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Contacts of Dental Clinic in Dhaka


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  Everyone should maintain healthy teeth and gums and of course, a healthy mouth then practicing good health is vital which will increase the quality and appearance of your life. Some dentists and dental health professionals and you can work up as a dental health team to take care of your own teeth. There are the number of dentists in Dhaka, so you have to find out the right one for you.

How to Consider a Good Dentist in Dhaka?

# Check the educational qualification of the dentist and if he or she has any professional training. You can ask about this to their stuff or to the local dental society. Here mentioned that there are many FAKE dentists in Dhaka city, they do n’t have any qualification or professional training. So before choosing any dentist, you need to know this matter.

# Choose the dentist or the dental clinic that is near to your house or your office. Therefore, you can visit him or the Dental Clinic regularly. The dentist always says that everyone should visit a dentist two times in a year. This will be helpful if you find the dental clinic in your reach.
# Know about the price or the charge of the dentist as it will help to choose you the right one. You can compare the rate to know the exact price. However, dentist’s fees are not main things you should know his professionalism.
# Try to create a relationship with your dentist as this can make you comfortable with him and thus you can tell him about your problem regarding dentistry and it’s very important.
# Ask him or her that if he or she will be available if any kinds of emergency arrive. The emergency situation can come anytime during a night or a weekend. Therefore, their availability is necessary during that period so feel free to ask about this.

 There are also a number of dental clinics in Dhaka. So here is a list of emergency phone numbers and address of those dental clinics which will help you.

#   Shah Ali Dental Clinic

Holding no- Khaja Super Market (1st Floor), Mirpur Road,
allyanpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801819271054


#   Rampura Dental

Holding no-336, (2nd floor), DIT Road, West Rampura, Dhaka
Ph- +88028359499, +8801715667387


#   Great Way Dental Surgery

Holding no- Islamia Market, Shahid Latif Road, Chairman Bari,
Dakshin Khan, Dhaka
Ph- +8801819655953


#   Sharif Dental Care

Holding no-30, Road Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Uttar Badda, Dhaka
Ph- +880171659113


#   Jeweels Dental Care

Holding no- 27/5, Road Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Shahjadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801819663316


# Orient Dental Care

Holding no-07, Momtaz Tower, Road-04,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Ph- +88029669337, +88028832270, +8801715341367

#  Dento Life Dental Care

Holding No-15, Road-Shahid, Tajuddin Ahmed Avenue,
Maghbazar, Dhaka
Ph- + 8801982760567


#   Suma Dental Care

 Holding No -5 Road,  Tanti Bazaar Road, Sutar Nagar Road, Tanti Bazar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801723585863, +8801552467417

#   Lions Specialist Dental Clinic

Lions Bhaban, Road-Begum Rokeya Sharani, Agargaon, Dhaka
Ph: +88029131990, +88028157152

#  Sunmon Dental Care

Holding no- 21/KA, Road- 2/A, Jigatola, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711612337

#   Datobbo treatment Center

Holding no-146, road-Toyenbee Circular Road, Dhaka

Ph- +88029560816

#   Altra Sign Dental Care

Holding no-23/12, Tajmahal Road,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712539710

#   Malibagh Dental Care

Holding no-80/4, Outer Circular Road,
Mouchak, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711530823

#   Matro Dental

Holding no- 16, Garib-E-Newaz Road,
Uttara, Dhaka
Ph- +88028919778

#  Himis Dental Care

Holding- 70/A, Road-Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road,
Panthapath, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711239072

#   Fortune Dental Clinic

Holding no-Balur math, Road- South Basabo,
Shabujbag, Dhaka
Ph- +88027271969

#   Zahanara Dental

Holding no- 371/B. Road- Shahid Baki Road,
Taltola, Dhaka
Ph- +8801714101056

#  Ajem’s Dental Care

Holding no- N/A, Road- Kochukhet Road,
Kochukhet, Dhaka
Ph- +8801918925699

#   Modern Dental Surgery

Holding no- 49/C, Asad Avenue,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +801818599870

#   Classic Dental Care

Holding no- 133/1, Road- Badda Link Road,
Gulshan-1, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712874451

#   Faith Dental Care

Holding no- 65, Shahid Selina ParvinSarak,
Moghbazar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801912468294

#   Dental Solution

Holding no- 31, Mmohammadia Housing Society-01,
Road-01, Shyamoli, Dhaka
Ph- +8801716829029

#  Euro Asian Dental Care

Holding no- 27 (old) 15 (new), Mehman Assurance,
Appartment C-2, Road-35, Behind Hotel Westine,
Gulshan-2, Dhaka
Ph- +88028835022, +8801715411717, +8801677174954

#   Standard Dental Care

Holding no- 209/2, Road- Elephant Road, Dhaka
Ph-+ 88028651767, +8801911348085, +8801711136384

#   White Smile Dentistry

Holding no-62, (1st floor), Road-130, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
Ph- +8801552406148, +8801711974177

#   Conscious Dental Care

Holding no-X-9, Nurjahan Road,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- + 8801816294374, +8801711461127

#   Millennium Dental Care

Holding no-147/B, Road- Green Road,
Panthapath, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711156023

#   New Hollywood Dental Care

Holding no- 78/B, Road- Shahid Mustafa Road, North Jatrabari, Dhaka
Ph- +8801911542630

#  Mr Dental Center

Holding no- 1294, East Monipur, Road- Begum Rokeya Sarani, 
Ph- +8801817094331

#   Anindo Dental Care

Holding no- 203, Masjid Market (1st floor), Road-6-9, Babor Road,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712180673

#  Centuru Dental Care

Holding no- 288/A-1, Road-Tilpa Para Road, Tilpapara, Dhaka
Ph- +8801722149521

#  Bio Dent Dental Clinic & Implant Center

Holding no- NE(A)9D, Road-71, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
Ph- +88029851142, +8801811422217

#   Milon Dental Care

Holding no-50, Road-9/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Ph-+ 88029143071, +8801819279676, +8801764292920

#   Sara Dental Care

Holding no-Anannay Shopping Complex (3rd Floor),
Road-12, Baridhara, Dhaka 
Ph- +88028415544

#  Maleka Dental Home

Holding no- 18/B/4, Road- Rajarbag, Kodomtola, Basabo, Dhaka
Ph- +8801720948026

#  Arani Dental Care

Holding no-01, Road-11, Section-2, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +88028035959

#   Saphena Woman Dental College And Hospital

Holding no-111, Road- DIT Road, Mouchak, Dhaka
Ph- +88029340204, +88029340203, +88028321904

#  Jotey Dental

Holding no-F- 186, Road-T.B. Gate Road, Mohakhali, Dhaka
Ph- +8801732701032


#   Pacific Laser Dental and Health Care 

Holding no- 07, Road- Sayesta Khan Avenue, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka
Ph- +8801921637871

#   Ibn-sina Diagnostic Center

Holding no-27/4, Road- Dhakeshwori Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka
Ph- +88029634641-5, +8801783356048

#   Smile Dental Care

Holding no- Mamun Tower (2nd floor), Shop-820,
Road- Begum Rokeya Sharani, Shewrapara, Dhaka
Ph- +8801683706388

#  Iadb

Holding no- 57/E, (5th floor), Road- Green Road,
Panthapath, Dhaka
Ph- +8801717725739

#   Eram Dental Shop

Holding no-64, Road- Shaheed Sangbadik Selina ParveenSarak,
Moghbazar, Dhaka
Ph- + 8801952373196

#   Dental Solution

Holding no- 31, Road-01, Mohammadia Housing Limited,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka
 Ph- +8801716389883

#   Ibn Sina Diagnostic and Consultation Center

Holding no-52, Road- Garib-E-Newaz Avenue, Sector-13, Uttara, Dhaka
Ph- + 88028953932, +88028953961, +8801798638300, +8801841121416, +8801841161820

#   S.S Dental Point

Holding no-1/2, Road- Basabo Bazar Road, Basabo, Dhaka
Ph- +88027278904

#  Suhashi Dental Clinic

Holding no- 82/3 (1st floor), Road- Kallyanpur Main Road,
Natun Bazar, Kallyanpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801819505004

#   N. J. Dental Care

Holding no- shop-06, Well Care Market,
Mirpur Road, Section-14, Dhaka 
Ph-+ 8801674891329

#   Bismillah Dental Care

Holding no-13/C, Road-04, Mirpur-13, Dhaka 
Ph- + 8801715992292

#   Specialized Dental Care

Holding no-39/A, Road-8, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

#   Zor Pukur Oral and Dental Health Care

Holding no- 419/1/C, Shahid Baki Road, Khilgaon, Dhaka
Ph- +880255120906, +8801776220338, +8801966639656, +8801763713737, +8801960700365

#   Ashraf Dental Care

Holding no- 42-B, Sher Shah Suri Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +88017169353366

#   Kuse Dental

Holding no-66, Masjid Market, Shahid Baki Road,
Taltola, Dhaka

#   Garden Dental Care 

Holding no- Kawran Bazar Super Market, Shop-139,
Road-Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka 
Ph- +8801913394151, +8801625729476

#  Mesho Dental Care 

Holding no- 68-69, Green Road, Kalabagan, Dhaka
Ph- +8801716124308

#   Megacity Dental Care

Holding no- 1(2nd floor), Road- Begum Rokeya Avenue,
Section-10, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +88029008049, +88029007755, +8801711170712

#   Marks Dental College & Hospital

Holding no-A/3, Mirpur Road, Section-14, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +88029003475, +88028033373, +88018333101004-4

#   People’s Dental Care

Holding no-483/A, DIT Road, Malibagh Railgate, Rampura, Dhaka
Ph- +88029340579, +8801616011198, +8801199400784

#   Classic Dental Care

Holding no-133/1, Road-Badda Link Road, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712874451

#   International Dental Unit

Holding no-820, Mamun Tower, Road- Begum Rokeya Sarani,
West Kafrul, Shewrapara, Dhaka
Ph- +88028090563, +8801749636465

#   Ava Dental & Medical

Holding no-253, Road- Outer Circular Road, Moghbazar, Dhaka
Ph- + 8801779292507

#  Himis Dental Care

Holding no-70/A, Bir Uttam Kazi Nuruzzaman Road, Panthapath, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711239072

#  Aithentic Dental 

Holding no-35/11, Shantinagar Road, Shantinagar, Dhaka
 Ph- +8801757387281

#   Fuji Dental

 Holding no- 66, Sharat Gupta Road, Narinda, Dhaka
Ph- +8801715157509

#   Dental Gallery

Holding no-14/23, Road- Babor Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801716617182

#  Friends Dental Care

Holding no-Anuwara Mansion, (2nd floor), Begum Rokeya Sharani,
Mirpur 10, Dhaka
Ph- +8801749957851, +8801612030686


#  Motin Dental Care

Holding no-31/35, Colombia Super Market,
Bir Uttam Ak Khandakar Road, Mohakhali, Dhaka
Ph- +8801819460167

#   Rin’s Dental Care

Holding no- 1/5, Road- Sher-E-Bangla Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka

#  Opy’s Dental Care

Holding no-3, Azampur Kacha Bazar Super Market,
Shahajalal avenue, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka

#   Japan City Dental-1

Holding no- Krishi Market (3rd floor), Ring road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801791040798

#  Jarif Dental Surgery

Holding no-315, Ibrahimpur Bazar Road, Ibrahimpur Bazar, Dhaka 
Ph- +880171127788

#   Cheri Dental Care

Holding no- Krishi Market (2nd floor), Ring road,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712532753

#  Promident Dental Clinic

Holding no- 57/E, Road-13, Banani, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711030474


#   H. B. Dental Clinic

Holding no-2, Road- Adarsha Nagar Road, Middle Badda, Badda, Dhaka
Ph- +8801911165950

#   Oro Dental Surgery

Holding no- 63/4, Road- T.B. Gate Road, Mohakhali, Dhaka

#   Rahman Dental

Holding no-1044-46, Road-Khilbarirtek Road, Shahjadpur, Dhaka

#   Chowrangy Oral & Dental Surgery

Holding no-95, Anuwara Mansion (2nd floor), Road- Begum Rokeya Sharani, Mirpur-10, Dhaka
Ph-+ 8801819237915, +8801714259008
Holding no-13/01, Fatema Arcade (2nd floor), Road-05, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Careno-95,Anuwara Mansion (2nd floor), Road- Begum Rokeya Sharani, Mirpur-10, Dhaka
Ph-+ 8801819237915, +8801714259008
Maleka Dental Home
Holding no-18/B/4, Road-Rajarbag, Kodomtola, Basabo, Dhaka
Ph-+ 8801720948026
 #  SumirDental
Holding no-46, Azambagh Market, Road- Shah Kabir
MazarCareRoad,ChalabanHolding no-
#   New Clear Dental
Ph- +88028828854, +88028813955
Holding no- 45, Navana Tower, Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Road, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
#   Ratans Dental
Ph- +88029889270, +8801715006398
Holding no- 54, Road- Road-10, Block-E, Banani, Dhaka
#   Multi Specialty Dental Care
Ph- +8801813732794
MoromAli Road, Tejgaon,
Ph-+ 8801912331966
#   Zaman Dental
Dhakano-N/A,Vatara Road, Madani Avenue, Natun Bazar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801920349993
#   Santi Dental Maxillofacial Surgery
Holding no-08, Road-6, Section-13, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801818733688
#  Sakalpa Dental Clinic
Holding np-3, MONA TOWER, Flat no#G4, Road-New Eskaton Road, Bangla Motor, Dhaka
Ph-+ 88029336301, +8801711220111
#   Marks Dental College & Hospital
Holding no-A/3, Mirpur Road, Section-14, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +88029003475, +88028033373, +88018333101003-4
#  Tufan Dental Care
Holding no-40, Road-12, Block-E, Banani, Dhaka
Ph- +88028836052, +8801711348488, +8801922593059, +8801714493929
#   United Hospital Limited
Holding no-15, Road-71, Gulshal-2, Dhaka
Ph-+ 88028836000 Ext-0,  +88028836444
#   New Clear Dental
Holding no-261/M, Road-Hazi
Moron Ali Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka
Ph- +8801912331966
#   Women and Child Dental Care
Holding no-Pc Green (1st floor), Kallyanpur Main Road, Kallyanpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801715181566, +8801726690003
Nigars Dental Care
Holding no-222, Road- Kachukhet Road, North Ibrahimpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801718227761
#   Japan Bangla Dental Care
Holding no- 24/9, Ring Road, Block-C, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph-+8801686063030, +8801819502845, +8801717340579
#   Rabbani Dental Surgery
Holding no-112 (ground floor), Green Road, Farmgate, Dhaka
Ph- +8801718581695, +8801911281285
#   Dento Save Dental Care
Holding no-1097, Ibrahimpur Bazar Road, Ibrahimpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801673344590, +8801534855822
#  Azad Swakolpo Dental
Holding no-24/7, Tajmahal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +88029136785
# Salimuzzam
Dental and Medical Care
Holding no- 238/1, Road- Begum Rokeya Sharani, Agargaon, West Kafrul, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712860211, +8801720117399
# Star Dental Care
Holding no-1/1, Road-1, Section-13, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801916722134
# The Prime Dental Care
Holding no- Sadhin Bangla Super Market, Road- Mirpur Road, Section-1, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801552411230
# Dens Dental
Holding no- CB:31,
Vhasantek Bazer Road, Kachkhet, Dhaka
Ph- +8801716892410
#  H. A. I Dental Laboratories Pharmacrafts
Holding no- Aziz Super Market (2nd floor), Shop-70/A, Road- Shahbag Road, Shahbagh, Dhaka
Ph- +88029611047, +88028625372, +8801720044033
Dentg Dental Health Care
Holding no-136/2, Road- Matikata Bazar Road, Matikata Bazar, Dhaka
Ph- + 8801712766391, +8801924374142
107.  Oral and Dental Surgeon
Holding no-20, (1st floor), Road-North Mugdapara, Mugdapara, Dhaka
Ph- +8801714300225
108. Care and Cure Dental Surgery
Holding no-3/16, Road-Mirpur Road, Section-2, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801818020238, +8801711458214
#  Comfort Oro Dental Care
Holding no-GA- 9/1 (1st Floor), Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Shahjadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801743138779, +8801911485084
Hipi Dhaka Dental Clinic
Holding no- 62/4, Road-
Hazi Afsaruddin Road, Zigatola, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711478420
Saafwan Dental
Holding no- ka 228, Road- Progoti
Shoroni, Kuril, Dhaka
Ph- +8801713115050
# Dental First Aid
Holding no- Motaleb Suer Market, Road- Joynabari Road, Near Govt. Health Complex, Hemayetpur Bazar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801747173344, +8801934616582
Hamersmith Dental and Implant Center
Holding no- 6, road-11, Sector-3, Uttara, Dhaka
Ph- +8801716980290
Euro Asian dental Care
Holding no-27 (old) 15 (new),
Mehman Assurance, Appartment C-2, Road-35, Behind Hotel Westine, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
Ph- +88028835022, +8801715411717, +8801677174954
#  Ornate Dental Care
Holding no- Sheltech Sierra (3rd floor), Room-304, Road- New Elephant Road, Katabon, Dhaka
Ph- +8801911480283
#  U.C. Dental Care
Holding no-32, Road-Shahjalal Avenue, Azampur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801199106318
Prottoy Dental Surgery
Holding no-3/2, Purana Paltan Road, Paltan, Dhaka
Ph- +8801926667776
#  Fear Dental Surgery
Holding no-430, Shonir Akhra Bus Stand Road, Donia, Dhaka
Ph- +8801722111859
#   Daffodil Dental Care
Holding no-33, Road-N/A, North Kafrul, Dhaka
Ph- +8801713095309
#   Al-
sami Dental Care
Holding no- Lice Ali Market, Road- Shah Kabir Mazar Road, Dakshin Khan, Dhaka
Ph- +8801819129613
#  Shondhani Dental
Holding no- N/A, Road- Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Shantinagar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801911386083
# Anikx Dental Care 
Holding no-59, Road- Sonargaon Road, Hatirpool, Dhaka
Ph- +8801913030464
#  Nur X-ray
Holding no- 290/A, Amanullah Super Market, Shop- 124, Road- Tilpapara Road, Khilgaon, Dhaka
Ph- +8801715623928, +8801919623928
#  Unique Oral
Holding no- KA-56/1 (2nd floor), road- Pragati Sharani, Kuril, Dhaka
Ph- +8801817323243
# Projonmo Oral & Dental
Holding no-1103/A,Bytul
Aman Housing, Road- Ring Road, Adabar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801972375630
#  Put Dental
Holding no- N/A, Road-
Vatara Road, Madani Avenue, Natun Bazar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801911936169
#  Rahman’s Dental Clinic
Holding no-89/1, Ratan Market (1st floor), beside Rahmania Hotel, Road- Lal Wall Road, Middle
Paikepara, Kallyanpur, Dhaka
Ph- + 8801706680855, +8801959099676
Chamu Dental Care
Holding no-15, Road- Garib-E-
Newaz Road, Sector-11, Uttara, Dhaka
Ph- +8801948954063
#    Bangladesh Medical Dental Council (
Holding no-203, Road- Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sharani, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka
Ph- +88029555236, +88029586727
#   Artistic Dental Aid
Holding no- 42, Road-02, Block-B, Niketon, Dhaka
Ph- +8801611188881, +8801716499052
#  Ma Dental Care
Holding no- Shop- 234/2, East Nakhal Para, Road- Hazi Maron Ali Road, Nakhal Para, Dhaka
Ph- +8801916670416
#   Halder Dental Chamber
Holding no- 03 (ground floor), Road-28, Block-K, Banani, Dhaka
Ph- +88029859912, +8801819222395
#   Dente It
Holding no- 143, Road- Green Road, Panthapath, Dhaka
Ph- +88028114748, +8801711203837
#  Projonmo Oral & Dental
Holding no- 1103/A,
Bytul Aman Housing, Ring Road, Adabar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801972375630
#  Impress Dental Surgery
Holding no-2/2, Road- Mayakanon,
Shobujbag, Dhaka
Ph- +8801552355627
#  Mukta Dental Care
Holding no-
Ummay Sulaiman Garden, Road- Dhaka- Mymenshing Highway, Gazipura, Dhaka
Ph- +8801910511344, +8801673606399
#   Intensive Dental point
Holding no- 41/3/D,
Chandmia Housing, Road- Sher-E-Bangla Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +88028158887, +8801819431469, +8801813075871
#   Cherry Dental Clinic
Holding no- Krishi Market, Shop- 186-188, Ring Road, Krishi Market, Adabor, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712532753
#   Monowara Dental Clinic
Holding no- Mannan Plaza (2nd floor), Khilkhet Bazar Road, Khilkhet, Dhaka
Ph- +8801916377109
#  Mam’s Dental Care
Holding no- 2/1, Green Valley (2nd floor), Road- 15/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Ph- +8801552347315
Hipi Dhaka Dental Clinic
Holding no- 62/4,
Hazi Afsaruddin Road, Zigatola, Dhaka
Ph- +8801711478420
#  Sumaiya Dental Care
Holding no- 34, Road-
Hazi Dil Mohammad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801831892083
#   Unique Oral
Housing no- KA-56/1 (2nd floor), road- Pragati Sarani, Kuril, Dhaka
Ph- +8801817323243
#  Islamia Dental Care
Holding no- 260/3, Road- E Rampura Rd, Rampura, Dhaka
Ph- +8801916802700
#   Ruma Dental Care
Holding no- 29, Road-04, Barabag, Section- 2, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801713914003
#   Twin Dental Care
Holding no- 25, Chan Mansion (1st floor), Road- Road-1, Block- Kha, Section-6, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801979011294
Saraze Dental Care
Holding no- Shop- 32/6, road- Bir, Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Badda, Dhaka
Ph- +8801822526231
#   Adiba Dental Care
Holding no-1/1, 13/C, Road-04, Section-13, Mirpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712903935
#  Cosmetic Facial and Dental Surgery
Holding no- 85, road- 08, Block-C, Niketon, Dhaka
Ph- +88028811827, +8801781739013
#  Apollo Dental Care
Holding no-2/1, Road- Madrasha Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Ph- +8801687876969
Shova Dental Care
Housing no- 12/KA/B, Road-2, Shyamoli, Dhaka
Ph- +8801717401634
Ahammed Dental Care
Holding no- 1/30/Gha, Road-South
Mugda Para, Mugda, Dhaka
Ph- +8801712114729
#  Sadia Dental Care
Holding no- 10/1, Road-15, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Ph- +8801750966661
#  National Dental Center
Holding no- 604, Road- Chowrasta,
Railgate, Moghbazar, Dhaka
Ph- +8801718325350
#  MT Dental Center
Holding no- Bashundhara City, Shopping Complex, Level-05, Block-C, Shop-97, Panthapath Road, Panthapath, Dhaka
Ph- +88029111440, Ext. 305097-100, +8801199809331, +8801817094331
#  Samira Dental Care
Holding no- 145, Vhashantek Bazar Road, Vhashantek, Dhaka
Ph- +8801725200259
#   UK Dental Clinic
Holding no-28, Angelica (4th floor), road- Sonargaon Janapath, Sector-11, Uttara, Dhaka
Ph- +8801716829029, +8801944002002
#  Adventist Dental Clinic
House-3/A, Road No-94 Gulshan-2
Dhaka, 1212, Phone: 88822529
#   Aiko Dental Clinic
House # 150, Road # 10, Block -E,
Banani, Dhaka 1213
Phone: 9885426, 01819-249262
#    Bangladesh Dental College
Road : 25 old, Dhanmondi
Dhanmondi 27 (old)
#  Bikalpa Specialized Dental Clinic
152/2/A-2 Panthapath, Green Road More, Dhanmondi
Dhaka, 1205, Phone: 9120229, 9135627 D27
Dhanmondi 27 (old)
# Dental Surgery & Orthodontics
103, Elephant Road, (1st Floor)
Dhaka, 1205, Phone: 8612355
#   Dent Care
House # 35 (2nd floor), Road # 2, Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka, 1205, Phone: 9669197, 0191-349537
#  Family Dentistry
House # 1, Road # 1, Block-C, Dhaka 1213
Phone: 8822527, 8811130
Dhaka, Phone: 9340203, 9340204
111, Malibagh, DIT Road
 #Pioneer Dental College & Hospital
Phone: 9114531
(Old-25), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
Dental Clinic, House # 27, Road # 14A
#Opian Dental Care
Phone: 9661535, 8613056
Dhaka, 1205
43 Sonargaon Road, Hatirpool
#Montys Dental Clinic
Dhaka, 1205, Phone: 8625317, 01711-335979
43 Sonargaon Road, Hatirpul
# Metropolitan Dental Clinic
Dhaka, 1205, Phone: 8611570
90, New Elephant Road, Dhanmondi
# Khandaker Dental Care
Dhaka, 1205, Phone: 9135524, 8112792
House # 69/E, Road # 6-A, Dhanmondi R/A
#  Japan-Bangla Friendship
Dhaka, 1205, Phone: 8612136
House # 17/1, Road # 3/A, Dhanmondi R/A
#  Intimate Dental Care
Dhaka. Phone: 8822849, 8826789, 604415
House # 52, Road # 11, Block # F, Banani

Conclusion :
In this article, you will get all emergency phone numbers and addresses of dental clinics and TOP Dentists in Dhaka. Hope this post will be helpful to you, as you may need any of these numbers anytime, anywhere. You should be careful about your teeth as they are an important part of your body and will show up your personality, so do not ever try to neglect it. You may discuss or share these contacts with your friends, colleagues
and family. For more information or suggestion, you can write to us in the comment box below. 

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