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How to buy the best TV


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Top 10 smartphones
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Top 10 smartphones

How easy is it to buy the best TV?

Surely you would say it is not at all a tough job. But in most of the cases you will discover the best price always doesn’t turn out to be the “best deal”.

More than 60% of the people realize after buying a TV that they could have made a better purchase. Family members like wife decision, the choice of the siblings do affect the purchase.

Need to know

What is your budget?

There are plethoras of televisions available in the market at different priced and each has its own features and advantages. They are bound to give a unique experience. Get to know well all the things before you make the purchase. So before you make a decision, see that it satisfies your taste and fits your budget.

Understand the perfect size

What is the size of the screen you would like? The modern trend is definitely for big screen size with digital sound and images. But keep in mind the size of the room and frame around the screen before you have one at home.

 Check the picture quality

When you go for shopping for a new TV, never hurry up but focus on the picture quality of the model you choose. There are differences visible in the different models in the market. Have a good look then before buying.

Should I opt for HD or 4K?

High definition TVs has a considerable presence. Try to get a Full HD set for best performance. Now all renowned brands have come with 4K TV. They are generally big screen models of 40 inches or over. You will discover everything on screen in crystal-clear and sumptuous detail.

How do I pick the best TV brand?

There are different types of brands available like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic which come at a price tag. Again you will find some cheap TV with lower price tag, but they are not of good quality. It is better not to go for brands which have shown a declining trend in recent years. Some of the brands worth mentioning are Philips, Sharp, etc.

What is the perfect time to buy a new TV?

Before you go for a new TV purchase, it is important to keep in mind that the big players do offer huge discount during the festival time and also during major events like World Cup and Olympic. So be aware of the price cuts and the latest features offered from time to time.

Discover Secret

  • See the brand of TV you are purchasing has a good amount of discount deal. There are some specific times which huge discounts are offered. Keep a look on the offers.
  • Check out if the service center is near about so that you get the service when desired. Some service centers of a particular brand may not be available in your place. So check it out.
  • Check out the time period of the guarantee or warranty period and the scope of coverage.
  • There are some terms and conditions which are at times hidden or written in very small letters. Go through them before the deal is completed.
  • Check the reviews of the TV brand before purchase which will give you an idea of the product performance based on the feed-back.

With so many options available to make the best choice may be confusing. Exactly having knowledge of what your tastes are would definitely make your work buying the best TV much easier.


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