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Cancer Treatment Packages in India

Are you looking for an affordable package for cancer treatment? If yes, then come to India. With the growing advancement in medical science, there are a plenty of treatment options now available to provide a relief to cancer sufferers. In India, a number of cancer treatment packages has been framed to provide a sigh of relief to those suffering from this menace. The choice of the package depends on the sufferer’s current stage of the disease as well as its severity.
There are many people suffering from cancer fail to avail the treatment because of its exorbitant cost. The rising cost of treatment in developed countries has forced many people to search for an alternative location where they can get the best medical attention at an affordable price. The medical benefits you can receive here in India include –
  • Sophisticated medical facilities,
  • Renowned doctors,
  • Competitive treatment cost and
  • Internationally ascribed hospitals.
All these have made India a better place for cancer treatment. Here, you can avail advanced cancer treatment within your limited budget.
Cancer Treatments No of Ward days Procedure Cost (USD) Procedure Cost (INR)
Breast Cancer Treatment - Complete Medical Evaluation 2 1800 108000
Breast Cancer Treatment - Conservative or Modified Radical Mastectomy Depends upon the treatment 4500 270000
Colon Cancer Treatment - Complete Medical Evaluation 2 1800 108000
Colon Cancer Treatment  - Cryosurgery Depends upon the treatment 7,500 450000
Colon Cancer Treatment - Polypectomy Depends upon the treatment 3,000 180000
Colon Cancer Treatment - Bowel Diversion Surgery Depends upon the treatment 6,000 360000
Advanced Oral Cancer Treatment - Surgery, Radiation and / or Chemotherapy  Depends upon the treatment 4500-8500 270000-510000
Whipple Procedure for Pancreatic Cancer Depends upon the treatment 7800 468000
Total Pancreatectomy for Pancreatic Cancer Depends upon the treatment 5000 300000
Radical Hysterectomy for Pancreatic Cancer Depends upon the treatment 5000 300000
Advanced Esophageal Cancer Surgery Depends upon the treatment 8000 480000
Ovarian Cancer: Radiation Therapy Depends upon the treatment 3,000 180000
Ovarian Cancer:Chemotherapy Depends upon the treatment 4,000 240000
Ovarian Cancer:Radical Hysterectomy Depends upon the treatment 5,000 300000
Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery Depends upon the treatment 9000 540000
Laproscopic Radical Prostatectomy Surgery Depends upon the treatment 7000 420000
HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer Surgery Depends upon the treatment 9800 588000
Brain Cancer Surgery- Craniotomy Depends upon the treatment 9,000 540000
Brain Cancer Surgery - Micro Surgery Depends upon the treatment 12,000 720000
Brain Cancer Surgery - Gamma Knife Surgery   Depends upon the treatment 6,600 396000
Laparoscopic Minimally Invasive Thyroid Surgery 2 6000 360000

However, there are many people who still think that availing cancer treatment abroad is a costly affair and thus, they turn down this option. Whereas cancer treatment in India offers an affordable option to cancer patients who cannot avail treatment in their native places because of its exorbitant cost and this is the main reason why cancer hospitals in India are flooded with thousands of people from all over the world. Their cost effective packages and advanced medical treatment have created a mark in medical science. But before you jump into any decision, make sure you take proper information about the packages available for cancer treatment. At Bigpage Bangladesh, you will get detail information on cancer treatment packages available in India. Some of the medical institutions even offer stem cell treatment therapy, an advanced mode of cancer treatment.

Still, have doubts in your mind regarding the treatment advantages? Cancer Let’s have a look at the FAQ section mentioned below.

What are the advantages one can get by availing cancer treatment packages in India? The cancer treatment packages in India offer a bundle of benefits such as – cost effective treatment facility which is much less than other countries, top-notch healthcare facilities in internationally accredited cancer hospitals, No waiting period for consultation or treatment, services from the best oncologists who have received training from some of the biggest medical institutions of the world.

Are these packages include advanced medical treatment?
Yes, you heard it right. These treatment packages for cancer include advanced treatment options. One can make the choice of treatment based on the severity of the disease.

Is it possible to take prior appointments of doctors?
Yes, one can take prior appointments of doctors and thus there is zero waiting period of consultation. Whereas in other countries, you may have to wait for a month to fix an appointment with your doctor.

Are these medical institutions affiliated by the international medical board?
The oncologists in India have the affiliation from international medical institutions. They are all well-experienced in their respective fields and thus you can rest assured to get the best medical care here.

Therefore, if you are unable to avail cancer treatment in your native place for its exorbitant cost, opt for cancer treatment packages in India and get the best care at an affordable price.


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