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What size TV should I buy?


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Don’t you think size of a TV matters if you really want to enjoy a unique experience. It should be compatible to the size of the room where you decide to place your TV.

More than 60% of the buyers end up buying the wrong size as they fail to keep in mind the following factors.

  1. The physical dimension of the room
  2. The distance you will sit and watch the TV
  3. The type of programming you will be watching on your TV

Need to Know

What is the size of your room?

It is very important to know what would be the viewing distance between you and the TV. You may fall in love with big TV with LCD/Plasma screens and surely it is very hard to resist. But the best viewing experience will depend on the proper distance between you and the picture to get the most pleasant experience.

Ideal viewing distance:


Source: Flifkart

Measure the space the TV is to be fitted

There are many instances to cite that customer have purchased a television and got it returned because it did not fit the space. So just have a measurement of the space you want to get it installed and come with it to the shop. Again it is advisable to leave at least a 1to 2 inch leeway on all sides and some inches behind the set for proper ventilation.

Kind of programming

Think about how much time you will spend on watching low quality Standard Definition programming, medium quality DVD programming and high quality HD programming. If you are opting for a bigger screen and watching a low-quality programming, you are more likely to experience imperfections.


Discover secret

  • After you select the perfect size of the screen it is important to know how much the value of the brand of TV you have selected.
  • There will be various terms and conditions of any purchase and here also you will have to go through them to have a better idea of the performance.
  • What is the user experience of others who have already brought or using the screen size you have selected? Are there any negative comments? Better understand them to have a pleasant experience later on.
  • What is the time span of the guarantee or the warranty period which comes with the TV?
  • Finally don’t go for the manufacturer or the seller sales talk for deciding on the perfect screen size and a perfect TV for your home to enjoy a life time experience. But bank on your own experience and what you have learnt from others.

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