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How to get Freelance Jobs


Freelance Jobs –Connecting People


Freelance jobs are on the rise as there are host of opportunities coming up and any one can start working with minimum costs. For many of us freelancing seems to be a great offering to earn big without getting into any fixed state of employment. There are freelance opportunities which can easily match the full time job or even you can earn more. You have to build a long queue of clients and discover how work flow easily

But many of us don’t find ourselves in a comfortable position when it comes to start up. This freelancing industry has seen a tremendous growth and has risen by leaps and bounds. So let us have a look at the present scenario of freelance jobs, how we can get one and the earning opportunity, working as a freelancer.


At a Glance

  • What you should know before starting freelancing
  • Advantages of doing freelance jobs
  • My list of Freelance jobs
  • List of  other freelance websites to get information about work


What you should know before starting freelancing

Working as a freelancer is a great thing for many and it is like dream coming true after a lot of strenuous work.  Yes you become your own boss, work according to your convenience and completely responsible for how much the ladder of success you climb.

Are you the person who want to work independently? Like to be free from all the pressure which is there in the work place, then working as a freelancer is definitely the best choice.  But before you take the leap as a freelancer it is very important to know some basic essential of this trade. Have a look at some of them which I have mentioned below-

  • You will be working with no one around and that might affect your mood. So are you willing to work in a silent environment far away from the hustle and bustle of office life? Isolation is great factor and if you are used to working with people around, this type of job is not suitable for you.
  • You will be responsible for the work done, so you should do with lot of accuracy. Try to be accountable to yourself to improve your career progress.
  • Schedule your working hours appropriately and try to avoid working late at night as this might lead to some disorder and prevent you to give your best effort.
  • You should be very much courteous and communicative with your clients. Keep in mind clients would like to work with people who are always available and able to deliver within the time limit.
  • Final objective e of everyone is to earn and for that you should know how to negotiate. You should develop the skill to negotiate and set a standard rate for your working.
  • Try to update with the latest trend of freelance arena and try to adjust with the changes fast.

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities coming up and as a freelancer you need to know more about freelancing jobs. To know more about what you should know before going into freelancing.


Advantages of doing freelance jobs

There are many advantages which come along with freelance jobs, if you are that extraordinary person and want to do that extra to earn and rise up the ladder, then look no further than jobs which you can do as a freelancer. Definitely there are many advantages which you can reap. Have a look at some of them.

  • Here the working time is completely depending upon your own choice. You have the power to decide when to work and how much to work.  The concept of flexi hours gives you the opportunity to work when you think you can give the best. In that way positive results come up.
  • Being a freelancer gives you the chance to work with someone who is to your taste. There is no compulsion to work with someone and you can just let the work go if everything is not up to your liking.
  • You can work from wherever you want and need not require an office space. Even when you are o n vacation you can go on working.
  • You are not answerable to anyone and you are the boss .So freedom to work is there and work according to your suitability.
  • There is no way your income can remain constant, you can work as much as you can and increase your income. But this is not possible in full time job.

The world of freelancing is a huge one and you have to explore it to your advantage. Take the right choice of working as a freelancer and stay from the stress of fulltime time jobs. Think you are the boss and give directive to yourself to perform. To know more about the advantages of freelance jobs.


My list of Freelance jobs

There is plethora of jobs in the freelance world. Do you know much about it? Every job would definitely not be your cup of tea, so it is up to you to decide what jobs you will undertake. The skills required to perform must be present in you to complete the job in a professional way.

Below is the list of some attractive freelance jobs which you can go through and see you have the skill to perform or not. They are my favorite and hope it will give you some insight into the recent trend in the freelance job market

SEO Specialists- There is a huge opportunity to work as an SEO expert. With the rise in internet marketing and everyone trying to create the maximum presence, there arises the need of an SEO to rank the site and bring the site to the first page of the Google Search. Those who are very new to this field of digital marketing can charge little less and can earn more as days progress. You can earn around $ 50 per hour at the start.


Photographer- Do you have a camera or a Smartphone?  Like to take photographs! Why not try your hand out on freelance photography. There are lots of websites where you can sell your beautiful pictures and earn as a freelancer.  Some of the sites where you can sell are-




You can earn money by blogging also .There are many bloggers who are making a lot of money and you can be one of them .As a blogger you need to have some tools to perform. Some of them are-

  • Notebooks
  • A daily planer
  • Camera
  • Backup battery
  • Tripod and a remote
  • External hard drive
  • Adobe Photoshop

There are many successful bloggers in India. I would like to bring to your notice the top 10 bloggers in India and how much they earn. The names of the bloggers are-

  • Amit Agarwal- 30,00,000/-per month
  • Faisal Farooqui-$2 million to $ million per year
  • Amit Bhawani- more than 7,00,000/- per month
  • Harsh Agarwal- 4,50,000/- per month
  • Srinivas Tamada-3,50,000/- per month
  • S. Pradeep Kumar-3,50,000/- per month
  • Arun Prabhudesai-2,50, 000/- per month
  • Jaspal Singh-2,50,000/- per month
  • Raju PP-3,00,000/- per month
  • Rahul  Bansal—2,00,000/- per month


Elance worker

 You might have heard about this site. It proudly claims to be the number one site for freelancers. So you should definitely visit this site and go through the details. The different categories of work range from writing, designing, IT, sales and many more.  You can get yourself good project5 if you register yourself as a freelancer in this site. 


Graphic Designer

This is another are where you can work as a freelancer. You can visit elance where you can get lot of work opportunities. But to work in this field you should definitely have a good knowledge of Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. The areas of work you can explore are making logos and font types, banners and email templates

You can explore the various freelance graphic designer jobs in India by visiting –


Simply Hired


Freelance Writer

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you know that there is a scope to earn just by penning down your writing skills in creative way? You should be able to write content in such a way that readers get engaged to your writing. The earning will completely depend on how well you can write. The writing should be unique and original. It should be plagiarism free and no grammatical errors should be there in your writing.  So take a step forward and explore the various job opportunities of writer working as a freelancer

Be a part of the freelancing writing community and start earning. You can visit the following link to know more about the work opportunities

Indian Freelance


List of other freelance websites to get information about freelance jobs

Demandmedia. Com


The Bottom Line

Freelance jobs are also about earning big and there is definitely a way to reach the top. For all freelancers like us”sky is the limit” and we should try to reach there with all our creative skills in display. There is enough scope around us to start freelancing instantly.

You can be any of the groups like, photographers, writers, designers, artists, videographers but there is scope to earn as there are hot of opportunities to explore in each field. If you think you have the skills and the confidence to drive hard to push all effort to success, then do it now. It will be just a matter of time you will be earning more than what others earn working full time.


Your To-Do List

Step 1

Make a choice of the work you want to pursue. The type of work you choose should match your skills. Many clients will not see your qualifications but your work to assign you a project.


Get the necessary things which you will need to start the freelancing job, like a laptop or a printer, some notebook and other things.


Update your knowledge updated in areas like grammar, writing skills, if you desire to be a writer


Start your journey as a freelancer by showing interest in the work you specialize by bidding for the work


Make your profile attractive and showcase all your skills in a professional way. Prove it a point to others that you are the best and the work will be done in a professional manner.


Set a time schedule for your work. You should be able to best judge when you can put your best into the work undertaken. Once you get a deal finalized, you should strictly maintain the deadline set to earn praise from the clients.  The positive feedback will definitely pull you ahead.


Before submitting your project it is vital to cross check the assignment several times to see that there are no errors in the work. In other words you have to give your best to satisfy your clients.


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