situations which you have to tackle smartly and to retain good employees in the organization for longer you have to apply few tactics. It is true that you cannot make all employees happy at the same time but making small efforts can create a big difference that your organization can benefit in the long-run.

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