CVs & cover letters

CVs & cover letters

How to search for a job

Searching for a job is not difficult if you use ...Read More

How to write a good cover letter

While you are applying for a job it is However, the CV is generally a two to three This is where a cover letter comes handy as The first impression is obtained from the cover letter A cover letter ideally should get accompanied with the A cover letter also helps in creating the very Different categories of cover letter: Broadly speaking An invited cover letter which An uninvited cover letter which is sent to a The third category of cover letter would be the The body of the letter: While The letter should have a The date, the name and address of the recipient Do not start with a blunt opening. It is Express your intent behind writing the letter in the Mention about your skills and qualifications in the middle Leave a positive impact in the last paragraph which Close in a professional manner with a “Sincerely A cover letter should always be written in ...Read More

CV layout for college pass out

CV layout for college pass out ...Read More

Build your Free CV

Build your ...Read More

Write your CV like an expert

Some people say that writing a CV is an You have heard it many times, and have seen What should be included in your CV: ...Read More

Top 10 tips for writing a CV

Proper CV writing takes quite a lot of effort To help you get better at CV writing, here Show confidence in your writing tone: Being Focus more on achievements: Always keep in Elaborate your best skills: Highlight those skills Add value to your achievements by speaking about quality Quantity is impressive, but not on your CV, when Mention special skills prominently: There are some Keep a check on the length: However Guard your CV from spelling and grammar errors: ...Read More

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