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Medical visa


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Are you getting confused with the complex medical visa procedures? Looking for detail information? Have a look at Bigpage Bangladesh. This site contains detail information on the medical visa to India offering a helping hand to those who wish to come to India for treatment. Travelling abroad for treatment is not a new concept. However, it used to be a costly affair that could only be affordable for the rich people. With times, these things have changed a lot. Now, traveling has become very much easy and affordable for which people are now traveling to India in order to get faster, cheaper and effective treatment.

Keeping this fact in mind, the government of India has brought into a new system called medical visa for foreigners seeking high-quality medical treatment at affordable price. This medical visa allows foreign nationals to stay in India for 60 days. Therefore, it can rightly be said that India is the most preferred place for medical tourism.Here in this article, you will get few information on the medical visa to India.

Requirements for Medical Visa to India

  • Only two attendants having blood relation with the patient are allowed to come with the patient under the individual medical visa.
  • The validity of both these visas (patient’s medical visa and medical attendant visa) will be the same.
  • The initial validity of the visa will be one year or depend on the period of the treatment
  • This visa offers three entries in a year
All these protocols one needs to follow seeking medical treatment in India. The growing standardization in medical procedure and treatment has brought people to this nation from all over the world. India offers characteristically high-level medical facilities to the people who find medical treatment costs in their home countries. However, the cost is not just the only factor for considering this medical destination, the world-class treatment facility, well-experienced doctors, and personalized care also plays an important role behind its growing popularity.

How Bigpage Bangladesh Helps for Medical Visa?

More than thousands of websites are now available online that offer information on the medical visa. However, accurate and updated information is all you need to make the process less hazardous.Bigpage Bangladesh is the ultimate place where you can get accurate and updated information. Since it is an official website of Bangladesh, it is not allowed to provide false information to the people. In order to provide more detail information to the Bangladeshi people, a few important points have been jotted down. Let’s have a look at them –

Eligibility Criteria for the Medical Visa

  • Medical visa will be granted to those who need critical medical treatment
  • Patients must choose a reputed and recognized medical institution for treatment
  • A patient is allowed to be accompanied by two attendants. They should be his or her blood relatives or close family members
Requirements Bangladeshi people need to fulfill for issuing Medical visa to India
  • Patients and their attendants coming from Bangladesh must show the Yellow Fever certificate to the authority as per the government of India protocols. This certificate is mandatory for both children and adults.
  • They should possess a written record of vaccination from a government recognized medical institution
  •  All the documents will be thoroughly checked by the high commission of India. Only they have the authority to decide whether the request is eligible for getting the medical visa or not
  • One needs to provide satisfactory details to the authority as they will discuss it with the Healthcare Department.
    of India and decide whether the patient really needs special treatment or not
  • A patient can only avail a medical visa if he or she takes their treatment from a recognized medical institution. However, medical visa in India is issued for some specified treatments such as lung treatment, kidney treatment, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, organ transplant, radiotherapy, congenital disorder and so in. If your disease falls under these categories, you are allowed to apply for a medical visa to India.

These above-mentioned requirements one needs to fulfill for issuing a medical visa to India.
Online application for medical visa to India
  • Go to the website link  and Check out the process for online visa application
  • Provide your important credentials in the form such as your name, address, nationality, occupation and arrival date to India.
  • Provide the hospital details where you want to do the treatment. Make sure the hospital you choose should be a government recognized institution.

Why Choose Bigpage Bangladesh?

A number of reasons responsible for choosing this platform. Here are they –
  • A certified platform for discovering the best treatment: Yes! Bigpage Bangladesh is a one stop destination for those who need critical medical attention. This platform will make you connect to the top notch doctors, world-class medical facility and treatment.
  • Effective and budget friendly treatment options under one roof: In this website, you will get information about the best hospitals in India to treat critical ailments such as cancer, heart disease, kidney problems, organ transplant and so on.
  • Quick reply: As soon as a patient post an inquiry for any information related to the treatment plan or medical visa, he or she can expect to get a reply within 24 hours.
  • Assistance for the medical visa: Since the procedure of issuing the medical visa to India is a hazardous task, Bigpage Bangladesh makes it easy for the patients by providing detail information about its procedure, protocols, eligibility criteria etc.
Still, there are a group of people who are least interested in traveling abroad for treatment. To them, doing treatment in foreign countries is a costly affair and thus they turn down the option. For them, suitable online tourism packages are available that let them calculate their expense and savings. These online packages include a bunch of facilities that make your traveling easy and less hazardous. Let’s have a look at them –

Facilities that comes under medical tourism package to India
  • Airfare provided to the patient and one of its attendant
  • Assistance to book a budget hotel
  • World-class medical infrastructure and treatment procedures
  • Experienced doctors who hold specialized degrees in their respective fields
  • Personalized care for each patient
  • Well-trained and co-operative staffs
  • No waiting period for consultation and treatment
These facilities come under these medical tourism packages. You can choose as per your requirement. But before you jump to any decision, make sure you gather as much information as possible to make your journey successful.At Bigpage Bangladesh, you will get all information regarding the types of treatment provided, cost of surgeries and procedures for getting a medical visa to India.
Still confused? Need more details on issuing a medical visa to India? Check out the FAQ section below and get answers to your questions.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the registration procedure for issuing the medical visa?

The foreign nationals who require the medical visa must complete the registration procedure with the concerned FRO’s within 14 days of arriving India.

What will be the validity period of the medical visa?
In the initial stage, a medical visa will be issued for 12 months. However, its validity period can be extended depending on the duration of the treatment provided by a certified medical institution.

What will be the registration process for the people coming from Bangladesh?
Patients coming from Bangladesh and other countries like Pakistan, China, and Sri Lanka have to fulfill the requirements mentioned above. They must go through the visa manual properly to fulfill the necessary requirements. Apart from it, they are also required to confirm their date of arrival and departure according to the policies of the government of India.

Is the process of issuing a medical visa is same under online medical tourism package?
Yes, the process of issuing a medical visa is same under an online package. You have to fulfill the same requirements as mentioned above. However, here you will get the assistance to make it easy for you.

Therefore, if you need inexpensive yet effective treatment, nothing can be a better option than India. India has developed itself as a competitive place for global medical tourism and its treatment procedures are designed with 
world class facilities to meet the expectations of the patients coming from abroad.

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