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Top 10 tips for writing a CV


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Proper CV writing takes quite a lot of effort, and takes time too. But it pays back, when your CV get the timely attention from recruiters, just because you were careful enough to highlight the needed and important facts at appropriate places on the CV.

To help you get better at CV writing, here are 10 useful points for better CV writing.

Show confidence in your writing tone:

Being confident is one of the best ways to express oneself. A confident tone always gets noticed. Therefore you must take care while writing your CV, that your style of writing looks confident, and the things and facts you mention in your CV do not miss the attention of the reader. It’s more of a psychological game than any technical strategy to make the CV look impressive. Bringing confidence onto the writing style can be mastered as you write more and more.

Focus more on achievements:

Always keep in mind, that the best way to impress your readers will be by stating your achievements. People, who will be selecting you on basis of your CV, would want to know what you have done or achieved, rather than what you were supposed to do. Therefore focus less on your role and responsibilities, and express more about achievements, targets that you achieved, awards that you have won through your career path, sales you made etc. You can use figures wherever possible, as this is an interesting way to impress minds.

Elaborate your best skills:

Highlight those skills and expertise of yourself, which you are actually good at. When people will evaluate you, you will be able to show or talk about your skills that are mentioned on your CV. Here expertise matters more than just proficiency.

Add value to your achievements by speaking about quality:

Quantity is impressive, but not on your CV, when readers are more interested on quality of achievements. Let them know about your valuable achievements, how you made these achievements and not just about the number of times you met a target.

Mention special skills prominently:

There are some skills that always get more attention and focus to the right candidate. If you are good at IT or sales, or know some languages better than other prospective candidates, then you must mention and highlight that. Making these skills prominent will always increase your chances of getting selected by keeping you a step ahead than the other applicants.

Keep a check on the length:

However expressive you may feel while writing the CV, don’t let the word count take you over more than two pages. If it does not comes in one page (as it may not fit if you have changed job a few times earlier); then two pages will be enough. Since it’s your CV, which means a summary of your qualifications and experiences, you should be direct and to the point. Don’t write about your whole life in it — readers will feel bored and disgusted when they will have to read too much in one CV. Remember employers will need to filter through hundreds if not thousands of CV’s and if they do not see what they want in within the first minute of reading your CV, then you’re not likely to go through to the interview stage. Keep it to the point and brief.

Guard your CV from spelling and grammar errors:

Experienced CV readers will examine for basic spelling and grammar errors in your writing; and if they get one, they won’t look for more reasons to disqualify your application, when they already have a heap of applications waiting to be read on the desk. Therefore you must screen your resume thoroughly for such errors. Get a friend to read over your CV to highlight any mistakes.

Keyword specific CVs for online search friendliness:

Now, this is for those applicants who are focussing more on online jobs and applications more than offline distribution of their CV. Keywords would play a vital role for online resume, especially if you are looking for a particular job role or for some preferred location. Your domain, region, job location all will demand you to focus on keywords to make your resume more search friendly. Recruiters would be able to pull up your CV straight from countless CVs through these keywords. Some recruiters use scanning software to help them with the filtering process.

Impress your readers in the opening lines:

If you want to bring your recruiters’ focus on a certain point or fact, then highlight that on the initial lines of your CV. That is the best way to make the first impression, and highlight your special skill tactfully. Since there may be limited scopes to bring to focus all important facts at once initially, you should prioritise the most important points to mention and write them accordingly.

Highlight your projects and other accomplished milestones:

Mention about your extracurricular activities, sports and charity events you have performed at or raised money for. Employers like to get an idea about the background of the person they potentially might hire and if you could fit into their organisation. Projects and completed assignments that are relevant to the role should be mentioned in detail. Mention all such completed projects and other competitions you took part in, according to their priority and relevance.

Closing Notes:

Following all these points with dedication is bound to give you success with your CV. If not, then you must evaluate and cross check your CV from time to time and consult a good resume builder service, to improve responses on your CV.


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