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How to find a dentist in Dhaka


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Whenever you think of tooth care you need to go to a dentist as it is said that you have to go to a dentist twice a year just to keep your teeth healthy. You can go to your old family dentist or you can go to someone new. But there are many things you need to be considered before choosing a dentist. You can also get a number of dentists in Dhaka but find the right one for you.
Here are some 5 points you need to know about a dentist and some FAQs on ‘how to find a dentist’

1.       Location of your dentist

You can go to your local dentist if you don’t work. Or if you work then the best option is going to a dentist who has the clinic near your working area. Else in weekends, you can go to your dentist to pay a visit if he is available on those days. But don’t compromise with your teeth as they are the important part of your body and they help you to eat properly and give the shape to your facial structure.

2.       Costing

Costing is one of the main things you can consider while choosing a new dentist. You can compare the rates of such common or basic procedures like RCT or root canal therapy or crowns, fillings among a number of dentists you will get in your city though it varies from dentist to dentist and their experiences.
If you have dental insurances ask your dentist if he would accept your insurances or ask them about their payment system (like payment plans, personal checks or credit cards). Ask him all details (like will he refer you to other dentists if you need one) and make it clear before you took an appointment with him.

3.       Personal comfort

Feeling comfortable with your dentist is important as it is crucial because you have to explain him about your problems and symptoms and show your teeth to him. If you feel that he is concern about you, hears, and understands all problems then he is the one who can cure you.
Feel free to show your anxiety and ask about the procedure of curing your teeth. Try to make out a relationship with your dentist thus, he can know all the individual needs of yours.                          

4.       Professional qualification or experience

Know every detail of the dentist you are going to visit. You can know about the training of the dentist by asking about him in his office or clinic. You can also know about his educational qualification from your insurance carriers or local dental society or else there should be a display board from where you can know about his qualifications.
Infection is very common in the dental clinics so infections should be controlled at those offices and clinics of dentists. You can ask the staffs about it to have a clear idea about these and if you are not satisfied with their answers or they are feeling uncomfortable to answer you then you can definitely go to some other dentist.

5.       Care in emergency situation

Don’t hesitate to ask the number of your doctor for any kind of emergency situation. The emergency period may come anytime, during a weekend, at night or in any normal office hours. So to avoid these unfair situations you can ask your dentist to tell you about some suitable substitute. He can’t refer you to any emergency rooms of any random hospitals.

How to find a dentist?

You will get a number of dentists and dental clinics in Dhaka who has lots of experiences and can help you to get cured. Finding the apt one is essential as this can be a serious issue if you ignore this. Don’t go to any random dentists, know about them very well then decide where to go.
Here you can get some suggestions or questions (FAQS) which can help you to choose a right dentist. You can ask your family members or trusted friends or your neighbors or colleagues as they are the great resource of information about any reputed dentist.
·        They can guide you and tell you about some other necessary things like the nature of the staff, the personality of the dentist, the cleanliness of the clinics and are the equipment properly sterilized etc.
·        They can tell you about the behavior of the dentist as this is important. You can ask him about the entire procedure and if he allows ha can explain it to you.
·        Know the experience of the dentist and if you have to wait for long hours to get a visit from him or if you have to face problem to take an appointment from him. If a dentist has much experience then these are common with him.
·        Specially ask your trusted ones about the dentist how he handles the emergency situations.  In this situation, everyone wants to get relief from pain and if you have kids you need to be more particular about this.
·        Know from your reliable source that if the dentist allows you to go to some other dentist if the situation demands or he refers.
·        Least but not the least, don’t forget to ask your source about the billing system. The dentist or the clinic can create a fat bill for you as there are many clinics that can make such nuisances. So to avoid this know the charges before you take any kind of services from them and if you have to take pay only for that. Check the bill before you pay.

Over to you

Hope this content will help you to know what you should need to consider before choosing a dentist. There you can a large number of dentists in Dhaka who can help you to get recover from your pain and illness of your teeth and will also help you to protect your teeth.
If you want to know more or you have some suggestion regarding this topic, you can write to us in the comment box below.

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