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How To Get A Pay Rise

Asking for money from someone is never easy and it’s even more difficult when you need to ask for more money from your boss. However, if you’re at a stage where you really must ask for a pay rise, you need to empower yourself with the right knowledge and learn how to negotiate a pay rise.


Here are the top tips that should help you to actually get that elusive pay raise.
Understand your market value Consider your market value to be a starting reference point from where you can negotiate. Using market data to get a pay rise can actually improve your chances of getting a raise. You might also be able to request for a competitive pay rise if you find that the average market pay is a notch or two above your own pay. Don't forget some regional and national data along with local data as well.

ü  Look at the average pay scales of your job roles on common job sites.


Schedule the meeting when things are positive

Modern day business environments are extremely stressful and if the business is making losses then it can be even more stressful. Schedule your pay raise appointments when things are right business wise.


ü Try to schedule the timing to a time period when things are good from the profit perspective.

ü Make sure that you never schedule your meetings when the company has just lost a huge contract, has announced a profit warning or are announcing job cuts. 

Treat your meeting like all other business meetings

ü Never over personalise the discussion. Take emotion out of the conversation.

ü Concentrate on the contributions that you have made to the organisation.

ü Make sure that you mention your key achievements in your conversations.

Practice the salary negotiation

ü  Pay rise conversations are difficult and awkward. Practice the entire appointment with a friend.

ü Improve your ability to negotiate and try to boost your confidence levels.

ü Be open to other forms of remuneration. More time off or better perks can also improve your quality of life.

Take emotions out of the picture

ü Don’t throw tantrums during the pay rise meeting.

ü Don’t go into the meeting believing that your boss will become soft because of your personal problems.

ü Practice what you wish to convey and don’t make things personal.

ü Make sure that you stay clear headed and calm.

Upgrade your skills Learning new skills is a sure fire way of getting a raise, a promotion or both of them at the same time. If you work for a multinational firm, learning a new language might just make you more worthy to the company. Demonstrate that you have the ability to take responsibility on your own and try to quantify the value of your professional/ training courses.

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