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What is Smart TV ?


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Smart TV is the choice of the millions. This type of TV has built in internet connectivity permitting you to access a plethora of online services which includes video on demand, engaging in social networking and instant messaging.

More than 70% of the users of normal TV users are shifting their focus towards Smart TV. Experience the smart features, a wide range of models and surely at an affordable price.

In this post, you will get a host of information about Smart TV and be on the right track to get the best viewing experience of your life.

Smart TV- Know the advantages

There are several advantages of this category of TV and many of us may find it very difficult to resist buying it.  For just watching some TV there is no need of getting it hooked up to the internet. But do you know there are list of benefits if you go online.

Browsing of the web

In most of the Smart-TV models there are built-in web browsers permitting you to surf the internet and have a look at the web pages, photos and videos from the luxury of your home. There are different models and some are very user friendly.

Facility of Apps

You may get Apps on smart TV which comes pre-loaded or you can download it from the app store. In most of the cases smart TV’s offer TV and film streaming services.

Interaction level increases

The great benefit of Smart TV is the interactive aspect. You have the option to get recommendations to watch movies or any other shows which your peer group has enjoyed earlier. Further more you also have the opportunity to create your own television programming schedule. This enables you to watch what you want.


The users of Smart TV can resort to any sort of online activities because of the fact that they have internet streaming, WiFI connections and customized features for each client. Another way to use it is to use as a computer, DVD player and not forgetting a television set. Thus you get a complete package.

Added services

Every Smart TV brands offer some unique services to stand good in the competition. You have the option of customizable homescreens and other functions which can help you view according to your personal tastes.

Smart TV- What you require


The most important thing you need to get your smart TV online is to have an internet connection. The best would be to have a broadband connection. The good thing is that the smart TV come with wi-fi enabled. There are some which will require a wi-fi dongle.

Good broadband speed

This is required if you wish to steam video. You can choose different broadband package according to your budget. But the best option is to have an unlimited broadband package so that you can watch uninterrupted videos that interest you.

List of reputed Smart TV Brands

Sony smart TV

Sony offers a wide range of apps which include Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer. You get Sony Video Unlimited service preloaded. It has an extra remote featuring a laptop-style trackpad but you may face poor navigation and overall using the web browser may not be an enjoyable experience.

Panasonic smart TV

It is now a reputed brand in comparison to others. The interesting feature of this TV is that the homescreen can be personalized according to your tastes with your favorite apps. It offers a free-to-download “Swipe & Share” app permitting you to share content which can be videos and photos from a mobile device with your TV.

LG smart TV

In this TV you get a launcher bar at the bottom of the screen that permits you to go to things like TV guide, apps or the web browser. The launcher can be customized with your favorite services like by just dragging and dropping them into the order you wish.

Samsung smart TV

Starting from the 5500 series models you get a smart hub homescreen and a good web browser and a plethora of apps. It is very easy to use but one has to admit that getting around is a bit more challenging on TVs with just the standard remote. Samsung also offers a ‘smart touch control’ but it is available on some premium models.

Can I make my current TV Smart?

Yes if you don’t wish to cough out a huge sum on smart TV there are surely some ways out to get internet services on your current television.

Streaming boxes

There are a wide range of devices which permit you to convert your standard TV into a smart TV at a very little cost. Now TV, Apple TV and Google Chromecast can access video on demand and other internet apps.


You can also connect your PC to your TV and use it as a large computer monitor. For this you will need an analogue VGA input. There are some TVs which can be connected via a digital input configured for PC screen resolutions.

Security of your Smart TV

The online world has its negative sides and it is very important to protect any device connecting to the internet. Below are some steps which you should take to ensure that your TV is more secure while going online

Make your network secure

Ensure that your home wi-fi network is secure to cut down the threat from the hackers. Try to look at the settings of your router and set them to the latest WPA2 standard, which is the most secure option on most devices. Make sure that your router’s firewall is enabled which will help protect from threats and security vulnerabilities.

Have strong passwords

A strong password is a necessary for your home wireless router and so you can do the same for any internet accounts which you will be using on your smart TV. Try using some upper and lower case letters, numbers and some special characters for setting your password.

Disabling cookies

You have the liberty to disable cookies and enable a ‘private browsing’ feature which will help stop some of the web tracking but keep in mind that it can also be a obstacle in browsing some websites and hurt your browsing experience


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