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Medical guidelines


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Are you planning to come down to India for treatment? Looking for more detail information about its procedures and guidelines? Your search ends here at Bigpage Bangladesh. This is an official website of Bangladesh offering a helping a hand to those who are looking for critical medical attention at an affordable price. At Bigpage Bangladesh, you will get detail information on medical guidelines and different types of medical tourism packages that are effective yet affordable.

However, before you take up any package, make sure you are well aware of its guidelines and process. Because without having proper information, your tour to India for treatment won’t bring any fruitful result. Now the question is where you can get reliable, accurate and updated information.

Here are a few medical guidelines which must be followed by every medical tourist to avoid further uncertainties related to treatment and its procedures. Let’s have a look at them 

Process of Health C
heck up and Estimated Time Period
The process of health 
check up continues for two days. All tests, as well as consultation with doctors, are conducted on the very first day. On the second day, a comprehensive discussion with doctors is conducted all with the tests results. However, in some cases, additional consultation may be suggested if any kind of abnormality is noticed in the test result.
After the completion of the health checkup, a detailed summary will be presented to the patient mentioning the relevant treatment, diagnosis, and recommendations.

However, if you wish to make your health check up a pleasant experience, you need to adhere to a few pre checkup guidelines mentioned below 

Pre Check up Guidelines

  •  Don’t consume alcohol before 12 hours ofcheck up.  It may create trouble in getting the proper test result.
  •  Don’t forget to carry your previous medical treatment records as well as accessories that you use for daily purposes such as hearing aid, spectacles etc.
  • If you want to undergo any additional test or procedure, make sure you inform the customer care executive in advance who will a schedule a prior appointment with the doctor.
  •  At the time of initial health check-up, inform the medical officer about your suspected pregnancy or any other illness.
  • Choose to wear loose fitting clothes on that day
  • Arrive early at the hospital as the process of health checkup and medical tests may take a long time.

Guidelines for Women to Follow

For women, a few guidelines have been mentioned below to avoid any kind of issue during the treatment phase. Let’s have a look at them –
  •  Radiological investigation will not be recommended to those having initial stage of pregnancy
  • Mammography will not be advised to women above 40years of age
  • Women are advised not to go under any medical checkup during the menstrual cycle as the result of urine test may get altered
Besides these guidelines, a few special precautions have been mentioned here in this article to keep the Bangladeshi people informed about the medical guidelines of India. Have a look 

Pre-Cautions to Consider

  • Always inform your doctor in advance if you are a diabetic patient
  • Don’t forget to carry prescription or medicine if you are undergoing any treatment
  • If you take a particular medicine on regular basis, keep the schedule same
  • If you find it difficult to walk on a treadmill for stress test, inform your medical officer about this and it will get replaced by Echo Cardiography
These are a few basic guidelines which one should follow for making the entirecheck up and treatment phase a pleasant experience. Since there are thousands of websites available online, it often makes people confused with misleading information. You need to choose a reliable website from where you can avail updated and accurate information. Bigpage Bangladesh is the ultimate destination where you will get updated information on medical guidelines, medical visa, and treatment packages and so on.
Still, questions popping up in your mind? Looking for answers? Check out the FAQ section below –

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these doctors experienced enough to provide critical care to doctors?
Yes, these doctors are well experienced and hold specialized degrees from recognized medical institutions that make them competent enough to provide the best medical care.
  • Where can one check doctors’ details and their specialized degrees?
Look no further and browseBigpage Bangladesh to gather all required information such as doctors’ details, treatment facilities, package tours, costs and so on. It is a one stop destination to make your trip successful from all aspects.
  • What will be the waiting period for consultation and treatment?
There is zero waiting period for treatment and consultation. Once you choose a package, your first appointment with a doctor will be scheduled in no time.
Therefore, if you are planning to come down to India for medical treatment, nothing can be a better option than
Bigpage Bangladesh to gather all information regarding the treatment procedure, medical guidelines, visa and so on. For any inquiry drop a message and you will be attended very soon.  

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