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Preparing your car for a sale


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So, you have decided to sell your car and now it’s time to get ready your vehicle for acquiring the attention of prospective buyers in Bangladesh. If you want to keep your car in the market for sale, make sure it grabs the attention of the buyers at once. After all, you will get only one chance to create a good impression on the buyers and sometimes the tiniest detail may ruin your deal.

On the other hand, if you want to sell your car privately in order to receive a good price for it, you have to give enough time to it to make it successful. There are many ways to crack a good deal by selling your used car Bangladesh. Here, you will find a few important tips to prepare your car for sale. Have a look at them –

Things you should keep in mind while selling your used car privately

1.    Prepare your car for sale:
All buyers check out the ins and outs of a vehicle before taking the final decision. The buyers may ask you to take your car for test drive and as a seller, you have to agree to their request. Therefore, make sure that all parts of your vehicle are in good condition and if any part of it requires repairing or replacement, do that ASAP. In short, your car should entice the buyers and grab their attention.

For preparing your car for sale, you need to take into consideration the following things –
  • Clean the car both from inside and outside
  • Make sure the seats are clean and there should not be any unhygienic particles like dirt, cigarettes, animal hairs etc.
  • Make sure the scratches are removed properly
  • Give a wash and polishing to your car
2.    Advertisement of your car for sale:
The advertisement is the most important part of the entire selling process. You should give extra time and effort to prepare this. While preparing an advertisement, make sure it includes the following points such as –
  • Mention name of the car model and type
  • Mention the car features such as mileage, speed or any such thing that can grab the attention of the buyers at once
  • Mention the name and  address of the seller along with contact details
  • The color of your car
  • Expected price
  • The Registration number of your vehicle
  • Attach photographs
One of the best places to put your advertisement is Bigpage Bangladesh. This is an official website of Bangladesh where both buyers and sellers connect under one roof. The best part of this platform is that it allows only authenticate buyers and sellers and thus, there is no chance of fraudulent activities. Besides this, you can choose to put your advertisement in online auction sites as well. However, you should confirm a few factors before you place your car advertisement on an auction site. These factors are –
  • Is there any provision to cancel the listing if you find any other potential buyer for your car?
  • Can you set an estimated price?
  • How much will you have to pay for the site?
  • Is it a secure place to make a deal?
  • What kind of preparation do you need to sell your car at an auction site?
3.    Acquire a vehicle inspection report:
Buying a used car is always a difficult decision. It’s true that it costs lower than a new car, still potential buyers look for a trustworthy dealership of a car and as a seller, to gain your buyers’ trust, it is better to acquire a vehicle inspection report from a third party and show it to buyers whenever they ask you the condition of your vehicle. The vehicle inspection report must include the following points –
  • The condition of tyres
  • The condition of breaks
  • Engine lights
  • How powerful are the headlights etc?
4.    The final hand over:
While taking the final step of your deal, i.e. handing over your car to its new buyer, make sure you keep a copy of the buyer’s address proof and ID. Keeping this document is important to avoid any kind of further legal issue. Along with it, you also need to make sure that you immediately informed the DVLA about your deal.

You must know that selling a car is not a matter of few days, it may take a couple of weeks or even months. If you driving the car at the same time trying to sell it, make sure you keep a regular maintenance of it and don’t let dirt pile up on it because preparing your car for sale is all need you need to crack a good deal. Follow these above-mentioned tips to sell your car quickly and at a better price in Bangladesh. To get more such useful tips, keep your eyes on 
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