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Study in the UK - Read this article before
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UK is one of the best place to study for management, business, engineering, english, health, arts, law, finance, etc. and most of the students in Bangladesh choose UK as a 1st priority for their education and future. Every year around 600,000 international students choose their education for various programms or courses from english language to PhDs. 
No matter where you study in the UK, you'll get the 1st class education. Some students get admitted in the UK university and some doesn't. We have a detailed information for you to learn before choosing the UK university or college. 

  Choosing a course & university   Scholarships and funding
  How to Apply   Visa Requirements
  Before you leave   After arriving in the UK
  Monthly Expense   Culture Shock
  Most student’s mistake   Successful Student does

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Why Study in the UK

Being the top choice of destination from around the world, the UK provides nothing but the best to the students coming for future studies. The high class institution in every corner of the country along with the great flexibility which is much higher in comparison to other countries makes it the ideal destination to pursue higher education. But what is special about the UK to select it? Below are the few basic advantages of studying in the UK.



Meet Saif Nazrul

"I would like to thank British Council for creating this platform for me to present myself to and interact with potential employers, and considerably grow my professional network." 

Ref: Britisch Council


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