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How to Find Part Time Jobs

Before you start looking for part time jobs it is very important to know what exactly the type of jobs is. This is a question which is very difficult to answer straight away. In this type of joy you don’t have any fixed number of hours per week and the number of hours you work is according to the instructions received. The difference between part time and full time jobs is that in full time jobs you have to work for fixed hour daily which is not there in the other.


At a glance:


  • What class of people can choose part time jobs?
  • How many hours of work are part time jobs?
  • What are the advantages of going for part time jobs?
  • Type of part time jobs
  • Some  more sites providing information about part time jobs
  • Part time jobs  especially for students
  • Earning potential


What class of people can choose part time jobs?

This type of jobs is really beneficial for wide range of class of people. It is particularly beneficial for students who want to bear the cost of their education by themselves and have some pocket money at the end of the month to spend with friends, for those moms who do not want to sit idle and waste their time after finishing their household chores, for those dads who want to spend time with their family and also contribute to the income of the family.

Again there are cross section of people who have completed their service life and are experiencing monotonous feeling can take up these type of jobs and have them engaged  in some quality work for the part of the day they are comfortable. It brings money and at the same time keeps the brain active for them.  There are many who do not want to take the stress of full time jobs and be always under pressure to work fixed time and to reach the office on time overcoming all the troubles on the road. For them the best way to move forward and enjoy work is to work or look for part time jobs. Most of the part time jobs can be done from home regardless of the online or the offline factor.


How many hours of work are part time jobs?

Part time jobs are the type of jobs where you will be required to work fewer hours than a full time job and you can have the freedom to choose flexi hours but a deadline may be set to complete the work. Generally an employee is taken to be a part time employee if he or she is working for less than 35 hours per week. The employee can work for less time as desired by the employer.


What are the advantages of going for part time jobs?

There are some who relates part time jobs with less income or uncertainty. But it is not completely true, it all depends upon the skill you have and how you showcase them to the prospective clients. There is always a scope to earn more and you have to explore it.

Additionally you do not have to go through the severe stress of work schedule which you have to go working full time. Here you can spend time with your family and at the same time contribute to the family income. Also you can make your resume strong enough for your future employees because you gain here some valuable work experience without going through the stress.

So let us have a look at some of the advantage working for part time jobs-

  •  There is a greater amount of flexibility in part time jobs. You are the one to set when and for how long to work. This is a great advantage and really benefits the mothers. Also the college students can earn money and pull their education cost. Those who have graduated and are on the lookout for jobs can work in the meantime and earn a good income.
  • There is an opportunity to earn more and supplement our current income. Here you can do the work without disturbing your other work schedule. This income will help you afford to pay for all the luxuries of life.
  • Working for part time jobs reduces the risk of job dependency as you have the chance to work more than one job part time.
  • Part time jobs can give you some valuable years of experience and enable you to get a better opportunity in future. This type of jobs can easily tell you if you can pursue it in future.
  • Reduces the stress of unemployment. It takes time to get a good job, so in the mean time if you can earn some good bucks working part time and keep your mind refresh and going that would be a great thing.
  • Gives a boost to continue earning for retired employees as in most of the cases there is no age bar to work .It is the work and how you do it matters to the employers. In fact it is the experienced and retired professionals who are in a better position to work having years of experience in hand


The employers also stand to gain from these types of jobs. Here there is no need of renting an office space and incurring the daily expenses of running an office. Absolutely there is no office cost and the work also can be done by just having a phone and internet connection at home. Simply it can be started from home with minimum expenditure. Thus part time jobs are a blessing not only for the persons looking to earn in their free time but also benefits the other party offering the job at a price.

Type of part time jobs:

There is a visible difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary folks. You have to get that extra input working some 3 to 5 hours a day to earn huge. Below are some of the jobs which you can do as part time and make fortune


Graphic Designer

If you have a good knowledge of Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, flash and have some good sense in blending the visual communication such as contrast, scale, color, pacing, and typography you could be the right person to work part time for various companies and earn. You will have to work on things like custom logos and font types, to designing websites and email templates. Also you could be involved in creating banners and depicting original digital artwork. At a time you can work for more than one client and improve your income.

Just take your time and go through the various job postings of graphic designer required part time and choose the one which suits you the best

Quikr jobs



If you have the imagination to write and explore your writing skills, then there is huge scope of earning by writing content for a broad range of issues. You can write blogs for various website, even for some magazines focusing on travel or fashion or recipes. You should be very careful in the use of words and there should be no grammatical mistake. The language used should be simple and you should write an engaging content for various clients. This job is one of my favorite part time jobs and I am earning handsome amount working for multiple clients. Some may offer you rate per 100 words. If you are a fresher you can start from Rs 50 Rs 60 per 500 words and gradually earn more as you get polished. Remember you should be committed and write plagiarism free articles to remain in the profession.

To know more about where writer’s job is available and the latest vacancies, you can visit the following link-



Affiliate Marketing:

If you are looking for part time jobs then surely you can try out affiliate marketing. You just have to become a partner of a website and promote the products of that company through your affiliate link provided by the company.

The future looks very bright for these types of part time jobs and you can do it from your home also. At present there are many affiliates on Indian shopping sites like Flipkart where people are making good bucks within a very short period of time.

To explore the market for affiliate marketing jobs, you can visit the following sites and get a good idea as to what are the job requirements and the latest vacancies



 This is another very handy job which you can do as part time. As a proof reader you have to examine the document, a book, or a newspaper after it is edited to ensure that there are no mistakes in the draft. You have to very accurate with your spelling, punctuation, and the use of grammar.

To have a good bit of idea of the job scenario working part time as a proof reader, browse the following sites to see the job opportunities waiting for you to catch on,-west-bengal

Timesjobs .com



Good in accounts and interested to work part time, not a bad idea. You can earn a handsome some working for multiple clients. You will be responsible for the preparation of and maintenance of financial aspects like trading and profit and loss account, the balance sheet and many more. Anyone holding a bachelor degree in commerce can start working as an accountant.

Have a look at the following sites to know more about part time accountant jobs-


TimesJobs .com


Some more sites providing information about part time jobs

Other than sites mentioned above you can also get to visit the following link to get more idea of the part time jobs which are available and how to get them, provided you have the skills needed to perform the job



Naukri Bazzar


Part time jobs especially for students:

Students do need a lot of money for their expenses and so it would not be a bad idea for college students to try out working part time jobs and accordingly continue with their studies. Some of the jobs which would definitely attract the youngsters are –

  • Event management
  • Disk jockeying (Dj)
  • Modeling
  • Tutors
  • Data entry operators

To know more about them in details if they interest you, visit the following link and explore the job opportunities



Earning potential:

This completely depends on the skill you show to your employers. It may vary from one client to another. With the passage of time as you gain experience, your income level will also go up. You can also go for multiple part time jobs and earn more than working full time in a single job. So sky is the limit you have to find the way to reach there.


Bottom line:

Want freedom working, comfortable with flexi hours of working, have the capability to undertake two or more jobs at a time, then surely part time jobs is for you to explore and earn big. Before you apply for part time jobs it is very important to know the benefits and obligations which come with the jobs. But the advantage of part time jobs can end up in smoke for you if you do not make the right decision.

You should check out the skills required to perform the job and see if it fits into yours. Moreover you can achieve a higher success rate if you have the dedication and the will to perform. So just take the right step and make your foray into the world of part time jobs


Your To-Do List

Step 1-

First check the skills needed to perform the jobs and choose the jobs accordingly. Chart out to plan how you can adjust your other works and take up the job.

Step 2

There will be many part time jobs opportunities which match your skills but everyone you discover may not be suitable for you to take up. Sometimes it may be the payment or the distance factor which may play a role.

Step 3

Is there any age criterion in taking up the job? There are many who do not entertain candidates who have not got pass the school level.


If the job you have selected is not from home but you have to go to the employers place, you have to see how safe it is work there before starting the work.


Check out the payment details and only start working after the amount is finally agreed, otherwise there may be discrepancies in the payment later on.


To get a better deal on part time jobs, try to showcase your C.V in a professional way and highlight your unique selling point to attract the attention of the employers


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