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How to get Civil Engineering Jobs


Civil Engineering Job, a choice for a better future


There is a huge demand for civil engineering jobs in India and if you are a qualified civil engineer with the requisite skill and experience you are in for a bright future. There is a sure certainty of this field to grow at a brisk rate. This demand is due to the demand for advanced infrastructure creation. A civil engineer has host of opportunities in both the private and public sector. Recent statistics has showed that the industry is witnessing a shortage of qualified civil engineers in the last few years. Thus it is natural that there will be a demand and rise in demand in the coming years. So if you are a civil engineer or in the process of becoming one, then a bright future is in store for you.


At a glance:

  • Get a degree in civil engineering
  • Where to study?
  •  Qualities needed for Civil engineering jobs
  • Basic level of questions to be prepared for a civil interview jobs as a fresher
  • List of places where you can get information about civil engineering jobs
  • Get work experience if you want to get a big career leap later on
  • Companies employing Civil engineers
  • Job responsibilities.
  • Job prospects
  • Technical specialties within civil engineering jobs
  • Demand and supply for civil engineering jobs
  • Salary range of a civil engineer
  • Future of civil engineering jobs


Get a degree in civil engineering

It is very important first to get an engineering degree which is duly recognized. This is the basic qualification you will need to get a job. So work hard and try to get good results in you engineering exam.  There is no engineering job in India without a degree, so dream of a big job with a degree under your belt.


Where to study?

Though there is huge scope for civil engineering jobs, you need to develop the skill to perform the job. So where you study this course will tell upon how much success you get in this field. Civil engineering is considered as one of the oldest engineering disciplines. A course in Civil engineering will provide you now only with a high standard of engineering knowledge but also equip you with the necessary supervisory and administrative skills. Have a look at some of the place where you can think of pursuing this course-

  • Indian Institute of Technology, ( Kanpur, New Delhi, Kharagpur, Chennai, Roorkee, Guwahati
  • Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani
  • Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  • Delhi, Technological University, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Information of Technology, Allahabad
  • College of Engineering , Pune
  • Jamia Millia Islamia , New Delhi
  • Institution of civil engineers India

To know more about top civil engineering colleges in India where you can study and expect to get lucrative job at the end of the course.


Qualities needed for Civil engineering jobs

Looking for jobs in civil engineering, then you should have qualities like creativity and curiosity. You should have analytical mind to assess a situation and come up with a solution. Over that you should have the quality of working in a team as the work involves more of interaction with lot of people. To get a quality job you should have the good communication skills and interpersonal dynamics to understand the need of your clients. You need to have a good deal of precision and accuracy to land up with a good civil engineering job.


Basic level of questions to be prepared for a civil interview jobs as a fresher

 As a civil engineer you have to ready to face the different challenges you come across. Thus when you are up for an Interview you will be tested in various ways as to how ready you are to take up the challenge. Be ready with the answers of the following questions-

  • How have you prepared yourself as a civil engineer?
  • Why do you want to be a civil engineer?
  • What interested you more in civil engineering?
  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • What should be the basic quality of a civil engineer and how does it differ from others?
  • What books have you followed in gathering knowledge about civil engineering?
  • What have you done to improve your civil engineering knowledge in the last year?

To know more about it and to explore better the opportunities to be successful in a job interview.


List of places where you can get information about civil engineering jobs

It is very important to know from where we can information about civil engineering jobs. There are many colleges which do provide a recognized degree but do not provide sufficient placement opportunities so in case you do not get job through campus interview you should have alternative plan ready and search for alternative places to get a job. Here are the areas from where you can enough information about civil engineering jobs-



Get work experience if you want to get a big career leap later on

If you wish to have a big leap in your life as a civil engineer ,it is vital to start working early and get some good number of years’ experience  working under the qualified or expert engineers already working in the field for years.  With years of valuable experience under your belt you can be sure to get a good job and a prospective career ahead


Companies employing Civil engineers

Some of the companies which employ a civil engineer are –

  • Associated Engineering consultants
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd
  • Railways, Engineers India Ltd
  • DRDO
  • ISRO
  • SERC


Job responsibilities of a Civil Engineer

A civil engineer has to perform many duties daily. He should be able to analyze various factors  which influences the construction job.  The site location and the full construction job has to be studied in detail by him.  The civil engineer must ensure that all the rules and regulations and guidelines are maintained to get the result of success. The proposed construction project and the location site has to be studied many times to make sure that the plan gives the desired results.

If there is any alterations necessary as a civil engineer you have to review the plans and project site again to make sure that all changes have been duly made So what actually you will be doing as a civil engineer , as you can be employed in any sector such as structural , transportation, environmental to maritime and geotechnical. So to sum up the duties and responsibilities of a civil engineer includes-

  • Having a discussion with the client and other professionals
  • Analyzing the survey report, mapping and materials-testing data with the updated software
  • Make a blueprint of the project by making use of the computer aided design
  • Assessing the materials to be used, costs and time requirements
  • Studying the environmental impact and risk connected to the projects if any
  • Getting the bid ready for tenders, and reporting it to the appropriate party concerned
  • Keep a track of the work in progress during each phase of the project.
  • To ensure that the sites meet all the necessary guidelines and comply all the safety requirements concerned

To know more about the duties and responsibilities of a civil engineer and prepare before hand as to what type of work you have to perform while on job.


Job prospects

There has been a boom in jobs in the recent times and it is expected to get a boost with the changing scenario. There is a great demand for civil engineers in both central and state governments as well as in the private sector. In all construction projects there is a need for civil engineers. You can also make a career in Armed forces when you have a degree in Civil Engineering. There will always be a need for civil engineer to maintain and repair existing facilities and structures and to construct new ones. After you complete your civil engineering course you can look for jobs in road projects, building relating work and even in big consultancy.  All the construction projects undertaken by the state or central governments do need civil engineers and you have to be on the lookout for such advertisements.

Just click on the link below to know more about the job prospects of a civil engineer


Technical specialties within civil engineering jobs

There are number of divisions within the realm of civil engineering jobs and you have o decide on which area you would like to work. Some of them are-

Structural engineering- Here you would be concerned with the structural elements of design. It can be bridges or skyscrapers.

Geotechnical engineering- mainly related with the rock and soil which supports the structures and other civil engineers design

Materials engineering- Here you have to be expert in the use of various materials to be used in the construction and give valuable advice to the higher authorities concerned.

Water resources engineering- Here you have to take the responsibility of collection and management of water.

Earthquake engineering- Here you have to be expert in designing and creating structures which can withstand the dangerous effect of the earthquake.


Demand and supply for civil engineering jobs

In the last few years there has been a great demand for civil engineers and to be precise it has really surpass the supply. With the tremendous growth in the economy there has been a great demand for qualified civil engineers all over in India. Every year there has been of shortage of qualified engineers and so if you have a degree in civil engineering, you are surely to land up with a good job which will come at your doorstep once you have the qualification.


Salary range of a civil engineer

The salary range of a civil engineer completely depends on a variety of parameters like educational qualification, type of employer, industry, location of work and many others. Starting monthly salary of a civil engineer can range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15, 000. With the passage of time as you gain experience the salary will show an upward trend.  Now civil engineers from India are in good demand and if you are the one with exceptional skills the remuneration will be much higher.


Future of civil engineering jobs

The future of civil engineering jobs in India looks very bright. With the population growth and the need arising for construction of new buildings, dams, bridges, water management and power productions there has been an increase need for civil engineers. Try to be innovative in your work and explore the various technologies to become civil engineers leaders of tomorrow.


Bottom Line

Civil engineering jobs is one of the most coveted job in engineering sector which every civil engineer would  like to have in his grip.   You should have a plan as to how to crack the interview and be well prepared for the big day. The job involves a lot of challenges and you should know how to handle it effectively. So you should be presentable and put forward your skills in such a way to crack the interview.

Furthermore it involves mixing creativity and science knowledge which cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. The salary structure comparable to other branches of engineering jobs is much better with the growing demand of civil engineers. Today’s situation really provides excellent opportunities for growth.


Your To-Do List


First you should look for some good engineering colleges or institutes to get a recognized degree to open the gateway for a job in civil engineering.

Step -2

Try to understand what a civil engineer actually does, that is the duties and responsibilities


Try to check the skills which are required in various public sector undertakings and in the private sector as a civil engineer both as entry level or junior and senior level.


Try to specialize, which might include structural engineering, highway construction and maintenance, coastal engineering, and so on to get a better foothold of the job market.


Visit various sites like Sarkari,, and


Prepare well for the interview and go through all the technical aspects or the nitty-gritty of a civil engineering job.


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