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Orthopedic Treatment Packages in India

India is one of the prominent countries in Asia who is known for providing the best medical treatment facility at the most reasonable price. India provides a complete solution of all kind of world class treatment facility. Out of the total foreign patients, 30 % and more are from Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Why India for getting Orthopedic treatment
Orthopedic treatment requires the best diagnosis as the mobility of the body depends completely on it. Thus, it is always suggested to take the consultation from only the best in the field and India has a wide range of orthopedic treatment facilities.
From treatment to orthopedic surgery, India has the best medical assistance service to provide. It has the team of the most specialized doctors and medical staffs to provide the services. Along with this, the medical centers are equipped with modern and advanced equipment along with the state-of-art infrastructure to provide the world class treatment facility.
The best part is that you can get all the expertise and excellent service at a very reasonable cost. The medical cost in India is less than ¼ of the cost that will incur in other foreign locations like China, Japan, The UK or The USA.
Other Reasons to Choose India
Along with the high-quality medical services at a reasonable price, other costs like accommodation, transport, food etc are also very reasonable in India. You can also get the best alternative medical assistance support in India.

How Bigpage Bangladesh help you?
At Bigpage Bangladesh, we provide the complete service for the medical tourism in India.  There are many formalities and procedures that need to be done for visiting India for getting the best medical treatment. At Bigpage Bangladesh, we have the most experienced staffs to provide you with the best assistance like: -
  • Proceedings for getting passport and visa: - You will need passport and visa for visiting any foreign country. In medical cases, the formalities require to be completed in a short period of time. With our experience and expertise in the field, we provide the best and quickest services.
  • Selection of treatment facility: - India is a big country and most of the states have got the best treatment facilities. Our staffs at Bigpage Bangladesh provide you with the assistance to select the best as per individual need and budget.
  • 360-Degree Solution: - Along with these, we provide all kind of other services like the arrangement of tickets, booking of hotels and other services.
So, with the services from the Bigpage Bangladesh, you will never feel alone in a foreign country.
Orthopedics - Joint Replacement Days in Hospital Procedure Cost (USD) Procedure Cost (INR)
Total Knee Replacement
TKR (Unilateral) - PFC Sigma Implant 7 5377 322620
TKR (Unilateral) - Hi Flex Implant 7 5566 333960
TKR (Unilateral) - Uni Knee 5 5121 307260
TKR (Bilateral) - PFC Sigma Implant 9 9236 554160
TKR (Bilateral) - RPF 9 9616 576960
Total Hip Replacement / Resurfacing
THR (Unilateral) - Routine 1 7 4741 284460
THR (Unilateral) - Routine 2 7 5405 324300
THR (Unilateral) - ASR 7 6600 396000
THR (Unilateral) - Unipolar ASR 7 6790 407400
THR (Unilateral) - Proxima 7 7150 429000
THR (Bilateral) - Routine 1 9 7966 477960
THR (Bilateral) - Routine 2 9 9293 557580
THR (Bilateral) - ASR 9 11683 700980
THR (Bilateral) - Unipolar ASR 9 12062 723720
THR (Bilateral) - Proxima 9 12783 766980
Ankle Replacement Surgery 5 7000 420000
Elbow Replacement Surgery  5 7000 420000
Total Hand Surgery 5 3500 210000
Ankle Replacement Depends upon the treatment 30900 1854000
Shoulder Replacement
Single (Including Implant) 7 8200 492000
Double (Including Implant) 14 15,000 900000
Menisectomy Depends upon the treatment 7560 453600
Shaving of cartilage Depends upon the treatment 8400 504000
Ligament Reconstruction - ACL, PCL Depends upon the treatment 18900 1134000
Ankle Arthroscopy Depends upon the treatment 9000 540000
Knee Arthroscopy Depends upon the treatment 9900 594000
Elbow Arthroscopy Depends upon the treatment 9900 594000
Shoulder Arthroscopy Depends upon the treatment 9900 594000
Hip Arthroscopy Depends upon the treatment 9900 594000
Tendon Repair Depends upon the treatment 9000 540000
Why visit India for Orthopedic Treatment?
Ans: - India gets millions of international patients every year due to their world class treatment facility which is available at the most reasonable cost. Be it for orthopedic treatment or any other, India has got a highly advanced medical treatment system to render all kind of services.
How is India best in comparison to other foreign locations for medical treatment?
Ans: - If you compare with the service, India may not be the number 1 in the world. But most of the India specialized doctors and medical staffs have completed their medical education from the top universities in foreign countries like the USA, the UK, Germany, Russia and others. Thus, they provide an international level of treatment.
How can Bigpage Bangladesh help?
Ans: - We have got the most experience staffs that have all kind of expertise to arrange the best medical treatment facility in India like from arrangement of visa, treatment facility, accommodation and transportation along with all kind of relevant required services.

For any kind of medical issue, if you wish to take expert consultancy and at a reasonable cost then India is the best place for the same. You can get the world class treatment service at the most reasonable price. Bigpage Bangladesh provides all kind of required assistance for making arrangements for medical treatment service in India.

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