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Lifetime PC Security for your computer

Get your computer protected for lifetime with us and make your life much easier. Can you realize what will happned if you can't open Facebook, can't login into your computer, showing black screen on your laptop, all lovely photos are gone from your computer. You will be mad like me.

We are selling a PC security software developed by MCE PC Security (group of computer geneious), who can give lifetime computer security, no one has in the market at the moment.


We have a explusive deals with the company and can give you very discounted price. If you are student, you are qualify to get extra 20% discount. Student ID is required in order to get the student discount.
Customer Type
Market price
Our price
Normal customers
Student (20% for student only)
Contact for buy 

Question to you, why do you need PC security software?

To prevent any service or software getting disrupted
To prevent destruction or theft to hardware
To prevent data theft
To maintain good speed and the performance
To protect from spyware, viruses and many more
What antivirus does for PC?

If you connect your PC with internet for few minutes it will get infected if your computer has no antivirus software and for users it will be critical to update and to install. Everyday almost 50,000 pieces of new malware created and to get rid of antivirus companies constantly update their malware detection tools to deal with this type of viruses. You can also get these types of facilities from Mce Pc Security.
Some basic functions that you can get are;
  • Allowing you for scheduling scans to routinely run for you
  • For any known malicious patterns or malware scanning precise directories or files
  • Showing you the condition of your PC or laptop
  • Removing any detected malicious code (in this case you will get notification for an infection and to clean the file and other programs you will be asked)
  • Allowing you to initiation any time for a scan of a precise file of your PC or a flash drive or from CD
How we help to customers?

This Mce Pc Security is so user friendly that everyone can use it from school going children to their parents. To get installed you can follow the path.
Step 1: You can buy this Mce Pc Security from market or you can order it online.
  • The cost of Mce Pc Security will be 1900 taka if you want to buy it from market. But,
  • The cost of Mce Pc Security will be 1300 taka if you want to buy it from us.
  • The cost of Mce Pc Security will be 1040 taka if you are a student. (You will get 20% extra discount)
Step 2: We will go to your home and install this Mce Pc Security if you buy this from us.
Step 3: For technical security you can contact us. We will go to your home to check the system.

Over to you

This is a complete guideline why you should install Mce Pc Security in your PC as this will give you full protection from any kind of virus which will harm your PC and slow down the speed. To get rid of such problems install Mce Pc Security now.
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